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Socal Welfare February 13, 2020

How Technology Shaped Our Life

Over the years, smart brains across the world have revolutionized our life to a great extent with the inventions of new generations devices and gadgets our lifestyle became simple and faster. 

We as humans have created so much dependency on technology that most of us can not survive a single day without using them. 

From information to communication and travel to health, everything gets driven by technology, and that has made human life better then it was ever in the past.

Image Credit: The Standard

Some of the key areas where technology is playing a significant role are listed below and let’s see those.


Smartphones had played a crucial role when it comes to the multi-utility device, which gives you a medium to stay connected always with your near and dears.

Smartphone is the most influencing device in today’s world, let’s say- can you imagine your day without your smartphone? The obvious answer from 90+ % of people will be NO. 

Many of you would have written letters and send it via post and waited months to receive a reply, whereas today, within few clicks, you can send a message to anyone from your phone or through social media or email. Similarly, you may have waited hours on public phone booths to talk to your friends or relatives, but in today’s world, the majority of people got phone, and now talking is just a matter of few swipes. Not only this, you have options today to do video calls, conferences. In the future, with the help of VR, you may be able to project virtually anywhere to communicate.

If you still don’t own a good smartphone or you are looking for an upgrade, I recommend you to utilize our coupons from Amazon or Flipkart to get a good rebate on those.


Gone those days when watches get used to tracking the time, with technological advancement, watches also evolved smartly, and we call them “smartwatch.” From communication to time management and from health monitoring to trendy style gadgets, smartwatches have become the fastest evolving devices in the world. 

There are many other cool features available in the latest smartwatches, such as personal assistance, calling out for help in emergencies, or reminding you for a meeting.

Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of smartwatches, and you will get a range of them with various features. It may cost you more than the regular watches in the market, but the brand name comes with reliability and durability. If you need some rebates, you can check our Aliexpress promo codes, which give you % off on electronics and gadgets, that will help you to save some.

Online Shopping

The whole world g connected via the internet, nowadays everything is available to you in a few clicks, from needle to large appliance or from grocery to food for your pets. Whatever you need, you can order them online, and also, you get good savings even in comparison to if you purchase them from local stores.

We also have numerous coupons and offers in our stores across categories such as fashion, electronics, food, travel, and many more. Get those fantastic deals to save huge on your spending.

Online shopping has not only made things easier for us, but it also made the products available in your reach what you would not have imagined getting from your nearby stores.

Music & Video

After a hectic day of work, or on long-distance travel or on weekends, who doesn’t like to watch movie/videos, or listen to music. Everyone in today’s life needs entertainment, and rapidly changing technology has helped humanity in this arena as well.

Nowadays you can watch movies on your Smart TV via the internet, or you can use services from streaming providers like Netflix or Amazon Prime, there are numerous ways which you can entertain yourself in simple ways. You get plenty of options suited to your tastes.


Technology has touched human life, and with the latest health care devices, detection and cure of critical diseases become easy and fast. 

You also get many equipments to keep track of your health in daily life. Gadgets such as smartwatch can help you to track your wellness and can even notify you about your physical activity. You can also purchase medicines online and send it to your near and dear ones from any part of the world. 

With the evolution of technology, there is some negative impact on human life, but everything has a flip side just like a coin.


There is numerous other area where technology has paced up our life in a significant way from a push of a button to a few clicks you can do many things quickly, which was never possible before.

In a nutshell, technology is to be used for the betterment of humanity, not otherwise.

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