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A Walk through Beginners Guide for Makeup Lovers

Makeup is a composition of different ingredients in a setting/arrangement. Makeup creates alluring effects on one face and gives an elegant effect and glow; everyone loves to get ready and shine throughout the day. Makeup gives a pleasant effect when applied in a proper arrangement. Safe and healthy makeup should be your priority when looking for makeup products or even an artist ( who uses their products professionally and wash them properly before application from one to the other ). Makeup lifts our face glow and helps us feel confident and assertive; everything depends on what products you use and how you use them. Everyone has a different meaning of makeup. Makeup is such a creation of human beings that everyone wants to master it these days. Makeup should not be gender-biased; even men are fond of makeup, trying new things and curating them beautifully. It should not have limits to make you look beautiful. You can be beautiful inside and out with or without makeup.

Everything you need to know about makeup ( a beginners guide ): here is listed an application of makeup that will guide you through the steps and have itemized top product recommendations for you so that you don’t have to. Application of makeup in proper setting goes as follows:-

1. Wash

The first and foremost step is washing/ cleansing your face before applying any makeup to your face. As washing will help clear clog pores, which will help apply makeup properly on your face, and also washing will remove all dirt from the internal level and apply makeup from your face and give a fresh face for the application of new makeup.

Pro tip: never run your face vigorously/ forcefully with a towel after washing; instead, pat dry and feel the change on your face. It will make your skin feel more soft and glowing.

Always use the best cleanser for cleansing the face, which works well for your skin type. Follow the dermatologist’s suggestion for any skin advice. Listing down some magical face wash on dermatologist’s recommendations available in India:

  • Cetaphil gentle cleanser ( works for all skin types )
  • Neutrogena ultra daily gentle cleanser
  • Sebamed clear face cleansing foam

2. Moisturizer

We have always heard people saying that moisturizer helps and protects our skin every season and is applied almost before and after any activities performed (swimming, cycling, day-to-day life activities, etc.) regardless of age. Moisturization is the necessary step for your skin preparation as it helps keep your skin calm, hydrated, soft, and glowing for a long day and also helps in the protection and prevention of any skin damage (or any of skin related problems ); moisturization provides a good coating on your skin and prevents it from your makeup too. ( dreadful makeup or re-usage or the same brush/blender used on someone else can harm your skin badly ) so, good moisturization comes in place to keep your skin healthy and nourished from the inside. Now, I hope you have understood how vital step moisturization is.

Listing down daily moisturizers which will help when applied daily for all-purpose use and makeup purpose use available in India:

  • Cetaphil moisturizing cream
  • Bio derma sebium hydra
  • Neutrogena hydro boost emulsion

3. Primer

Now comes the application of primer in place; primer is used to give your skin a protective layer and is applied before applying makeup. Primer acts as a base for your makeup; it gives your skin a layer that helps makeup last longer, creates a flawless effect on your skin, and enhances your makeup life for a long time. It protects and also helps us from the prevention of more prominent pores points. Primer works excellent for all skin types, whether sensitive, oily, or dry. Primer can do wonders to your skin when used the right one. It provides good hydration and helps in the matting of skin.

Listing down the best primer options for your makeup application, which are available in India:

  • Maybelline New York face studio master primer
  • Lakme absolute blur perfect primer
  • Colorbar new match primer

4. Foundation

As we say, a strong foundation plays a vital role in building the future/ success; the same applies here; a good foundation will help your skin give the most natural look it can. Choosing the good and right foundation based on your skin type is very necessary as it will help your makeup look good and elegant. Different kinds of foundations are available in the market, but choosing the right shade according to your skin color/tone is essential. Foundation comes in various ways, such as liquid creams, powder, etc. Some foundations even act as a base, and some as sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays.

