Buy Medicine Online

The era of the internet is shaping the online business across the world; everything you need in your daily life is easily accessible in a few clicks. Purchasing medicines online is no more away from this trend, and day by day, online purchasers for pharmacy products are increasing.

Not just is it convenient, but it’s cheap, and you can order your medicines while sitting on the couch at your home. Apart from prescription medications, you can also purchase multiple other non-perception items such as protein powder, fish oil capsules, vitamin e capsule to face cleanser, blood pressure machine, and many more.

As a customer, we should know what benefits you will be getting while you purchase your medicines online.


One of the most dominating factors which we found while discussing with multiple users who buy medicine online is privacy, and you can order your medicine without revealing your health condition to anyone.

It is beneficial for people who feel uncomfortable purchasing the medication from nearby chemist shops, and they travel far to avoid that. Another advantage which acts as a booster for many people is nowadays online pharmacies offer free consultations with doctors and trained staff, and without knowing each other, you can get advice on your health.


Gone are those days when you have to pay for the price listed on the medicine packets, with so many online pharmacy stores you can get your medicines on huge discounts over the MRP, you can cut down the cost too great extents while using such offers. For example, you can utilize deals such as 50% off on medicines from Pharmacy to purchase your generic drugs or non-prescriptions items. 

One of the most significant advantages, when you plan to purchase your medicine online, is now you can compare the prices across various sites and can buy with the lowest cost. You have to be careful when you buy for fake products when you see a medicine price on a website is too little to imagine.


In the busy world where time is money, no one wants to stand in long queues for purchasing medicines. Online purchases are convenient and hassle-free; you don’t have to bother about time delay or driving in heavy traffic.

The most significant advantage is for older people who stay alone, now you can order medicine for your dear elderly ones from any part of the world. You can also schedule your medicine purchases from multiple online pharmacy stores that offer such features, like every month at a specific date, a fixed amount of medicine will get delivered to your home.

Variety of choice

You may have come across such a situation multiple times when local chemist shop doesn’t have the brand of medicine you wanted, and he suggested you to get the alternate. With online purchases, you don’t have to go with such situations nowadays, the online Pharmacy offers a range of choice, and you can buy what you wanted without compromising on cost and quality.

Top Online Medicine Ordering Websites in India


Netmeds is one of the most trusted online pharmacy brands in India, where you can purchase prescription medicines, health care products, and non-OTC medicine in a few clicks. If you are looking for quality drugs at low prices, then we recommend Netmeds as one of the best options.

You can purchase 1000’s of medicine or health care products using their website or app and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Also, check out for special Netmeds offers on your medicine, which we have available on our website.


PharmEasy is one of India’s largest online medicine portals. You can order medicine, healthcare products, and many other items online.

The best part with Pharmacy is you can also book health tests at your home as per the ease. They offer up to 70% discount on multiple health tests and body checkup packages.


Ordering medicine using the 1MG online medicine portal in India was never so natural, you have to upload your preception and fill your details such as name, address, phone number, rest will be taken care of by 1MG. Besides numerous deals on medicines such as flat 30% on various products, you can buy discounted health supplements, protein powders, blood pressure machines to coconut oil, and many more.

1MG also suggest its customer for the cheaper alternates or generic brands if available to provide them additional savings.


Medlife is one of the leading medicine portals in India, and they offer discounts up to 50% off on medicines, OTC products, and health care items to all its users.

You can also book health care packages from Midlife at cheaper costs. On top of what Medlife offers, you can save additional using Medlife coupons from the store.

In conclusion:

The success of online medicine portals in India is majorly due to the cost-effectiveness and convince of getting them with ease. People can read about medicine like what drugs it contains, its side effects, and can know about its alternates very quickly from such portals.

While getting regular medicine online is cheaper, the disadvantage of that is you have to wait for your prescription delivery, and especially if you are in urgent need, we recommend to grab them from your nearby chemist shop. 

Ultimately its the choice of the customers what they prefer to shop online or at the store.