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DJI Offers, Reviews & Coupon Codes for  Consumer products

The DJI consumer products include ultralight foldable drone cams. The consumer drones are mainly made for the aerial shooting of landscape, filming, and photography. Depending on the type of focal length, clarity, and good resistance you want, you can choose from a product series that serves your needs. Weather-resistant, long-lasting battery power, and a sleek finish define all DJI products. Check out the various DJI consumer product series and their reviews below.

Mavic Series

Mavic 2 Zoom is a game-changer for aerial photography. The Mavic Series form DJI consists of ultra-light and foldable drones with various battery powers, averaging around 30 mins. Able to reach maximum speeds of up to 72 kmph, these drones are made to resist wind speed and turbulence of up to level 5. You can get super lightweight drones in this series like the DJI Mini 2, which weighs less than 250 grams, and even larger ones like the Mavic Pro 2 weigh 907 grams. Those preferring smaller drones from DJI can check out the DJI Mini 2, Mavic Mini, and Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro has a range of 7 km and is fitted with a 4K camera that can produce crystal clear 12MB images. If you’re bothered by the wind turbulence and the consequent noise generated, try the Mavic Pro Platinum. Fitted with a noise reducer, the Mavic Pro Platinum can reduce noise pollution of up to 4 dB while generating crystal clear images using its 4K cameras. Want to buy the DJI Mavic series without burning a hole in your pocket? Use our DJI coupons and promo codes during the purchase to get amazing discounts. Reduce the price while enjoying DJI’s clarity and technological advancements. 

The Spark Series

The Spark series consists of a range of smart-sensing drones that can move out of obstacles on their way and use the latest DJI technology. Fitted with a 2,7K camera, the Spark series’s drones can recognize lighting patterns and produce images with diffused lighting conditions. The Spark series boasts an ascent and descent speed of 9.8 ft/s and can be launched from your palm. Weighing 300 grams can snap objects with a minimum distance of 2m using its 35 mm focal point lens. Currently, this series only has one drone model available. To get the Spark series drone at a discount, use our DJI coupons to get an instant discount during checkout.

Phantom Series

The Phantom series boasts two different models and is the best choice for pro-level aerial imaging. Be it an aerial survey or documentation, get the Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom Pro Advanced for a smart flight. With obstacle sensing in 5 directions, the Phantom drones can map pathways from 100 m away and provide high quality 4K images. They can shoot videos at 60 FPS and can fly at speeds up to 45 KMPH. The Phantom 3 SE is best for indoor hovering as it can remain in the air for up to 23 minutes and transmit up to a distance of 4 km. To get the best deals on the DJI Phantom series, check out our DJI coupons and promo codes. Enjoy the latest DJI technology at affordable rates with our DJI offers. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the features the Phantom series provides. Get any drone from the Phantom series by using our DJI deals and offers for discounted prices. However, if you’re looking for smarter drones, here are some other series to consider.

OSMO Series

Record memories with 3x stability with the OSMO Series from DJI. This series features models that are pocket-size and can be handheld to produce clear images. You can get a handheld camera like the DJI Pocket 2 or OSMO Pocket 2, which provides active tracking and single hand capture. Or you can opt for a smartphone stabilizer like the DJI OM 4 or the OSMO Mobile 3. These stabilizers have gesture control, intelligent tracking, and are extremely small and foldable. Are you tired of shaky videos? Get the DJI OM 4 and capture burst photos of fast-paced action events with perfect clarity. For high-level zoom and panoramic views, get the OSMO+ with a 3-axis gimbal. Get huge discounts on the OSMO series by checking out the list of coupons on From our DJI promo codes, find the one that applies to your purchase from DJI and use it to avail of the discount.  Get a drone for your aerial survey data or a handheld OSMO camera for capturing perfect family moments. Get huge discounts with our DJI coupons and explore new ways to capture moments every day.

DJI Offers, Reviews & Coupon Codes for  Professional Products

Get high-quality gimbal cameras, camera stabilizers, and integrated drone systems from DJI meant for professional use. With the 4K camera integrated systems, you can enjoy high-speed imaging, movement tracking, gesture control, and more. Use our DJI coupons on the DJI professional products and get a discount on every purchase. Unsure of which DJI drone to buy? Check out our review of all DJI professional product series.

