Vrushali Rakhunde


Hi, I am Vrushali Rakhunde from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and I am a Senior content curator with askmeoffers.com

Disclaimer: When you ask me about a film's story be ready for spoilers and an interesting experience.

  1. That’s how I made my schoolmate eager to join the Harry Potter Fan Club by creating a Hogwarts experience for her with my storytelling skills. It was then I realized my knack for storytelling and selling experiences. It seemed like a good supportive skill for my creative writing talent. Although I enrolled in Science Major and graduated as Computer Engineer, I yearned to put my creative writing and storytelling skills to professional use.
  2. And that’s when it happened; the opportunity I was searching for was suddenly highlighted when I was creating 2D animated stories for the Sales team to promote in-house Fiori apps. I knew I can turn my skills in content creation into a full-time profession. Since then, I have been working on creating web content for brands and SMEs in different styles and marketing platforms.
  3. My skills include crafting crisp insightful articles, blogs, and website content for businesses and brands. I am well-versed in interviewing entrepreneurs and successful personalities and outlining their struggles and success saga in engaging interview profiles.
  4. Apart from content writing, I have a knack for taking part in brainstorming and executing the coolest ideas such as creating a promotional social media campaign for the company.
  5. It's been 4+ years of writing content for a B2B portal, content marketing agency, and a business magazine and I still can’t get enough. After honing my content writing skills along the way I now feel ready to climb the next step and involve in the content strategies for brands where I can use my creative thinking, storytelling, and communication skills to help brands connect with their audience and form a loyal fan base (just like the Harry Potter fan base, maybe!).

Featured & Mentions:

  1. I have been featured for The Buried Mystery: Thriller, Suspense and Mystery with Never Ending Horror and Terror!!!
  2. I have got mentioned for CID & The Bloody Serial Killer: Unknown Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller
  3. I have also got mentioned for The Most Powerful Women: Wake Up, Girls!

Awards & Achievements

  1. I got my name mentioned as an author for the publication of The Most Powerful YOU.
  2. I have got publication of The Bloody Serial Killer.
  3. The Passion Became Destiny has also been authored by me.
  4. I have also published The Fortune Fighter Novel.

Workshop & Events:

  1. I have volunteered as a mentor for Society of Artistic Vision
  2. I have worked as a partner for Niyati Creations
  3. I have worked as a member of shikshan.

My Past Work Experience 

  1. Created content for Amazon products, finance and health blogs, travel portals, real estate businesses, and lifestyle service brands.
  2. Concepted and executed a festive social media campaign for Bizzporto together with the in-house Digital Marketing team. Published engaging web content, articles, and blog content for clients. Created taglines and email newsletters for clients’ business branding and online marketing.
  3. Wrote crisp and engaging brochure content and social media posts for clients’ brand promotion for Lekh Solutions. Created and timely executed monthly blog calendars for clients' marketing campaigns. Created web content and articles for start-ups as well as brands. Created and optimized clients’ online content as per the SEO team’s guidelines. Ensured content quality and consistency by reviewing and editing content from freelance writers.
  4. Interviewed business leaders and public personalities for monthly editions of Insights Success Magazine. Transcribed 20+ interview recordings into gripping interview profiles. Wrote engaging editor’s notes and informative articles as a feature writer.
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