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Curvegirl Coupons Flat 50% Off On All Dresses First Time User
Curvegirl Offers Code Up To 60% Off On Party Tops All Users
Curvegirl Coupon Code Up To 70% Cashback On Bottomwear PayPal Users
Curvegirl Promo Code Get 60% Off On Swimwear All Users
Curvegirl Discount Code Up To 70% Off On Winterwear All Users

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New customer offer 10% discount on your first order MY BAG No time limit
Curvy and chick spring fashion FREE shipping is offered, and an ADDITIONAL   15% discount for Facebook users. Enter code- “Bombshell.” March
Sale on waterfall asymmetrical dress collection ADDITIONAL 15% discount for Facebook users and FREE shipping. Enter code-  “Bombshell” March
Remarkable ruched-around dresses sale 15% discount on various clothing categories. Enter code- “15off” March
Sale on special occasions dresses 15% discount on multiple items. Enter code- “15OFF” March
Sale on stunning printed chiffon halter dresses FREE customization on their items and an additional 15% discount on their products. Enter code- “15OFF” March
Women’s day special sale FREE customization and an extra 15% discount on their items from various categories. Enter code- “15OFF” March
Modern muse the inspiration Sale FREE customization on the product and a 15% discount for Facebook users. Enter code- “Bombshell” February
Sale on trendy treasures for evening blasts FREE shipping over $50.00 and an EXTRA 15% discount Enter code- “bombshell” February
Sale on creative handcrafted collection FREE shipping and a 15% discount on products Enter code- “bombshell” February
Sale on the ultimate combination of style and comfort collection FREE shipping and 20% discount on their items Enter code- “LOVE20” February
City girl style sale FREE customization and a 15% discount for Facebook users. No code is required for the discount February
  1. New customer offer: There is a great deal when you are a newbie to CurveGirl. You get a 10% discount on your first order at CurveGirl. You must enter the code MYBAG after picking up your favorite item from their collection to get this discount. Isn’t this a fabulous thing already? So, hurry up and place your first order as soon as possible.
  2. Curvy and chick spring fashion: Now, this spring fashion, choose your favorite clothing category on CurveGirl without wondering too much about your body measurement, as the curvy and chick spring fashion sale is here to fulfill all your requirements with a dress. This sale event offers you a deal you cannot resist, which is free shipping, and also, if you are a Facebook user, you get an additional 15% discount on your products chosen from CurvyGirl. Now hurry up and pick your favorite because, with CurveGirl, you can now even customize your selected dress that best fits you.
  3. Waterfall asymmetrical dress collection: With CurveGirl, you have a great group of asymmetrical waterfall dresses waiting for you at the best deals and offers. This sale event provides you with great offers, such as free shipping and a crazy discount of 10% on being a Facebook user.
  4. Remarkable ruched-around dresses sale: This sale event brings up a great deal for you to customize sizes for your selected dresses with CurveGirl! But do not worry, as CurveGirl doesn’t cost you anything to customize your dresses chosen from CurveGirl. Yes, you heard it right! With CurveGirl, you can customize sizes for free and get an additional 15% discount on the product. All you have to do is enter the code – “15off” on choosing your product. So, hurry up, select your favorite piece from the store, and customize it with the above conditions.
  5. Special occasion dresses: The sale event brought up by CurveGirl is focused on the dresses used on special occasions. CurveGirl even lets you customize your dresses concerning your size, and it’s free of cost. This sale event gives you a 15% discount using the code “15OFF”. So, please hurry up and choose your favorite dress from their collection.
  6. Stunning printed chiffon halter dresses: the sale event focuses on the stunning printed chiffon halter dresses collection, from where you can choose your favorite item as CurveGirl offers exclusive plus-size designs (US4-40/ UK6-42/ EU 36-72) in the category of stunning printed chiffon halter dresses. CurveGirl gives you a crazy deal where you can customize your selected dress to your size, and what’s more impressive is that the customization is free of cost. In addition, you even get a 15% discount on their product when you use the code “15OFF”. So, hurry up and choose your favorite from the CurveGirl collection of stunning printed halter dresses.
  7. Women’s day special sale: CurveGirl never misses the chance to impress their users, even on particular dates, especially when it is women’s day! This sale event offers free customization, free of cost, on your selected product from various clothing categories. In addition, you get an offer of a 15% discount on their product using the code- “15FF”. So, hurry up and choose your favorite!
  8. Modern muse inspiration sale: Get the latest trends and fashion in the CurveGirl collection of modern muse inspiration. CurveGirl offers you a deal where you can customize your selected dress item. Additionally, you get a 15% discount on the product chosen from CurveGirl when using the code “Bombshell.”
