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Editorial Notes on Category Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020 category

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims around the world as a time of fasting. The observant Muslim abstains from eating, drinking, smoking, and sex from dawn until dusk. In 2020, Ramadan falls on May 5th-June 4th. This year, we're exploring some of the trends that will be happening during Ramadan 2020.

Ramadan 2020: What to expect

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is a time of fasting. Muslims around the world observe Ramadan by fasting from sun up to sun down. During Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to spend time with family and friends, read Qur’an, and give charity.

Ramadan 2020 will start on May 15th and will end on June 14th. This year, Ramadan will be longer than usual because there is a lunar eclipse that will take place on July 28th. The longest day of the year is during Ramadan, which is called “Id al-Fitr” or “the Feast of Breaking the Fast”.

This year, expect Ramadan to be more difficult than usual because of the weather conditions. It is important to prepare for Ramadan by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Make sure to avoid eating heavy food meals close to bedtime so that you can have enough energy to fast throughout the day.

We hope that you enjoy this blessed month and that you may Allah SWT help you focus on your prayers and fasting during this time of year.

The Five Pillars of Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is known as the month of fasting. Muslims around the world observe this holy month by abstaining from food and drinking from dawn to dusk.

There are five pillars of Ramadan: fasting, sunrise prayer, mid-day prayer, offering of prayers at sunset and charity. Each pillar has its own importance and is essential for Muslims to fulfil during this time.

The first pillar of Ramadan is fasting. During this time, Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity. This can be difficult for some people, especially those who are used to eating large meals throughout the day. However, observing Ramadan is one of the most important things that a Muslim can do in order to gain closer to Allah.

The second pillar of Ramadan is sunrise prayer. This is the first prayer that a Muslim must perform during the day. It is also a chance for Muslims to thank Allah for giving them life and for all the blessings He has given them.

Mid-day prayer is the most important prayer of Ramadan. It is usually performed after sunrise and before sunset. During this prayer, Muslims recite verses from the Quran and offer prayers for themselves, their families

How to Fast for Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and a time of fasting and prayer. Muslims throughout the world observe Ramadan by fasting from sunrise to sunset.

There are several things that you need to know before beginning Ramadan fasting. First, you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have a health condition, or are age 60 or older. Second, you should make sure that you have enough food and water during Ramadan. Third, make sure that you are physically capable of fasting. Finally, be sure to wear comfortable clothes when fasting so that you do not feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to fasting during Ramadan, there are two main types of fasts: The first is the dawn fast, which is when you stop eating and drinking at dawn. The second is the night fast, which is when you stop eating and drinking at night. There are also minor fasts, such as the fast during the month of Dhul-Qa'dah (the 9th month of the Islamic calendar).

It is important to remember that breaking any of the guidelines set for fasting during Ramadan can lead to punishment from Allah (God). If you have any questions about fasting during Ramadan or would like to learn more about this holy month,

The Ritual of Iftar

Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar. It is the month during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Iftar is the meal that Muslims break their fast with. It is a time when families and friends gather to celebrate the breaking of Ramadan. Iftar usually takes place at night, after sunset.

During Iftar, Muslims traditionally eat a variety of foods that symbolize nourishment and happiness. These foods are often served on a plate called an iftar table. Foods that are typically eaten during Iftar include dates, nuts, and cheese.

5.tarawih prayers during Ramadan

During Ramadan, Muslims are required to perform tarawih prayers every evening. Tarawih prayers are a time-honored tradition that offer Muslims a chance to connect with Allah during the holy month of Ramadan.

There are five tarawih prayers that you can perform during Ramadan: Asr (sunset prayer), Maghrib (midnight prayer), Isha (early morning prayer), Iftar (mealtime prayer), and Tarawih (night prayer).

To make the most of your Ramadan experience, try to attend as many tarawih prayers as possible. If you cannot attend every evening, at least try to attend one or two of them.

Tarawih prayers can be extremely rewarding, both spiritually and physically. By connecting with Allah during this special time, you can achieve peace and tranquility in your life.


Ramadan 2020 is quickly approaching, and with it comes a myriad of Ramadan-themed content. Whether you're looking to learn more about the Islamic holy month or want to share your own creative Ramadan recipes, this is the category for you. We hope that you'll join us in celebrating Ramadan 2020 with all of our readers.

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