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Shop for Z drip max from Lemme Be

The Z drip max from Lemme Be is the range of specially designed period underwear made of the best material, with the most fantastic part being their usable value. With this underwear, you can relax all your time during your periods and let this product handle everything else. Without any stain, you can conquer all your goals this time with Lemme Be. Use the Lemme Be coupon code and avail the deal at the starting price point of Rs. 999. These are super absorbent, and apart from the period of blood, they can hold other discharges as well, along with sweat and pee. Easy to clean, wash and dry in the air, these are the lowest maintained product you can invest in and would last for 6-8 months. Rash-free and discomfort free, this underwear can be worn continuously for the time of 8 hours. With this unique gift, Lemme Be wishes you a happy period this time!

Lemme Be a women’s day sale. 

Lemme Be is here with its women’s day sale, where it is offering all its supplies at discounted rates. Use the Lemme Be coupon code and be a part of this event which Ould be valid for the entire women’s day week for you to shop. You can also shop for supplies from stores like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Shop for day and night pads from Lemme Be 

As we all know, the requirements of day and night are different; whether it be in terms of some clothing, skincare, or even food, similarly, the requirements of pads both doing the day and that of the night are different. Hence to give you a complete packaged solution, we have Lemme Be, which provides you with the day and night pads in one combo deal. With super absorbent material providing you with a rash-free experience, Lemme Be is the one that would help you out with additional coverage and bigger-sized napkins for the night. Sleep comfortably well and avail of the deal, starting at just Rs. 199 only with the Lemme Be promo code.

Shop for the fun merchandise from Lemme Be 

Shop in for the range of merchandise from Lemme Be using the Lemme Be promo code and avail of the discounted savings and deals on shopping for tees and oversized t-shirts from the brand that are printed graphically with extraordinary design and patterns, making the process to be a whole lot of fun. Grab this range with savings of upto 20% on the variety.

Shop for menstrual cups and discs from Lemme Be 

Say hi to the newest range of comfortable menstrual cups and India’s first range of menstrual discs offered by Lemme Be that would ease out the hefty process of using a pad and make you free from all the worries of checking It out each time. Made from 100% certified medical-grade plastic, these are the best products that have an excellent holding capacity and would provide you with a durable grip and an easy reusable mechanism after cleaning it up. Grab in the deal using the Lemme Be promo code and avail of the long-term benefits in no time.

Shop for a period planner from Lemme Be

Making things all the more interesting for you and making things take the right turn, here is Lemme Be with its range of period planners that would add a whole lot of joyful planning experiences. Shop for this planner, fill it up with monthly and yearly goals, get motivated with the quotes mentioned, and have an exciting view of periods with activities planned. Use the Lemme Be discount voucher and shop for these products at the discounted pricing of a flat 10%. You can also gift this planner to young girls and help them deal with this time of the month.

Complete period care combo from Lemme Be 

Lemme Be is here with its super exciting combo as the Lemme Be complete period care set that can serve as a pampering gift or s suitable for young girls entering into the phase. Us the Lemme Be discount voucher and grab the deal at just Rs. 1240. This set consists of day and jigs pads, tampons, panty liners, and more that would keep things in control. 

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NAVRATRI 40% off Dushera Sale – Flat 40% OFF OFF On Sitewide Products 30 Sep 2022
LBGRAB 20% off Sitewide Offer : Flat 20% OFF On All Products 30 Sep 2022
LEMMEJOIN 20% off World Ozone Day Offer : Flat 20% OFF On All Mensural Cups 30 Sep 2022
LBPACK 35% off Lemmebe All in One Pack – Flat 35% OFF 30 Sep 2022
LBCOMBO 25% off Combo Offer : Flat 25% OFF on Combos 30 Sep 2022

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How much can I save at Lemmebe?

In the last 90 days, AskmeOffers users have saved an average of 20% to 70% on their purchase made at Lemmebe using exclusive Coupon Codes provided by Askmeoffers. All the Coupons published at AskmeOffers are Verified Manually daily.

How to find the best deal on Lemmebe?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons to find the one with the best discount, or you can also look at the discount percentage mentioned on Coupon Codes listed at Askmeoffers, which will help you to choose the best Coupon Code.

Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Lemmebe Store?

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How Can I Get Lemmebe Coupons Codes for Free?

0 Coupons listed here at AskmeOffers for Lemmebe are totally Free to use and can be redeemed online directly during shopping at Lemmebe.

Is lemmebe.com a co-op?