  9. Trendy treasures of evening blasts: Get your party evenings looking good and stand out of the crowd by shopping from the collection of stylish treasures of evening blasts from the CurveGirl. The sale event offers you FREE customization on your chosen dress from their supply and gets free shipping on your order over $50.00. In addition to this, get an extra 15% discount by using the code “bombshell.”
  10. Creative handcrafted collection sale: Get a fantastic collection of innovative handmade at CurveGirl, where exclusive plus-size designs are available! You can even customize your dress selected from this category without paying extra for the customization. Additionally, you get an offer of free shipping and an additional discount of 15% by using the code “bombshell.”
  11. The ultimate combination of style and comfort sale: CurveGirl offers you various items in this category with incredible offers! This category even is inclusive of sizes such as M-10XL. These offers include FREE shipping and a 20% discount on their products using the code “LOVE20”. So, hurry as there is limited stock available. 
  12. City girl style sale: The CurveGirl offers a wide range of categories you could shop from. This category is inclusive of sizes such as M-7xl. You can customize your selected dress from this category concerning your body measurements and get an exact fit. In addition, it provides you a 15% discount on its products only for its Facebook users.
CurveGirl offers various deals and discounts that you cannot even resist. In addition, it gives you an offer of shipping their products worldwide and ensures 8-10 days delivery time. What are you waiting for already? CurveGirl is the best platform to shop from as it gives you various options that no store can provide, such as free customization on the selected product from your chosen category. Speaking of variety, it provides you with various types to shop from, which are as follows.
  1. New arrivals: This is the first category you will see while visiting the site of CurveGirl, as whenever there is a new arrival in the store, this section is updated. This section has a mix of items from different categories; it contains every other item from the different types.
  2. Dresses: This website section consists of dresses worn on different occasions. CurveGirl never will fail to impress you with the looking suitable party outfits and will allow you to stand out of the crowd. This site category has three sections:- A. Party- CurveGirl offers you the dresses worn at the party and will give you various trendy and stylish party wears to help you look and feel beautiful.    B. Casual- In our day-to-day lives, casuals also play a significant role other than party wear and fancy clothing. CurveGirl never really disappoints you with its collection of casual dresses. You can now flaunt your casuals with CurveGirl. So, hurry up and pick yours! C. Formal- CurveGirl never disappoints you, even when it comes to the formals! It has a wide variety of formals you cannot restrain shopping from. Now flaunt your formals even in your workspace with CurveGirl.
  3. Tops: The tops section! Nowadays, everyone wants trendy and cool tops to wear and flaunt among their family and friends. CurveGirl got your back as they offer you a wide range of trendy, fashionable, stylish, and even great tops to rock your personality. The tops are available in different sections too, that is, the party, casual and formal. CurveGirl offers party tops that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Also, there is a category of casual tops where you can buy a bulk of casual tops to have a new simple top for a new day. See? CurveGirl has your back, even on your casual days. The nest is the formal top category where you can buy the standard tops. You can customize the traditional top for your size (body measurement).
  4. Bottoms: This category mainly focuses on the bottoms. Now and then, there is this same question what to wear for the bottoms? Here CurveGirl has your back as it provides you with a wide range of bottoms, including pants and skirts. The pant section has various trendy pants waiting for you. The skirt section is everyone’s favorite, and CurveGirl never misses the chance to impress you with its designs and facilities. So hurry up and check out the website- for a fantastic collection of bottoms.
  5. Swimwear: With CurveGirl, you will have various types of Swimwear that would be fashionable and even of your size. CurveGirl never misses a chance to impress their curvy yet beautiful users with any categoricategoryar is a collection of swimsuits and cover-ups that every woman wishes to wear. Still, a few women do not wear them because of their wrong mindset of having a considerable body. But trust me, CurveGirl will not only provide you with the best. Still, she will offer you something that even suits your body type! 
  6. Winter wear: This section focuses on winter wear where you can flaunt your clothing collection in the winter too! So hurry up and choose your favorite winter wear, as CurveGirl has many products.
Sale: CurveGirl offers deals, discounts, and events you cannot resist. To be the first to know about the sales, check out their website and stay tuned on their social media pages!  CurveGirl is the best platform for curvy women who think they are out of the trend and can never be one, but CurveGirl offers you products that are another way around.