Integrated Systems

These integrated drone systems come with sensors, a 4K camera, a rotational axis, and the best advanced aerial imaging platforms. With the Inspire 2, you can enjoy 360-degree rotation, video recording in up to 6K quality, and a flight time of up to 27 minutes. With built-in noise reduction, the drone can click burst images at up to 20 FPS and comes with HDMI, USB, and extension ports. For a lower price range, you can also check out the Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1. These can capture up to 30 frames per second and come with M4/3 imaging capabilities. Use the DJI App to control your flying path and download the files directly from your camera. These drones can stay in the air for up to 18 minutes and can fly in intelligent ways – zooming in on points of interest, locking courses, locking home paths, and more. Please get the latest Inspire Series drone with our DJI coupons that offer unbelievable discounts.

Gimbal Camera

These are rotational cameras that can be mounted onto the integrated drones and are fully compatible with all DJI systems.  Get the Zenmuse X7 or Zenmuse X5S to shoot images in 5.2K. These cameras have M4/3 imaging capabilities, 360-degree movement in 3 axes, and 20 FPS images in burst mode. The Zenmuse X4S and Zenmuse X5R can record videos in RAW format at 4K and 1: a sensor that can shoot videos at 100 Mbps. The compact lenses are used to allow low light refraction and diffusion. These lenses can reduce distortion with a high MTF rating and have a shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second. To get the best gimbal cameras at affordable rates, get our DJI coupons for rotational cameras. Avail the discounts on all DJI camera products and accessories and get dramatic, cinematic shots without compromising quality.


Get effortless results with DJI’s range of camera stabilizers, made for professional cinematic experiences. DJI offers solutions for gimbals, DSLRs, and axis-stabilizers. Get the Ronin MX or Ronin M for the 3-axis stabilizer to be used for filming both on the ground or in the air. The Ronin S stabilizer is specially designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. They have an operating speed of 75 kph and can handle loads of up to 3.6 kgs. The camera is made with the DJI smooth track feature that can allow seamless movement in all three axes, along with a long, 12 hours battery life. The DJI RS 2 is undoubtedly the best offer by DJI when it comes to stabilizers. You can also mount it on top of a tripod. Get the best DJI deals on stabilizers and camera accessories like a master wheel and battery stations with our DJI coupon codes. 

Pro Accessories

Accompany your professional camera with the best accessories in the field. Use the Force Pro for long-distance communication. Backed by a robust algorithm, the Force Pro can coordinate and communicate camera movements and gestures within a range of 3 km2. The DJI Master Wheels is used for ground movement. Employing high precision movement sensors and stainless steel wheels, the DJI Master Wheels can sharp turns, smooth rotations, and other transitional motions. The controls are easy to use and can be used even by a novice. If you’re using a DJI product from the OSMO range, make sure it performs to its best capacity with the OSMO Accessories. This package contains an OSMO Base, adapters, battery extenders, and follow focus lenses. There are various packages available. If you’re using the News Reporter package, you could get LED lights, Z-axis movement, Mounted lenses, 360-degree rotation mics, and other such accessories. Get the OSMO Package you need for less, by getting discounts. Please browse through our DJI promo codes and find the DJI offer to suit your purchase. Save up on camera accessories using our vouchers and coupon codes during checkout.

DJI Offers, REVIEWS & Coupon Codes for  Enterprise Products

Are you working in a team? There is nothing better than the DJI Enterprise products made to align the team and keep everyone well-connected and on the same page. The DJI Enterprise drones are made for commercial use and are currently being used across several industries to check equipment at height, oversee construction, monitor highways, and other works.

MAVIC 2 Enterprise Advanced

Made for high power aerial imaging, the MAVIC 2 from the DJI Enterprise section offers 32x zoom. It has a 48 MP visual camera and comes fitted with a thermal camera to create thermal images of landscapes and industrial buildings. The device can take off within a minute, sense obstacles, and transmit HD data across 10 km.  The precise sensors allow the drone to be shifted by the centimeter, and it has become part and parcel of the safety, law enforcement, protection, and rescue missions. To get the MAVIC 2 Enterprise at low costs, use our DJI coupons to get the best discounts. With our verified deals, buy DJI Enterprise products at huge discounts. 

Zenmuse L1

The Zenmuse L1 comes with a Livox Lidar module, which can sense unseen objects using its frequency waves. You can transmit real-time data mid-flight and cover a distance of up to 2-kilometer square each second. The Lidar Module is mounted on a three-axis gimbal to allow full freedom of movement. Since the Zenmuse L1 is meant for commercial use, it comes with IP 44 protection, which means no water droplets or fog can short circuit your drone.  A 20 MP RGB camera module is also present to capture images in high clarity. You can map the landscape and texture with the Lidar module and find inaccuracies even from a mile away. With the RGB camera, you can recreate landscape data into point cloud data in real-time. The current detection range for obstacles is 450m. Use it for topographical mapping, site surveys, forestry response, and rescue operations. Get the Zenmuse L1 at low rates by using our DJI coupons. Applicable DJI coupons can get you tremendous discounts on aerial survey drones. 