No, lemmebe is not a co-op.

I'm a customer and I have a question about your product. What does lemmebe.com do?

lemmebe.com helps people compare prices on tampons, sanitary pads and more for their period. It's easy to use and is available in English, Spanish and French.

Does lemmebe.com offer tampons and pads?

Yes, lemmebe.com offers many kinds of tampons and pads, lemmebe.com provide the best products available to suit every customer's needs. lemmebe.com range is vast so no matter what type of product you are looking for, you'll find something suitable here.

Is lemmebe.com for women or men?

lemmebe.com is for both women and men.

Does lemmebe.com have a contact number?

Yes, lemmebe.com do have a contact number. The buttons below the search bar contains several phone numbers you can call, visit lemmebe.com Contactlemmebe.com page for more information.

Can I use lemmebe.com if I'm not a woman?

You can use this site to find and compare products for women and to shop for your needs. lemmebe.com have an option in the home page that says product for male, which allows you to browse through the same products with brand names like tampons, pads, and liners.

Is lemmebe.com for girls or boys?

lemmebe.com caters to all genders and is also an app.

Is lemmebe.com only for period products?

Yes, lemmebe.com target is period products such as tampons, pads and liners. lemmebe.com goal is to make finding the perfect product easier for you.

Can I use lemmebe.com to help select a tampon?

Yes, the Packages tab is one of many ways on www.lemmebe.com to help you find the perfect tampon for your needs.

Does lemmebe.com only carry tampons?

lemmebe.com is a price comparator and you can find more than just tampons. lemmebe.com main target is designer and luxury items, lemmebe.com other products are cosmetics and lingerie.

Is lemmebe.com only for tampons?

lemmebe.com is not just for tampons! lemmebe.com provide tons of information about sanitary pads, cups and liners as well. Check out lemmebe.com blog to find more ideas on how to care for your body and avoid messes.

Can lemmebe.com help me find the right tampon for my period?

Yes, lemmebe.com recommends sizes as well as provides customer reviews and ratings so that you have a better idea of what kind of tampon to buy.

What are the best pads for period?

If you're not sure if you need lemmebe.com help, go to the Pumps and Plugs tab. There is a guide there that will help you decide what type of pads or tampons you'll want to buy. You can also reference this list of reviews. Each pad has a review and a description, so take your time and read through lemmebe.com site until you find the right match for your needs

What is the difference between a tampon and a pad?

Tampons are made of absorbent cloth while pads are made of foam or cotton. Tampons can hold more so they can be left in for an extended period without making a mess. They are not reusable, but have a thinner passage for easier insertion and retrieval.

How long does it take for a tampon to become effective?

Please refer to the Care & use booklet and packaging for more information. Depending on the female cycle, it could take up to 4 hours for a tampon to absorb enough moisture and actually go into place.

What are the pros and cons of tampons vs pads?

Tampons are typically more absorbent, so they'll catch more blood. They're also smaller and easier to insert and remove, which can make them feel more comfortable.

I'm a new customer, how can I order my product online?

Entering your order information is easy! If the item you want is in stock, it will be shipped to you within 24 hours.

How often do you change your tampons?

We recommend changing your tampons every four hours which is just enough time to keep things fresh but not too often as to stretch out a tampon. If you're on a heavy flow, it's perfectly safe to change them more frequently.

What are the benefits of using a sanitary pad over a tampon?

Sanitary pads can last up to 12 hours, while tampons need to be changed more often. Another benefit is the leakage of a sanitary pad in your underwear that you may experience after using a tampon if you're not careful.

Do you come in different sizes?

We come in different sizes to ensure that every woman can find a solution as easily as possible. lemmebe.com currently offer one extra-small, small, medium and large size.

How long can you wear a pad?

A period pad usually lasts at least 8 hours but sometimes it could last all day or a little longer. They can, however, be removed and re-inserted at any time.

What are the different periods of tampons?

There are several different types of tampons that lemmebe.com offer. They differ in size, type of material and function. You can find out more about lemmebe.com other products in lemmebe.com FAQ section.

May I use your images on my website?

Of course! The images you'll find on lemmebe.com site are public domain, and lemmebe.com want to encourage this practice. Feel free to use any of lemmebe.com photos in your website or project.

What are the differences between a pad and a tampon?