As foundations are based on skin tones, they readily define their beauty through the same kind of tones only. Listing the most used foundation shades by Indians which are available in India:

  • Maybelline New York fit me matte foundation
  • Miss Claire professional makeup everyday foundation
  • Lakme absolute skin natural mousse

5. Concealer

Concealing your face is the next step for your makeup application. Concealer cleans all your flaws, blemishes, age spots, pigmentation, dark circles, etc., from your face and gives you a clear, brightening face. Using a lighter shade of concealer than the foundation is always recommended, and a little application also does wonders. It cleans up and hides all your flaws under one coat and gives your face a fresh new look that enhances your face more and makes the makeup look more graceful. ( But do not forget, flaws are beautiful! )

Wondering concealer products you can find in India which work well for all skin types :

  • IT cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer
  • NYX professional makeup HD photogenic concealer wand
  • Maybelline New York instant age rewind eraser concealer

6. Highlighter

A highlighter is used to highlight the prominent areas of your face and level up the glow. Highlighter works in light activity and gives your makeup what it needs, a perfectly natural look. A blusher is mainly used to highlight the cheek area. The tones used for blushes and highlighters are mostly pink-tinted with a touch of ecstatic goldenness. A good highlighter/blusher or sometimes even natural tints ( such as beetroot or strawberry ones ) highlight makeup so well that you can’t resist seeing it. It completes your face with everything you need.

Let’s highlight you with some best highlighters/blushers/tints that Indians are fond of :

  • Maybelline New York face studio master chrome metallic highlighter
  • Elf cosmetics studio baked highlighter
  • Colorbar matte illusion blush
  • Sugar cosmetics face fwd. blush stick
  • Lakme 9 to 5 mousse lip and cheek tint
  • Aegte organic lip and cheek tint

7. Eye makeup

Your Eyes tell a lot about you and your personality and attractiveness; eyes tell us things sometimes words can’t. Eye makeup is usually considered the best makeup, or you can say people love doing eye makeup therapeutically. Eye shares a lot about you, and now you have all the time to decorate it. Eye makeup gives you a timeless classic look with a touch of elegance. Eyes can be elevated with lots of things, including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lashes. Sometimes even an eyeliner does wonder, but sometimes joy comes in decorating them beautifully and elegantly; all that eye makeup needs is perfection.

  • Eye shadow

Eye makeup is usually started with eye shadow. Working with exciting colors does wonders and justice to this beautiful thing; a good eye shadow sometimes defines creativity too, and working with different color palates does the job perfectly. Sometimes we try to match it with any outfit, and sometimes color blocking makes it look more beautiful.

Best and must-try eye shadow with a beautiful color palette available in India :

  • Maybelline New York the 24k gold nude palette eyeshadow
  • Colorbar hook me up eyeshadow palette
  • Makeup revolution London 32 eyeshadow palette like angels


  • Eyeliner

Next comes every girl’s favorite eye makeup accessory, i.e., eyeliner. Eyeliner is sometimes the only thing you need to elevate your eyes. Eyeliner now comes in different color options/variations ( blue, pink, green, etc. ) instead of only black. How much and how do you apply it to make a statement with it? Some like it to be thin, some like it to be thick, and mostly everyone likes to wing it; there are different kinds of wings you can make through it; it all depends on how you want your eyes to look. All that it does is make your eyes look more powerful and sweet.

Let’s get to know some fantastic wing products with different color shades available in India:

  • Faces Canada long wear eye pencils ( comes in variations blue, green, brown, black, purple )
  • Colorbar I glide pencil ( comes in a variety of colors )
  • Kay beauty liquid eyeliners ( comes in a variety of colors you must try )


  •   Mascara

Mascara is a favorite product that you’ll find in every girl’s pouch (because a bit of mascara never hurts anybody! ). It works on lashes by elevating them into a whole black and thick coat. I think it gives a new life to your lashes every time you apply it. You can apply fake lashes when real ones don’t. After all the eye makeup is done, Wonder  Mascara is applied at the end.

Best mascara you can find and is readily available in India:

  • L’Oréal Paris voluminous lash paradise mascara
  • Maybelline New York hype curl mascara
  • Lakme eye conic lash curling mascara

8. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most attractive part of your face, and you usually level it up by threading. A perfectly shaped eyebrow does magic with makeup as you can lift them just by using a single product, i.e., eyebrow pencil/filler, which fills your brows and uniquely defines their beauty.

Pro tip: always opt for the threading option for shaping your eyebrows; nothing else works as excellently as threading does.

