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How to Redeem Lovebox Coupons Online?

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How much can I save at Lovebox?

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Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Lovebox Store?

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What is a love box?

A love box is a really nice present for someone special. You purchase a small box and fill it with notes of love letters or pictures telling them how much you care about them. If a romantic gesture is not enough, also have little gifts that can be added to your box.

Will lovebox send a message to my partner in Canada?

No, lovebox doesn't send these types of messages.

Is lovebox a hate box?

No, it's a lovebox and always will be.

What is the difference between a little love box and a big love box?

A little love box is for a short message that you can fit into a few lines. A big love box is for long messages that might take up more of the space.

Is lovebox only for long distance couples?

Yes, lovebox was designed for long distance relationships.

What is the difference between a love box and a lovebox ?

A lovebox is a gift, but a lovebox comes with something else.

Do you have a love box video?

No, but do have audio streaming through the app. You could also make your own love box video and share it on social media.

Can you buy loveboxes in store?

We offer a variety of designs and sizes to put your love message in. In some cases, you might find that the design you want is unavailable in store. You may buy the lovebox or you can use design feature to make your own love box.

How much does a lovebox cost?

A lovebox is a custom-made box with your personal message. They come in many shapes and sizes, some which cost less than $10 USD, and some are over $100 USD.

How long does the shipping take?

The shipping usually takes about 2 weeks. If you need the product faster for a specific event, please and will try best to get your order shipped out sooner.

What is the most popular size of lovebox?

We sell boxes in six sizes, from a small lovebox for $29.99 to a big love box for $199. The most popular size is the large one, which people seem to order the most often.

What is the difference between a heart message box and a lovebox?

A heart message box is just any box that is used as a message sender. have different sizes, colors, and messaging options available.

How is lovebox different than a message in a box?

A lovebox is a message in a box that you can customize for your recipient. This includes the personalization of messages with text, photographs, stickers, and drawings. also provide partners with tools so they can design their own loveboxes using their logos or mascots.

What is the love heart box?

The love heart box is a small item that you create by putting a picture inside it, then seals it with an official seal. This item can be sent to someone without the need for text or words. The recipient will be able to open the message box and see the picture inside.

Is the lovebox for couples only?

Yes, the lovebox is a 100% couples only product.

How long does it take to ship a lovebox?

Most lovebox orders are shipped out within 24 hours, but some might take up to an additional 24 hours.

How do I set up my love box?

Set up your love box by following the instructions in quick guide:

What is the difference between lovebox and an electronic love note?

The only difference is that a lovebox is cheaper and with more features.

What is the best way to send a gift to a friend?

Use gift box to send original, personalized love messages and gifts. You can write a message, attach a photo or the recipient's name and deliver it right to their doorstep. also have a 'Hello Kitty Love Box'.

What is the spinning heart in your logo?

The spinning heart represents the idea of love and romance and is a symbol of affection. The spinning heart has been used by different cultures for centuries now and represents many ideas of love such as the promise, commitment, faithfulness, devotion, pain and joy.

What is the difference between a lovebox and a heart box?

A lovebox and a heart box are almost the same, but they differentiate on purpose. A lovebox is a small gift of love while a heart box creates an opening where you can mail your feelings to someone, which usually means it's kept on the wall.

What is the cost of a lovebox?

lovebox prices vary depending on the type of box and the amount of time spent in messaging.

Is lovebox the only site that offers heart special message boxes?

We are actually one of the few sites that offers heart-shaped message boxes. There are many other sites that offer hearts, but have the most options and what else can you say about a love box?

What is the difference between a heart box and a lovebox?

A heart box is a piece of paper with your message written on it and given to someone to read. A lovebox is a large tube (usually plastic) with two openings, which allows both sides to see each other. This tube would be used as a long distance relationship present.

Does lovebox offer refunds for their products?

Yes, lovebox offers a 60-day return policy.

How long does it take to receive a lovebox?

A lovebox will typically arrive to your door in less than a week. keep inventory stocked, so the delivery time should be shorter when you order it.

What is the difference between a lovebox and a message box?

A lovebox is a heart-shaped box that creates a conversation between two people. Its an alternative to the traditional message box of love notes, phone calls and long distance relationship problems. But what about the love messages? The word message has two meanings so decided to use the original word: message. The difference between a lovebox and a message box is that the latter can actually send words or pictures whereas the former would only allow for a one-sided conversation. Basically, if you want to share thoughts with someone from far away or send them visuals like photos or videos, choose a love box!

Is the lovebox a boy/girl toy?

No,the lovebox is gender neutral. created a boy/girl toy as well but that lovebox was largely inspired by popular male fashion accessories such as the watch and keychain.

Can I send a love note from my iphone?

You'll be able to send a love note from your Instagram account, but you cannot send a love note from an iPhone. If you want to share your unconditional love with someone on the go, product is perfect for that.

Is the lovebox suitable for Valentine's Day?

Yes, the lovebox makes a great gift for any occasion. have special deals available this time of year that are perfect for Valentine's Day. The best thing about the lovebox is that it is always on and never needs to be charged.

What is the packing list for lovebox?

A love box with heart will be packed safely in one of the following ways:

What is the benefit of using a love box?