There are two main differences between pads and tampons. Firstly, a pad is designed to be non-toxic in nature and secondly, the fibers of a pad are designed to collect liquid rather than absorbing it; that means they can be worn longer than tampons at night and absorbsemen, fluid, oil and other secretions like not all other pads. Tampons are pretty opposite; they're made from softer synthetic materials with thinner wires which tend to featherfeminine tissues out more. Tampons also work differently in their absorbency capacitythey can't be left on for more than 6 hours without changing because they would become saturated and you'll need to empty them then.

What is the best way to wear pads?

You can always do them as an underwear or you can wear them on the outside of your clothing as a pad.

How often should I change my tampon?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to change your tampons, but this article will help you with the basics. It includes a guide on how long you should use a pad and when you should change your tampon.

How often do you change your tampon?

You should change your tampons about every 4-6 hours as this is how often it needs to be replaced in order for you to be protected against any infections.

What are the best sanitary pads for period?

Take a look at lemmebe.com reviews to see which brand of pads is the best for your needs. lemmebe.com editors have tried nearly every pad-style product on the market and many of them extensively, so you know that whatever you buy will be great quality.

Can you use pads with tampons?

Yes. You can use a tampon, pad or panty liner. There are many pads and tampons designed specifically for use with each other like lemmebe.com super absorbent pads that can be used with the new-generation of tampons.

What are the different types of pads and tampons?

There is a lot of different products that can be used for this purpose. The materials they are made of will differ, as well as the shape and how they absorb blood. Some are used only once while others need to be changed more frequently. There might also be menstrual cups or liners which you should also not forget.

In what language should I use lemmebe.com?

You can use not only English, but also Spanish and French on the website.

how long can I leave my pad on overnight

The length of time that a pad will stay on depends on the intensity of your flow. For light flows, it is often recommended that you wear your pads for eight hours. For heavier flows, it is recommended to leave them on longer so they will soak up more blood, like overnight.

What is the difference between a pad and a tampon?

A pad is made from absorbent materials such as cotton or towels, while a tampon is a small, plastic device.

What are the differences between a pad and tampon?

Always consult a parent, guardian, or health professional before changing your tampon. The difference between pads and tampons is that pads are more absorbant than tampons. They also protect from leakage if something goes wrong. Tampons prevent leaks by containing blood into the core of the product. In general, it's best to opt for a softer, more absorbent product like a pad instead of one that resembles a slim jim at first (tampons).

Why should I use a tampon?

Tampons are recommended for several personal hygiene reasons. lemmebe.com offer a complete list of reasons why you should use them, along with a few tips on the best ways to use them. It's important to know what your options are before going shopping, so head over to lemmebe.com page and check out more information.

How can I contact Lemmebe?

Use lemmebe.com contact form to start a conversation. Once you submit your submission, you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Are there any side effects to using tampons?

Multiple studies have shown that tampons are safe to use even after being left in for hours. One study showed that the risk of injury from tampon use is 1 in 20,000. The risk compared to other menstrual products is 16 times less or 6-7,000 times less than using pads with a pad on overnight and 6,000 times less than using tampons during tampon dry days.

What are the pros and cons of using menstrual pads vs tampons?

Pads are less messy and thinner, but a side-effect might be they leak when they get wet. While tampons are thicker and more absorbent, they might not be comfortable with some women.

What do tampons look like?

Most tampons are cylindrical, but there are many different sizes and shapes of tampon. Some common ones include the classic bullet, bell, junior and maxi. The size of a tampon is usually given in millimeters. The color of a tampon is usually given as black or light blue.

How many times do you change your tampon in a day?

That is a question for each individual. Some people might change their tampon every time they use it and some might change their tampon 2 or 3 times in a day. It really depends on the person and how many hours they will be using the product that day.

What is the difference between a pad vs a tampon?

The difference between a pad and a tampon is night and day. With pads, you wear it and then dispose of it after usage, whereas the tampon stays in your body for a couple of hours or for as long as you need to menstruate.

Why do we need to use pads and tampons with menstrual cups?

To avoid any risks and make sure you're protected in case of leakage. If you don't want to use a pad or tampon, lemmebe.com also offer menstrual cups.

When do you need a tampon in your period?

During your period, you'll need a tampon when you use one of the following:

What kind of pads are best for my period?

There are lots of different kinds of pads that are designed for a variety of uses and needs. What kind you choose is all up to your personal preference, but there are several types that would have the ideal combination of things like absorbency and color.

How long should you leave a sanitary pad on for?

To get the most protection, wear a pad for at least 3 hours and change it every 4 hours.

I don't like tampons. What else can I use?

There are many other options besides tampons and pads. If you're looking for more information, please feel free to check out lemmebe.com article on the different types of menstrual brands.

