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Socal Welfare September 7, 2019

Exercises To Relieve Anxiety And Stress

Perform a physical activity that involves body and mind? It can be done in three ways. Choose the one that’s right for you

It is known that physical activity positively affects the body but also on the mind. In particular, some activities and some sports more than others alleviate some states of malaise, such as anxiety, for which there is certainly no miracle cure, but a little movement can be of great help. Because in any case, it forces you to go out, stay away from home and maybe meet people, as well as favoring the release of endorphins, a panacea for your mood. In particular, there are some more effective exercises than others able to quell anxiety.


Obvious, because it is always said that yoga involves the body and mind and has been scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms. But the term yoga is quite generic because there are different types of yoga. Richie Norton, former rugby player and founder of the wellness brand The Strength Temple at the Cosmopolitan portal explained: “There are different types of yoga and the two best known for alleviating anxiety are the Restorative and the Vinyasa. A method focused on slow and calming breathing such as Restorative Yoga could really help you relax when you have difficulties. The key advantage of this form of yoga is to provide mental balance to the body. Vinyasa Yoga also focuses on the breath, which can also help alleviate anxiety “. The biggest benefit of yoga is the distraction technique it offers. The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. The wide selection of yoga accessories can be purchased from Amazon.


This activity is a form of exercise that uses only the weight of the body and gravity as resistance – explains Norton -, and it is known that it helps to reduce states of anxiety. Animal-style movements can help free you from inhibitions as you move away from the comfort zone to gain confidence, the key is to let the body go where it wants. Furthermore, it is a completely free form of exercise that can be performed anywhere, anytime.


If you suffer from anxiety, then being in public places can be overwhelming, but being outdoors in the open helps you gain mental clarity, Norton explained. Moving away from a situation that causes feelings of anxiety and going out to connect with nature, you can help to release tension. Look for green space – a park if you live in a city or in the countryside. Helps calm the nervous system and take a complete, deep balance with slow breathing.

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