A lovebox is a single card that comes in beautiful packaging that contains gifts, surprises, and heartfelt words from someone who cares about you. The person virtually sends a thoughtful message to the individual with a special place inside the card for you to insert your own meaningful picture.

What is the difference between a love box and a text box?

A text box is a text box, whereas a lovebox has hearts.

My love box keeps showing a blue screen - what should I do?

Before you please do a few things. First, re-launch the lovebox app and try not to close it again. If still having problems, please submit a log and screenshot through the connection page. are here to help!

What is the difference between a love box, a message box and a heart box?

Love Boxes are photo boxes that you can customize by uploading your own photos. Message boxes are the heart-shaped containers that have the ability to write a personal message for someone, and the heart will spin so that it is impossible to read what's inside.

Can I send a love box message to someone without the recipient having an account with

No, if you send a love box message without the recipient having an account with then that person won't be able to view the message. However, if they have a partner account then they can open the conversation on their partner's behalf.

Is the lovebox a good gift idea?

The lovebox is a really thoughtful gift and it sets the conversation up with ease as if you have known each other for years. Whether it's to let someone know what's on your mind, send a thoughtful birthday card, or just say how much you missed them, the lovebox comes in some great colors and designs. also offer phone support over the phone if you need further assistance!

How long does it take to get a lovebox?

It takes two business days to process your order. We'll work as hard as can to get your lovebox to you in time for your special day.

What is the proper way to set up a lovebox?

There are two ways to set up a lovebox. If you buy on an Amazon shopping cart, then simply use the instructions and follow them for your e-com order number. If you do not purchase from Amazon, then firstly go through the instruction manuals for setup.

What is the difference between a lovebox and the lovebox amazon?

We have a few different types of boxes that come in many different colors and designs. The lovebox amazon is original, most popular box. recommend looking at which design you see yourself using the most often or buying the lovebox amazon first if you're not sure which one to buy.

What is the difference between a love box and a heart box?

Love boxes tend to be very romantic and can include all sorts of items from edible goodies and toys to pictures. Hearts are a little more sentimental.

What is the difference between a lovebox and a love note?

A lovebox is a round box with pictures or words on each side and it's around 3.5 inches in diameter while a love note is just text on one side

How long does it take for a lovebox to ship?

Similar to many products, it depends on the type of product. Every message box will have a different time in which it ships and you can find that out at checkout.

What is the best way to send a lovebox heart message?

There are a couple ways you can send a lovebox heart. If you use the app, the recipient will always receive it in the inbox. If you want to send it via email, click on the Lovebox icon when texting and copy and paste your message into system in a message like this example (copy & paste): Lovebox to: [recipient name]

Is the lovebox on sale?

The amazing low budget of loveboxes makes them the perfect Valentine's Day gift. They're always on sale at for everyone, so be sure to check back regularly for new deals and savings!

What lovebox do you want to send?

If you want to send a lovebox for a specific occasion like an anniversary, baby shower or wedding, please go to the respective tab and create. You will be able to see what you've created in the list of your loveboxes. If you can't seem to find an appropriate occasion and want to send it as a gift with no occasion specified, recommend going to the Gift option and clicking the N/A Card button.

What are the items that lovebox is losing some of its shipping speed in?

In recent months, Amazon and other companies have created a number of new restrictions that make it more difficult to deliver and send items. One of the major issues is the new deadline for international shipping that allows packages to be delivered only after they are scanned by customs with weight verified. The new deadline is mandated even if do not use services such as Amazon Fulfillment, USPS or FedEx.

Can I buy a lovebox with a picture?

You can choose to purchase a lovebox or a lovebox set with pictures.

What's the difference between a lovebox and a cardboard box?

A lovebox is made of plastic, cardboard, or other material. A lovebox will make sure that your messages are safe and sound.

What's the difference between a lovebox and a heart box?

Loveboxes are text based, while heart boxes are pictures that you can send over the internet or via apps. A heart box can sometimes be used as a safe word.

Can I purchase a lovebox with other people's photos on it?

Each lovebox comes with two pictures in addition to the words that you write on it.

What are the differences between the lovebox and a photo box?

A photo love box is a photo frame that you can take photos in. The differences are mainly in the size and if it has any of the special features like video or streaming capabilities.

When will the lovebox come in different colors?

Currently, only offer the natural box in one color. We're always searching for new designs and colors so when that happens, we'll let you know!

What does the lovebox stand for?

Lovebox is a brand of loveboxes and accessories. The company was founded in Louisville, Ky. that encapsulates the idea of bringing all loved ones closer together through gift packaging, decor, and accessory services.

How does a lovebox work?

A lovebox consists of a spunky little heart, it will spin and bounce around when someone opens it. The bubble will burst forth with one of four pre-written or customizable messages. It is this message that tells the intended recipient just how much you care about them.

They say the lovebox is like a little box that can make your heart flutter, is that really true?

Yes, the heart flutters because it is a heart-shaped box. You can easily connect to your loved ones with it since you can use it as a messenger and send pictures, videos, music and text messages on the go. It’s like a physical long distance relationship without the inconvenience that comes with long distances.

I found a lovebox in the trash, is it still good?

If you find an unsealed lovebox in a trash can or recycling container, it is absolutely 100% still good! Unlike flowers and other perishable goods, never use any preservatives, so your lovebox will last indefinitely as long as it's kept sealed.
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