I am looking for non-plastic tampons, what do you recommend?

Non-plastic tampons are not yet an option, but if you like organic pads then lemmebe.com recommend you try one of these ones.

What should I use for my period?

You can use any of lemmebe.com four main products to find the answer to your question. It might be different for you, depending on what's going on in your life. Because you know yourself best!

What is the difference between a sanitary pad and a tampon?

Tampons are made of cotton, string, and other natural materials. The pad is a much more stretchy and less porous layer of fabric with tiny pockets for absorbing menstrual fluid and lubricant.

Why do you need two pad holders?

One of the best parts about using tampons is that they are super easy to care for, but that also means they can be messy. lemmebe.com patented holders are designed to present and store your pads in a more pleasing way than with just a drawer.

I need help with my period. What should I use?

There are a lot of products to help with your period, but the easiest and best way is to use sanitary pads. Many tampons also have some kind of padding, which may be enough for you. There are also many other products that can help you during your period.

How long should a pad be worn?

The length of a pad is determined by how long your flow usually lasts. If you often have long periods, then you should choose a longer pad to accommodate that. But if you often have short periods, then choosing a shorter period would be more ideal for you.

I accidentally left my pad on overnight, is that ok?

No. You need to empty your pad by morning.

How long should you leave a pad on overnight?

One to two hours is a default rule.

How long is a 24 hour period?

There is no such thing as a 24-hour period. Menstruation usually lasts for about 3 to 7 days.

Do you have a partnership with any companies?

We don't have a partnership with any companies, lemmebe.com are independent. lemmebe.com work hard to convince the clothing brands lemmebe.com list on lemmebe.com website that they should have their products listed on lemmebe.com for free, so as to attract more customers and stay relevant in an age of internet shopping.

If I want to use a tampon, what size do I need?

You can compare the sizing chart with your existing tampon size or find a scale in the packaging of your current tampon. The rule of thumb is that it should always be 2-3 inches in diameter and its length should be just a little longer than your inner arm.

What is in a box of 50 pads?

Lemmebe is proud to provide sanitary pads in a box of 50. The values are that it has 10 tampons, 5 feminine care pads, and 25 absorption liners.

Why do women use pads?

It varies by country and by culture. When buying pads for your periods, think about the use-cases that you need a pad for. Is it comfortable to sleep in pads? Do you want to feel clean? Would you like to make sure that there is no wetness on your clothes when you're running late?

I have a tampon and pad question, could you help me?

We have a great FAQ where you can find answers related to women's period, so make sure to check it out.

Do pads need to be changed every 4 hours?

Regularly changing your pads might depend on you and your menstrual flow. Some women don't have heavy periods, while others might change them less often due to a short time in between flows. To be safe, lemmebe.com suggest that you keep an eye on the clothing or underwear you're wearing so that if it starts to snag or soak up too much blood, you can replace it.

What can i use instead of pads for my period?

You can use a menstrual cup, which you insert inside your vagina during your period. You only have to remove it when you're done with it and empty the fluid inside.

why should I use pads as opposed to tampons?

There is no right or wrong answer to that, it depends on individual preference. Some people might prefer one over the other and vice versa.

I have a friend that is telling me I need to use sanitary pads too, what can I replace them with?

You can replace pads with a panty liner or towelettes.

Is the website only for women?

The website is only for women, but the products lemmebe.com carry carry no gender. lemmebe.com carry adult and child sized items from a vast amount of brands so the website can be suitable to your needs.

Do you sell pads, or is it just tampons?

We sell a variety of pads, liners, and tampons that have been hand-selected to be perfect for daily use and long-term storage. lemmebe.com also carry an assortment of brands and sizes so you can always find what the best fit is for your needs.

What is a menstrual pad?

A menstrual pad is a piece of absorbent material that is worn, usually held between the thighs or waist and inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood. They are also sometimes referred to as sanitary pads.

How long should you leave a tampon in for?

For practical reasons, you should leave your tampon in for no more than five hours. You can also leave it in overnight if you sleep through the night.

Do tampons have any side effects?

Most tampons you can buy today are made of 100% natural material and don't carry any side effects for users. However, some brands might use chemicals to help with absorption and glide over your vagina instead of getting absorbed right into your body. It's important to check the ingredients before deciding on a particular brand.

What are the most popular tampons, pads, and liners?

