Tanya Djavadzadeh

Hi There! My name is Tanya Djavadzadeh. I am a social media strategist who has been helping build pages in the political and film industry. As a content creator, I enjoy storytelling through photography, graphic design, and writing- which has been seen in AskmeOffers, ABC Network, New York Times, Houston Chronicle, and Entertainment Tonight.
  1. I am passionate about helping individuals and brands become more connected through the art of communication. I believe that social media has the power to transform lives, culture, and society for the better.
  2. I have been working in this field for over ten years and have worked with companies such as Playboy, Harp magazine, Time Warner Cable, Disney World, and Samsung. I love being able to contribute to others through my work and see how it makes a difference in day-to-day life.
  3. My areas of expertise include PR strategy, crisis communications; digital strategy; content marketing strategy; influencer marketing; audience development & measurement, and community management.
  4. I have always been driven to create a better world. As a child, I used to take risks and find myself in the weirdest places. I would sneak away from my parents' land and explore independently. Now, I am the one that continuously prods people to explore new things. I think of myself as a fast learner with an analytical mind who loves politics, art and culture, and the outdoors. My skillset includes Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Social Media, communication, writing, time management, and leadership. I love what working at a startup has taught me about branding and marketing your company/brand and developing our brands through social media.
  5. I was born in Texas, raised by the Houston Ship Channel, and educated in a public school. I am a self-made woman who came from nowhere with nothing to build a life for myself but now has a successful career. As an immigrant who moved back to her homeland, America, with much trepidation, I need to keep moving forward and take risks. Society dictates what one does: where you're supposed to be, who you are supposed to be, and what job you choose. But I want more for myself than just what's expected of me. I love my family dearly; they mean everything to me. I believe in God and the importance of believing in something bigger than yourself. My family keeps me grounded and pushes me towards a better tomorrow.
  6. My goal is to use imagination and creativity to help contribute to change for the greater good. Connect with me on social media- I would love to chat.

Featured & Mentions:

  1. I have been mentioned for Film Review over Frida Kempff’s, Knocking.
  2. My tweet was published in this article for Entertainment Tonight.
  3. I got mentioned for my contribution to the film review event SportsFilmsThatInspire for Scribe Magazine.
  4. My review of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch got published in Scribe Magazine.
  5. My tweet was used on a promo shared on ABC Network and "How To Get Away With Murder"'s social media pages.
  6. Cinemark reposted my photo on their social media pages in December 2020.
  7. One of my photos was published as the cover/banner on Beto O'Rouke's Facebook and Twitter pages in June-November 2021. The photo was taken on an iPhone 12 Pro and edited in Photoshop Express.

Awards & Achievements

  1. Social Media Director for SGA during my bachelor's.
  2. Benediction Speaker for 2021 Spring Commencement during my Bachelors.
  3. I have been a member of My Voice, My Power.
  4. I have worked for  Houston Holiday Helpers as a Special Project Coordinator. I raised $1512.21 in less than two weeks for Blessing Bags for the local homeless.
  5. Cinemark asked me to record a video discussing my love for movie theaters on National Movie Theatre Day, shared on their social platforms.

Workshop & Events:

  1. As an event intern, I assisted with different aspects of the SXSW event in Comcast. Specifically, setting up for the event.
  2. I was a hospitality assistant for the Red Bull North America Sound Select SXSW event. Duties included managing the green room and assisting in talent relations.
  3. I assisted the artist hospitality team for the SXSW event of Island Records.
  4. I helped assist with registration for the SXSW event of Snack
  5. I assisted with production needs for an SXSW event. I worked with the venue and team to help various aspects of the production crew for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
  6. I assisted with event setup for the SXSW event, Reddit, Inc. I helped with guest relations and assisted with registration during SXSW for Vox Media

My Past Work Experience 

  1. I have worked as a Contributing Author for Scribe Magazine.
  2. I have worked as a Social Media Strategist for OnlineVisas.
  3. I have worked as Field Organizer for Harris County Commissioner Adrian GarcĂ­a's Re-Election Campaign.
  4. I have worked as Video Editor for Outreach Strategists, LLC.
  5. I have worked as a Social Media Strategist for TDtalksTV ¡ 
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