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Getting things at your doorstep for a reasonable price, standard quality, and within a defined frame of time is just a few clicks away.

AliExpress, an E-commerce company

AliExpress is an online retail service (E-commerce company) based in China, owned by the Alibaba Group.

The Alibaba group

Alibaba group is known for its e-commerce and technology-related retail services. The group was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. Alibaba handles more E-commerce than any other company in the same field. AliExpress is a  global retail platform targeting buyers worldwide.

Online shopping a habit

Online shopping is not anymore a trend. Instead, it has become a habit, a worldwide habit. The traditional ways of shopping have been decreasing daily due to the higher convenience rate of online shopping. The advantages of online shopping :
  1. Time flexibility
  2. No transportation costs(in some products, these are applicable)
  3. Standard Quality 
  4. Variety of options
  5. Available discounts/offers
  6. Fair Pricing

AliExpress and its history 

AliExpress was founded in 2009 but came into being in 2010 as a B2C (business to consumer) platform for Chinese companies and their respective buyers/consumers after being introduced by the Alibaba group. 

Aliexpress and its rise

In the initial days of the site, many prospective consumers had trust issues with the products being provided by them, claiming them to be fake. But the company came up with ways to prove its originality in the market.

Strategy to become a trustworthy platform.

Trust is said to be the hardest thing to gain. So how did the company achieve it?

AliExpress connect

It is a way to connect influencers with top sellers and brands. They train content creators by giving them opportunities to create content for the site, and the number of people getting attracted by the approach is rising day by day. The company aims to reach out to consumers as wide as possible and expand globally.

AliExpress and its services

It’s an enormous market with over 100 Million products offered for sale. It deals in a variety of products listed as follows :
  1. Apparel (men and women)
  2. Apparel Accessories
  3. Automobiles and motorcycles
  4. Beauty and health
  5. Fashion
  6. They are dealing in almost everything at reasonable prices.

The desktop version v/s the Mobile app.

Many consumers prefer the mobile app as the app offers discounts, coupons, and promo codes.

The working of the app

As mentioned above, ALiExpress offers over a 100Million of product varieties for sale. Therefore, you can choose your niche and proceed with the payments and shipping options and the applicable offers, discounts, promo codes, and coupons.

How do coupons work?

[caption id="attachment_252523" align="alignnone" width="300"] how-aliexpress-coupons-works[/caption] One Aliexpress coupon is to be used per order. You can get coupons from the store page and also in exchange for coins. Selected coupons could only be used in the selected stores. If you are a new user, all you have to do is register yourself in AliExpress via the New user zone and then right away. You’ll be provided with the coupon right away. 


The prices are pretty reasonable due to the absence of intermediaries. The discounts are also offered from time to time, making the products worth purchasing.

The Freebies

[caption id="attachment_252524" align="alignnone" width="300"] aliexpress-freebies[/caption] The regular customers also get freebies for which the customers  Apply for products offered by the site only for a dollar.  The winner is further selected based on their time spent on the site, or in other words, the more you are active, the more chances of winning. The surprising fact is the products which are usually expensive are offered just for a dollar.

Payment Options

The payment options offered are :
  1. QIWI Wallet
  2. Master card 
  3. VISA card
And a few more. The portal used for the transaction is AliPay which is a highly safe portal.

Public Reviews

Also, while shopping, the product reviews are given below for the prospective buyers to check and be satisfied with the products they are offered. 

The Shipping Methods

[caption id="attachment_252528" align="alignnone" width="300"] aliexpress-shipping-policy[/caption] Several shipping methods are given, and you could choose anyone at your convenience. If you want it to be delivered free at your doorstep, then China Port Registered Air MAil would be the way to go. And for receiving them within your time convenience, the other six would be an option. Within the specified period, the product reaches the customer. The after-sales services offered by the company are also quite reliable. If there are any disputes regarding the product, they are welcomed by the company. If not satisfied with the product, the company also offers refunds. The policies of refund and return differ from product to product. AliExpress in India  On the 25th of November, 2020, AliExpress was banned with 42 other Chinese Apps under Section 69A of The Information Technology Act.

Aliexpress and Brexit 

The online marketplace (OMP) is bound to give VAT. AliExpress deals in providing a platform to the sellers and the buyers and thus act as an OMP  And so is bound to give VAT. So if a  British seller sells his goods via AliExpress, AliExpress, being an OMP, would be bound to provide VAT to the UK. “For VAT purposes, from 1 January 2021, all sales of goods to the UK by a foreign seller and facilitated by an OMP will be treated as a “supply of the goods in the UK to the UK consumer by that OMP” if those goods: are imported, and the value of the shipment is less than GBP 135 or delivered from a UK location, in the latter case the value of the delivery is irrelevant.” This was the statement given by BREXIT, which became applicable from the 1st of January 2021. Not only AliExpress but also many other OMPs were heavily affected by the new law. This led to an increase in the prices of the products offered by them, resulting in consumers’ disinterest in the company.

AliExpress and its competitors

  2. eBay
  3. Flipkart
And many more such markets offering products online at a better price.

Still the best way

Online shopping is the most innovative way of shopping considering the aspects of time, socializing, transportation, and especially during the pandemic where lives are at stake; every possible thing is to be done from home. Then why not shopping? AliExpress offers quality products + after-sales services and also an opportunity to give feedback. And offering reasonable discounts and still giving competition to many such platforms in the market.

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