Zenmuse P1

The Zenmuse P1 was made for aerial surveying. This means it can cover more than the Zenmuse L1 in a single flight. Each second, it can map up to 3 km square. There is a 45 MP camera that rotates on a 3-axis gimbal. With the DJI TimeSync, it can transfer data with a delay of less than a microsecond. The camera comes with an auto shutter that allows it to work in foggy or low-light conditions. You can also get additional lens options from DJI for multiple focuses.  You can also use our DJI coupons to buy Zenmuse and MAVIC accessories like stabilizers and wheels. Find the voucher from that applies to your purchase and use it during checkout for instant discounts. These DJI drones also allow you to manage data effectively by cleanly sorting data into various folders so you can access it. Get the best deals on the Zenmuse and MAVIC series. Our DJI discount codes are valid for all users, old and new. 

DJI Offers, REVIEWS & Coupon Codes for  Agriculture Products

Plan your crops better with the DJI Agriculture drones. These drones allow you to monitor plant data, control weed, and spray materials while providing data analysis graphs. You can also plan missions and store data on the DJI cloud service. Check out these reviews on the DJI Agriculture products to find the one you need. 


The AGRAS T20 was designed for top-notch crop protection. It can spray matter onto various terrains evenly while carrying a spray tank of up to 20 L. The core module has an IP 67 rating, which means no amount of dust or moisture can enter the system. The module has a spray range of 7m and an hourly efficiency increment rate of 20%.  If you have a large terrain and do not want to spend time guiding the drone, you can even set a predetermined pathway and leave the AGRAS T20 to follow it. The drone can sense obstacles and rearrange the path. With eight different nozzles, it can provide an even coat on all types of terrains. Get the AGRAS 20 at a discounted price by using our DJI vouchers.

T Series Spreading System 2.0

This is a spray system that can be attached to the AGRAS 20 to achieve efficient spraying. It can hold up to 20 L of particulate or liquid matter. It can be used for fertilizer spreading, pesticides, and soil seeding.

Phantom 4 RTK

The PHANTOM 4 RTK is a mapping drone that will allow you to create point cloud views of your terrain. You can use it to envision a CGI interface and then plan your crop rotations accordingly. It has a 1” CMOS sensor and can be moved horizontally and vertically with a precision of 5 cm in both directions.  Get precise and crystal clear images from the exact aerial location using the Phantom 4 field mapping solution. Want to get the Phantom 4 at a lower rate? We offer DJI coupons to get your great deals and discounts on any drone and accessory purchase from DJI.

P4 Multispectral

The P4 Multispectral provided targeted real-time data and analysis so that you can take action. It can monitor your crops’ growth, find out weeds and nuisances, and monitor plant conditions under different environmental and weather conditions. The P4 Multispectral module has everything one needs for crop inspection.  It can immediately convert image-based farm data into insights, which you can now check in the form of graphs. The P4 Multispectral can stay in the air for up to 27 minutes at a time. BY installing an RGB camera, you can see thermal images of the soil and any other terrain obstructions. The P4 Multispectral is a leading crop inspection drone. So, use our DJI vouchers and get the P4 Multispectral with huge discounts. 

DJI Terra

The DJI Terra is meant for use for mission planning and data analysis. It can cover large areas, extract data, convert them into insights, and display them to the user. With 1 GB of RAM, the DJI Terra can create 2D and 3D reconstructions. So, it is used for agriculture and in the construction, safety, and public works departments.  The DJI Terra is also compatible with accessories from the Phantom and Zenmuse series. Please browse through our DJI offers for huge deals on agricultural drones. 

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DJI technology empowers us to see the future. Learn more about consumer and professional drones using the latest technology like the DJI Air, Mini, Mavic, and Phantom. Handheld products from DJI include their OSMO series, DJI Pocket 2, and other camera and smartphone stabilizers.  DJI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality drones that are used in several industries. Whether you are a filmmaker, public works inspector, or serving in rescue operations, DJI drones can track, provide real-time data, and avoid obstacles all on their own.  DJI offers imaging solutions for all types of films. From well-known films to documentaries, DJI products have been used in every sphere. You can replace any defective item for up to 15 days upon receiving it. Please get the latest technology from DJI today using our valid and verified DJI vouchers and offers.

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