The most popular brands of tampons by lemmebe.com users are Tampax Pearl, Playtex Sport Extra Absorbency Sckoon Pad and Playtex Gentle Glide Tampon. These are the 5 best selling products at lemmebe.com

What's the difference between tampons and pads?

There is not a lot of difference between tampons and pads, they both absorb fluid. A tampon is made with super absorbent material and can be used during menstruation or at any time, while a pad is mostly made of cloth with adhesive on one side for use as necessary.

What are the uses for a pad?

If you are looking for a smaller, more discrete option to use during your period, lemmebe.com recommend using sanitary pads. However, some women choose to wear tampons as an alternative.

Can I use this website to find my period as well?

Our website mainly serves those who are purchasing products for their periods. You can always use lemmebe.com search bar to find a pad or tampon that is best for your needs and age group.

What are the different types of pads?

There are pads that absorb, like lemmebe.com regular pads for a heavy day, and there are those that protect against stains, like lemmebe.com weekend sanitary pads.

Do you sell tampons with wings?

We offer a lot of different types of tampons and pads, but lemmebe.com don't sell tampons with wings. However, on lemmebe.com website, you can find out which type of tampon is best for your needs.

What are the different uses of lemmebe.com?

We do not have a single use of lemmebe.com website. Most people use the website to compare prices, but it is also a great place to find information on tampons and pads, plus some other health and parenting topics.

What are the advantages of using a tampon vs pad?

A tampon is a flexible, soft cloth with a string of string at the top. The tampon is held in place with vaginal muscles and wrapped around the cervix by inserting them into the vagina. A pad is a flat piece of paper that you wear between your underwear and panty liner. You put it in your underwear then pull up your pants so that it covers your whole underwear.

What is so great about lemmebe.com?

One thing that makeslemmebe.com different is that lemmebe.com are not simply a tampon price comparison site; lemmebe.com also offer unbiased opinions on products in a very user-friendly and informative format. The content is usually above the industry standard so people always enjoy lemmebe.com articles.

I don't know which pad or tampon to buy, what should I do?

We list pads and tampons that lemmebe.com personally use. There is a tab to the left of lemmebe.com product list called Brand Recommendations which lists brands lemmebe.com feel are the best for those who want to shop for sanitary products. Don't hesitate to contactlemmebe.com for more recommendations or guidance if you don't feel like your questions have been answered either.

Which is better: pads or tampons?

This can be an overwhelming question and is often dependent on your menstrual cycle. If you use tampons, there are many factors to consider: Your period, the thickness of your flow, the time frame in which you expect your period/your flow to be, and your comfort level. Pads come with a much simpler structure. They are also available in multiple sizes which helps prevent leaks and rashes.

What's the difference between pads and tampons?

There are many ways to define what is a pad and what is a tampon. A sanitary pad is usually used during your period while a tampon can be used to absorb menstrual blood. Sanitary pads can also be used as liners or in the middle of sex toys while the the word tampon usually only refers to items worn internally, like tampons and tampon-like items.

What types of pads can be used?

These are a few types of pads that can be used during periods: cotton, cloth, tampon-absorbent, cream and gel.

What are the different kinds of menstrual pads?

There are a lot of types of pads on the market, but they each serve their own function. Please visit lemmebe.com website to learn more about the different types: - Absorbent pads - Disposable/Reusable pads - Disposable/Reusable liners - Full-Coverage pads

What is the difference between pads and tampons?

These are two different types of feminine hygiene products. A pad is made to absorb menstrual flow while a tampon is the stick-shaped object that is inserted into the woman's vagina to catch any period flow.

Are there any good brands of pads?

There are many reliable brands that offer pad in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. It is worth checking out lemmebe.com list of great options.
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With the wish and desire of every individual to let them be whatever they are and want to be, Lemme Be is the platform that lets you be everything that you desire. Let me Be is a trustworthy brand created out of the initiative to provide awareness and create products that would help women and teens in their menstrual days while letting them be at their best. Lemme Be conveys that a bit of blood cannot scare the brave hearts out and cannot stop being at the top level. With the help of the diverse variety available in the market, Lemme Be wouldn’t allow such times to hinder you. The products are made up of highly absorbent material like cotton and have a leak-proof design that would help to remain hygienic for the most extended hour. Every product is oxo-biodegradable and would not cause the mother earth to suffer more damage. Making things and relations friendly, whether it be with mother nature or with your periods, Lemme Be is the one that is trying out to make the matters best for you. Use the Lemme Be coupon code and shop for its extensive range of sustainable products and avail yourself of the savings with each purchase you will make.

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