Special Deals To Die For

As we are talking about offers, we know that we are in October and are thus soon approaching the American festival also known as Halloween, and to honor that, Curvegirl has provided customers with a special Halloween collection launch and sale, which has costumes and dresses which are inspired by various movies, books or series characters all of which is available at a price range of $50.99- USD 59.99 which would be priced somewhere between 4200-4900 in the Indian rupees. With sales and offers, CG always offers customers various sales on different occasions, like Christmas, Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving, etc. One can stay updated with these sales and offers by following CG on social media handles like Instagram or Twitter or occasionally visiting the website. Again, by referring to, one can get additional discounts on the ones that Curvegirl is already providing. Askmeoffers provides its users with multiple coupon codes and offers to refer to, which one can get the benefit of being able to save a lot of money on their orders.

Why CG?

Curvegirl is a reasonably new brand that sells particular clothing items for a particular audience. Still, compared to the clothing options found on or, having a relatively vast number of sizes in which their clothes are available, CG stands out. For these other sites, the clothes available are mainly in the standard measurements. So let’s say you’re browsing on LillyandLime. You find a stunning swimwear fit for swimming and beach purposes, and it’s sweat resistant too, listed under the category of “Swimwear, ” but that isn’t available in sizes you would like it in. There is no other option to customize or anything. This only means you have to ditch it and try finding something available in your size, but chances are that what is available in your size isn’t exactly what you would like to buy or wear. This is where CG or Curvegirl comes to the rescue. Not only do you have a massive collection of stunning Swimwear and other clothing options, but they are also available in the sizes you want and offer free customization options too!

Only the Best

This leads us to best-selling products because everyone wants to know where the hot gossip is !! So, at Curvegirl, the best-selling dress named the “Chasing high Flight Mini dress”   made with the fabric Sinker is one to look out for. The cotton fabric “Sinker” s made of the finest quality yarn, and the best part? IT’S IN VOGUE !! Now, if you want a little discount on that dress because you also saw a chic top and want to buy it too, head over to Askmeoffers, and you will know what to do!

Wait, There’s more 

They offer dresses in different materials, like cotton, Rayon, Velvet, Viscose, Satin Lining, etc. CG is dedicated to providing only the best quality fabric for dresses to provide customers. For making bottoms like pants, fabrics like cotton spandex and high-stretch polyester are used, and an elastic waist and fitted stretch velvet satin are used for the skirts. For the tops, they use cotton jerseys and polyester blends.

Here’s Heading To Shipping 

Coming over to shipping, because that too is an integral part of online shopping, imagine you found the perfect dress for the party next week. It’s available in your size and in your favorite color too. Still, when you try to check out, they show you that they don’t ship to your country or location, now that would be heartbreaking, so when talking about shipping, CG ships to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Germany, France, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong for a $5.00 flat rate with free delivery on orders over $50.FoTheyhip at a $10 flat shipping rate .for the rest of the world, all the shipping is done in 8-10 working days. One thing to remember is that Curvegirl extensively deals in US dollars only and accepts payments via Amazon, visa cards, Master cards, m maestro cards, and Paypal. Curvegirl offers expedited delivery too, which is done within five working days and with an extra charge of $20, which is on demand and for which the customer has to mail their order ID and request to upgrade to stylist@Curvegirl.For further inquiries and other questions regarding shipping, order placement, sizes, customization, etc. CG has a detailed FAQ page where they answer all the most frequent questions, which is helpful for first-time users and people looking to solve some queries. Saving guide and tips :
  1. When shopping at CG, you can get a 50% discount on all dresses if you are a first-time purchaser.
  2. You also get a 10% discount on your first order using the code “MYBAG.”
  3. You can get upto 60% off on party tops, which is available for all users. 
  4. You’re lucky if you use Paypal for payments, as CG offers a cashback of about 70% on bottom wear for PayPal users.
  5. For some summertime fun, CG offers a discount of 60% on Swimwear.
  6. Winter is coming, and so is a discount of 70% off on winter wear at CG so that you can bundle up on those sweaters.
  7. You use Facebook, I use Facebook, and we all use Facebook, so you can get an additional 15% discount at CG during the spring sale if you have a Facebook account, plus free shipping.
  8. You can also apply the code “bombshell” and get an extra 15% discount during the women’s day sale.
To get the best deals, you can manually copy the available codes at during a particular sale on CG and avail yourself of a good discount. On average, Askmeoffers coupons help buyers get discounts ranging from 20% to 70% on their purchases, which is more than one can say about any individual discounts available on any particular site.

