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Tips September 2, 2019

Flipkart vs. Amazon: Who’s Cheaper?

We decided to compare a sample of Amazon’s India prices (not factoring in the Prime membership fee) with Flipkart’s everyday low prices. So let’s see Flipkart vs Amazon who is cheaper.

The verdict? Generally, Amazon beats Flipkart for home, baby supplies, cooler, AC, and Refrigerator’s (unless you’re using coupons or promo codes!!). But when it comes to groceries, mobiles, laptops, and cameras, Flipkart is definitely cheaper. See for yourself:


Shopping the two biggest retailers of consumer electronics — Flipkart & Amazon –, it’s not easy for a consumer to know which offers the best deal.
The results showed Flipkart is a clear winner for consumers who were simply shopping online for Mobile, Camera & Laptop. Amazon wins over other electronics appliances like cooler & Refrigerator.

  1. Realme C2 32GB, 6.1 inches:
    Amazon: Rs. 8590
    Flipkart: Rs. 7999
    Winner: Flipkart Rs. 591 cheaper
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S 64GB – BLACK:
    Amazon: Rs. 12,450
    Flipkart: Rs. 11,999
    Flipkart vs Amazon Winner: Flipkart Rs. 451 cheaper
  3. Nokia 106 2018:
    Amazon: Rs. 1249
    Flipkart: Rs. 1200
    Winner: Flipkart Rs. 49 cheaper
  4. Nikon Z7 (Nikkor 24-70mm Lens) Digital SLR Camera
    Amazon: Rs. 2,67,800
    Flipkart: Rs. 2,63,999
    Winner: Flipkart Rs. 3801 cheaper
  5. Sony Alpha ILCE-6500 Digital SLR Camera
    Amazon: Rs. 74,990
    Flipkart: Rs. 75,187
    Winner: Amazon Rs. 287 cheaper
  6. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White) – with i-Pure Technology:
    Amazon: Rs. 5249
    Flipkart: Rs. 5799
    Winner: Amazon Rs. 550 cheaper
  7. Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Single Door 190 Litre’s Direct Cool Refrigerator:
    Amazon: Rs. 10,740
    Flipkart: Rs. 11,240
    Winner: Amazon Rs. 500 cheaper
  8. HP Pavilion X360 14-CD0077TU Laptop:
    Amazon: Rs. 52,700
    Flipkart: Rs. 50,000
    Winner: Flipkart 2700 cheaper

Baby Supplies

Amazon’s prices win for baby supplies, especially when it comes to baby wash and food supplies. However, when you tack on the extra 15% you’d save doing Amazon Subscribe & Save for diapers and wipes. Amazon is still the cheapest overall!

  1. Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Diaper – M (76 Pieces):
    Amazon: Rs. 668
    Flipkart: Rs. 734
    Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 0.87 cheaper per diaper
  2. Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers, Medium (Pack of 76):
    Amazon: Rs. 617
    Flipkart: Rs. 649
    Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 0.42 cheaper per diaper
  3. Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Baby Shampoo 500ml:
    Amazon: Rs. 313
    Flipkart: Rs. 415
    Winner: Amazon, Rs. 102 cheaper per bottle
  4. Nestle Cerelac Fortified Baby Cereal with Milk, Multigrain Dal Veg – From 12 Months, 300g Pack:
    Amazon: Rs. 243
    Flipkart: Rs. 243
    Winner: It’s a tie!
  5. Himalaya Baby Powder, 700g
    Amazon: Rs. 225
    Flipkart: Rs. 288
    Winner: Amazon, Rs. 63 cheaper.
  6. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nourishing Baby Lotion, 400ml:
    Amazon: Rs. 212
    Flipkart: Rs. 282
    Flipkart vs Amazon Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 70 cheaper per bottle

Household and Cleaning Supplies

If you’re comparing household supply prices straight across, Amazon is the best, but just barely. Amazon beat Flipkart on 70% of the items we tested:

  1. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent – 1.02 L:
    Amazon: Rs. 210
    Flipkart: Rs. 299
    Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 89 cheaper per bottle
  2. Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder – 4 Kg with Free 2 Kg:
    Amazon: Rs. 948
    Flipkart: Rs. 979
    Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 31 cheaper
  3. Tide Ultra 3 in 1 Clean Detergent Washing Powder 1 Kg:
    Amazon: Rs. 123.50
    Flipkart: Rs. 105
    Winner: Flipkart, at Rs. 18.50 cheaper per kg
  4. Harpic Flushmatic Twin In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner (Aquamarine) – 100 g:
    Amazon: Rs. 121
    Flipkart: Rs. 115
    Winner: Flipkart, at 6 cheaper per package
  5. Origami So Soft 3 Ply Toilet Roll – 340 Sheets:
    Amazon: Rs. 270
    Flipkart: Rs. 345
    Flipkart vs Amazon Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 75 cheaper
  6. Pears Naturalé Aloe Vera Detoxifying Soap Bar, 125 g (Pack of 3):
    Amazon: Rs. 164
    Flipkart: Rs. 144
    Winner: Flipkart, at 20 cheaper
  7. Garnier Skin Naturals, Light Complete Double Action Facewash, 100g:
    Amazon: Rs. 152
    Flipkart: Rs. 174
    Winner: Amazon, at Rs. 22 cheaper per package

The answer as to which online retailer Flipkart vs Amazon offers the best prices is not quite so simple.

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