Let’s fill ourselves with knowledge of beautiful eyebrow pencil/fillers which is readily available in India:

  • L’Oréal Paris brow artist genius kit
  • Elf cosmetics eyebrow kit
  • Miss Claire waterproof eyebrow pencil

9. Lips

Not for anybody, but we like to get ready for ourselves, and lips are the favorite part every girl likes to work on. You’ll find thousands of lipsticks in every girl’s vanity box, even if they use one! Lipstick attracts everyone’s attention to your face, defining how your makeup looks. Not everyone can do wonders on their lips as an artist does by using lipstick and lip liner/ pencil. Lipsticks come in numerous shades and give everyone a shade to define their day/ outfit or how powerful/ sweet they want to look. Nudes, reds, and pinks are every woman’s most cherished tones of lip shades. Every shade defines its personality; sometimes red stands for powerfulness, and sometimes it stands for juicy sweetness. Lipsticks help in the plumpness of lips by creating a juicy effect on lips.

Sharing some most loved lip shades of Indians in reds, nudes, and pink, which are readily available in India:

  • Mac retro matte lipstick in ruby woo
  • Maybelline New York color creamy matte lipstick in divine wine
  • L’Oréal Paris Richie moist matte lipstick in shade cashmere delicate
  • Sugar cosmetics matte as hell crayon lipstick in shade mid-tone warm nude
  • Maybelline color sensational lipstick is hooked on pink
  • NYX doll

10. Setting spray/powder

After everything you do, you make sure it stays for long, and you do not, or it doesn’t get ruined. After all the applications, all you want is for your makeup to stay on for long beautifully, and that’s when setting spray/ powder comes into work. It gives a lustrous look and helps increase the lifespan of your makeup. It prevents it from fading, smudging, etc. Sometimes water rose water; aloe vera water works as a setting spray when applied in limited/appropriate quantities.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the setting sprays which we can rely on a good day to fix our makeup readily available in India:

  • Colorbar Stay the day finishing the mist
  • Miss Claire’s face makeup setting spray
  • Elf cosmetics makeup mist


All the applications listed above must be followed correctly to create a perfect gorgeous look. Makeup helps create the attractiveness we want; it enhances confidence and performance. Also, it gives us a sense of security in being ourselves, but we need to keep our skin healthy and nourished. Skincare and using the right and quality products help us achieve all that. A nourished skin will grow and glow beautifully both inside and out. Entering some of the excellent skincare tips, you must follow to nourish your skin.

  • Cleanse

Cleansing will help you clean all the dirt/oil you acquire on your face working all day long. Cleansing is one of the essential steps you must practice for healthy and nourished skin. Cleansing is necessary for skin types ( be it sensitive, oily, or dry ). A good face cleanser/ wash is all you need for this step ( you can refer to the face cleanser/wash mentioned above in makeup application, in the first under wash). All these cleaners are natural and helpful in making your skin the way you want.

  • Moisturize

Moisturization is vital, as mentioned above ( in the makeup application); be it with makeup or without, it is a must-follow step. It helps our skin to get the food it wants, helps in hydrating, and keeps us protected from dirt sometimes.

Note: You can refer to moisturizers mentioned above under step 2 to get suggestions for your purchase.

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the ultimate source of protection you need for your skin to be healthy. Sunscreen helps us get protection from harmful UV rays, which make our skin tan badly, cause sunburns, and sometimes even cause early aging and damage to the skin ( wrinkles, keratosis, etc. ). Using sunscreen can prevent and delay them all and keep your skin healthy.

Some of the sunscreen you can use to keep your skin well :

  • Himalaya herbals protective sunscreen lotion
  • The derma co hyaluronic sunscreen
  • Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock SPF +50 sunscreen

The steps for skincare are easy and light, and you can accompany them in your daily life routine easily. These steps ensure to keep your skin nourished, hydrated, healthy, and strong.

All the products listed above are effective and pocket-friendly; once you start using them, you’ll quickly notice the change in your skin. Go for healthy and harmless makeup. Items entered above in all the steps are readily available on Nykaa, their official websites, and in the beauty stores near you quickly. Make sure you buy genuine and safe products which don’t react on your skin or harm you. You can always ask the store manager to show you the genuine products; some of the products are not pocket friendly because of the excellent quality, but that doesn’t mean you fall for the cheap ones. Try using effective products, too, as it is vital to keep ourselves well and strong from both inside and out.

Flaws are beautiful; never feel insecure because you cannot use/apply makeup/ any of the products. Let your skin heal; it will do wonders automatically.

Do not forget to use our verified and working Nykaa coupon code while shopping for your makeup and beauty products.

Stay happy, healthy, hydrated, and nourished!

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