Reviews And Ratings For Clarity 

However, when it comes to making a business shine, a company needs to have and maintain a good reputation with its customers and users. This is a part where Curvegirl, unfortunately, falls short. Even though they are dedicated to providing excellent products and service, the customers are not all happy or impressed by CG’s performance .referring to the reviews on third-party sites (since CG does not offer a review page) like and, we see that most or all of the reviews are negative and give the company 1 star for their products, service, policies, refunds and payments and their customer service. At, CG has a rating of 1.2 stars out of 5, with a total of 128 reviews and 91% of which give the company a rating of 1 star. While at, even though they give the company 4.1 out of 5 in their trust score, there are 18 reviews on this site,  and only one is somewhat optimistic. Smart. Reviews also provide us with some crucial information about the company. Starting from the fact that even though there are many bad reviews about the company, they still have a large follower audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, respectively, But at the same time, they do not have a LinkedIn profile, Wikipedia page, or Youtube channel even when they have been in business for over three years now, which is a negative  You can also head to Askmeoffers and search for CG’s reviews, as s they provide reviews and ratings. They gave Curvegirl a rating of 1 out of 5, with 201 ratings and 99% of which is negative.

Returns and Refunds 

Coming to returns and refunds, part of online shopping is an essential part that must be checked and understood thoroughly before placing any order with any e-commerce website. Companies often don’t allow the return or replacement of certain products. In that case, it is crucial to be precise when placing an order and to know what you are getting yourself into, by chance, if you need to apply for a return due to a defective item or replacement due to a wrong item. Curvegirl follows concise return and refund policies, which should be well aware by any customer before placing an order with CG. Starting with their return policy which states that for an item to be eligible to be returned, it has to be placed for return or replacement within 30 days after receiving the product, or it has to be a non-customized product (since a customized product is specifically tailor-made according to specific measurements of an individual) while there is a 100% replacement policy in place for customized products if it is a mistake on the company’s part. While the refund policy clearly states that a refund will only be initiated after the product is received by the company, if the refund is approved, it will be initiated through the original mode of payment which will then be processed within 2-5 working days.

A Little More

Delving deeper into Curvegirl, we stumble upon a detailed description of the business, so let’s take a closer look at how they operate. Beginning with CG has estimated online sales between $1-$5 mil, the estimated revenue from the sales on their website in the past 12 months. An order shipping volume of 1000-5000 per month and a maturity score of 78 out of 100 by, which is high for a reasonably new company. Apart from this, CG attracts monthly unique visitor traffic of over 3000. Curvegirl has a particular marketing strategy; they use Marketing automation tech, which helps them to measure and optimize marketing activities; on top of that, they also have live chat tech on their website, which pops up every time someone visits their website, ready to help them find the best products suited for their customers’ needs. Like any other e-com website, CG also maintains a mailing list which is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers, making them aware of new deals and discounts and new product launches. CG shows a pop immediately after you visit their website for the first time, requesting you to sign up so you can stay up to date with their deals and giveaways.

DTC Is The Way To Roll

Finally, Curvegirl follows a DTC(Direct To Customer) business model. It can also be named B2C. A Direct-to-customer business model removes any extra intermediary or third party. The business sells products directly to the consumers, thus having total control over the entire sales process, making them not answerable to anyone but themselves. This business model only thrives when the people involved are honest and want to serve the customers and not only themselves by selling products that are not up to the mark. If you wish to interact with Curvegirl, You can head to the contact us page and copy the email IDs to send them a mail regarding whatever you wish to convey or ask. You can also send them a message directly from that page by simply typing in the necessary information and the message you want to send. In California, USA, CG’s headquarters address is 5420 N 9th St., Fresno, California,93710. CG is primarily America-based but ships worldwide.

In Conclusion

Hence, Curvegirl is dedicated to providing the best quality clothes for different sizes, especially for plus-size women who have difficulty finding the best clothes in their size—providing many different categories of clothing in different color options and high-quality fabric, especially for customers’ comfort. The best thing was that we could save more by buying products with available discounts, offers, and coupons from Askmeoffers.  Askmeoffers will provide something that will undoubtedly save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Do visit Askmeoffer and contact us for any further queries. Happy Shopping !!

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How to Redeem Curvegirl Coupons Online?

There is no minimum order value required to redeem a Coupon Code Online. AskmeOffers has 1 Verified & Working Coupon Code for Curvegirl which can be used directly on the checkout page, and the most popular coupon code for Curvegirl is ASKMEOFFERS.

