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Tips February 14, 2020

Know when to do shopping

It is always a big question on people’s minds that when they should shop and how much they should spend on shopping. Well, with the advancement of infrastructure and technology, you might be seeing numerous shopping complexes around you, especially if you are living in metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai. We can often pre-plan our shopping list, but it’s mostly random when you go out.

Image Source: Sleep City

Let’s dig out on when you can buy more with less amount than usual, here go the list:

Shop during Thursdays: Many stores want to get rid of the older stock and get prepared for the weekend rush, so that’s the best time when you can get many items on discounted rates. Things which are bit old fashioned or traditional attract higher % of discounts.

Out of Season shopping: Well it’s a well-known fact that if you shop during peak season such as during wedding periods or in between festivals you got to pay more for the same item which you would have brought in less price during off-season sale. The best example would be to shop woolen cloths during summer rather than in winter as they follow the same golden rule more demand more cost and vice versa.

Check out for online deals: To boost sales, many brands offer massive % off on various items when you buy them online, apart from this there are many cashback and coupons site such as where you get a range of discount coupons from needle to hotels. Utilize them to save massive on your shopping.

Shopping sale seasons: Occasions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday periods offer you the opportunity to save massive on your shopping. If you are planning to buy electronics products like iPhone 7 or large appliances, you get huge discounts during such periods from retailers like Amazon, Aliexpress & Flipkart. So this is also one of the best times to buy products online.

Let’s see what you should do when you are confused:

When you are tensed/stressed: You may likely spend more when you are stressed, everyone needs relaxation and when there is no peace of mind you can’t make the right judgment, and we have seen cases where people use to buy unnecessary stuff in stress which they should not have in typical days. 

Think twice before you buy: This is a well-said term that you should think twice before purchase, and this is especially true when you spend a significant amount on your investment. It’s advisable by experts that you can give yourself a period of 24 hours to rethink if you need to buy that expensive product. However, if you had made your mind to purchase, whats harm in saving some cash? Utilize some of the best coupons from our website to get savings.

Plan your spend wisely: Before you hit out to shopping malls, or you purchase something online, check if you have a budget to spend while keeping in mind of rest of your regular expenses such as home needs or payment of loans.

You should know what you don’t have to buy: Prepare your exclusions when you go out for shopping, as buying trends in India shows most of the people buy randomly and even they purchase items that weren’t in their plan ever. If you have your exclusions ready, you won’t be looking at those items at all.

End of Story: All of the advice above should prove right only if you follow them. However, our valuable information to you would be to plan your purchases around shopping sale season or during offseason as the chances of savings would be more. That’s hard to prepare for when it comes to buying gifts or buying something in an emergency, but above all, if you avoid purchasing some unwanted stuff, you can save some money to achieve the rest of your dreams.

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