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How to find the best deal on Curvegirl?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons to find the one with the best discount, or you can also look at the discount percentage mentioned on Coupon Codes listed at Askmeoffers, which will help you to choose the best Coupon Code, Based on the usage history of past 90 days the most popular coupon code for Curvegirl is ASKMEOFFERS.

Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Curvegirl Store?

Currently, we have 1 Coupon & Offers for Curvegirl. The editorial team at AskmeOffers manually verifies every coupon for Curvegirl everyday to make sure you save maximum on every purchase made at Curvegirl. On Average, the users of AskmeOffers have successfully found savings 198,965 times by using these active coupons.

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1 Coupons listed here at AskmeOffers for Curvegirl are Free to use and can be redeemed online directly during shopping at Curvegirl for Baby & Kids products, Clothing.

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Curvegirl Summary

CurveGirl is a home to those women who have always felt insecure about their sizes and shapes. Speaking of sizes and shapes, no woman is ugly if she is relatively more fat than the less fat or skinny; because every woman is beautiful and unique in her way. It is not only a saying but a fact. This fact is proven by CurveGirl, which offers curvy yet beautiful customer deals no one has ever seen. Nobody is required for a woman to be and feel beautiful; this is how the situation is taken care of at the CurveGirl! It never fails to impress its users by offering them various clothing options. Fashion is somewhat of a ritual nowadays for people, especially women. Also, wherever you go, you quickly see fashionable clothing and accessories for skinnier women, whereas curvier women are somewhat left out in today's world. CurvyGirl focuses on not only the measurements of the body but also the fashion and trends going on in today's world. CurveGirl has a wide range of clothing to choose from and offers crazy deals and discounts for their curvy ones!

Curvegirl for the curvy goddesses 

Several brands provide clothes for every woman's body type when we talk about clothing brands. Still, sometimes the standard measurement systems of these brands become a little restrictive for certain women, which is where Curvegirl comes in.  Curvegirl is a high-fashion American clothing brand dedicated to supplying plus-size clothing for women with curves. As their Twitter handle suggests, founded in 2017, Curvegirl has its headquarters in California, USA, and customizes its clothes for curvy women. A description of their views and motto, which tells us how committed they are to cast away the norms of the standard measurements of weight and height and how they wish to promote body positivity with their brand, is clearly stated on their About us page.

Curvegirl and their offerings

Curvegirl provides clothing choices ranging from Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms to Swimwear. Besides this, Curvegirl has a new arrivals section and a sale section where all items for sale are listed. For Dresses and Tops, there are three separate categories of Party wear, Casual wear, and Formal wear, each of which categories has over 100 options to choose from, each option better than the last, so much so that once you start to dig in you will probably be lost in the vibrant list of options for hours. In the bottoms section, there are pants and skirts, and for the swimwear sections, there are plus-size swimsuits and cover-ups, and the best part? There are also different color options, so if you feel green isn't your color, you can choose white instead. In addition, CG or Curvy Girl also has a CG exclusive section. In numbers over 250+, exclusive clothes are available in the collection that isn't listed in the other general categories.

Something Unique 

Curvegirl also offers a unique and undoubtedly helpful service. CG offers the customers a "custom tailor for free" service too. All you have to do is select any piece of clothing you wish to buy from the various options available on the website and click on it, then scroll down and check if the size you want is available; if, by chance, the sizes listed aren't what you desire, click on the "customize for free" button below the add to cart option and manually enter the sizes you wish that particular piece of clothing to be made just for you in. CG offers clothes in sizes from size four up to size 46, which would be size small (in the Indian measurement system) to size 10xl. In addition to all of that, Curvegirl offers customers the opportunity to place bulk orders too. To do that, first, you have to make sure you have the name of the product you want to order a bulk of, then enter the name in the designated column and adjust the number to the quantity of the said product you want to purchase; you can also add multiple products to purchase in bulk quantities.

Role of Askmeoffers

Thus, when looking to buy these fantastic clothes, everyone wants to take some extra dollars off some products to fit more clothes into their budget. An extra coupon code or a special offer taking a chunk of those dollars off the total amount you're about to spend is convenient, which is why is the perfect place to look for the perfect codes and coupons. Established in 2010, Askmeoffers is the leader in the world of e-commerce, offering users extensive lists of coupons, deals, vouchers, etc., of over 5000+ online brands. And so, naturally, Askmeoffers offers several coupons for Curvegirl and its products, which saves you that extra buck when applied to your full cart before checkout. Head to Askmeoffers and search for Curvegirl coupons, copy them off there and paste it at checkout on the CG website and voila!  You just saved some extra money.    

Curvegirl Customer Support & Social Handles

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