Aliexpress Coupon Pals Hack Uncovered!

Aliexpress, a leading online marketplace based in China, has recently encountered an alarming issue where customers’ coupon codes have been hacked by unidentified individuals.

The Coupon Pals Program

The Coupon Pals Program was launched by Aliexpress to incentivize shoppers to invite their friends to shop on the platform. Under this program, a user can send an invite link to their friends, who can then sign up, and both parties can receive a discount on their next purchase.

However, Aliexpress has recently discovered that hackers have been stealing coupon codes and using them for their transactions, resulting in innocent users losing out on the discounts that they were entitled to.

How the Hack Works

The hack is carried out by exploiting Aliexpress’ system, where hackers can generate a fake coupon code to invite their friend through the system. The system then automatically generates a new coupon code and sends it to the friend, without checking whether the user has completed the necessary qualifying action for the bonus.

By doing this, the hacker can steal the bonus amount while leaving the friend with an invalid coupon code. The issue has been widespread, with many users complaining of having invalid codes, leading to Aliexpress taking action.

What Happens Next?

Aliexpress has taken immediate measures to prevent such hacks, including raising the threshold for coupon qualification and putting in place tighter security measures. Additionally, users can report any fraudulent activities on their account and receive a refund for any lost coupons.

In a statement, Aliexpress has also urged its users to be cautious when sharing personal information, stating that the platform is doing everything to ensure the security of its users’ data.

Final thoughts

The Aliexpress Coupon Pals Hack is a warning for everyone to be cautious when using online shopping platforms. As leading online retailers expand the Coupon Pal system, it’s essential to ensure your transactions and data are secure. Aliexpress is reassuring customers that they are working to solve the issue and has put in place better security measures to prevent hacking attempts.

Anyone who suspects that they may have fallen victim to this scam is advised to report it immediately to Aliexpress, who will work at getting a refund for the coupons that you lost out on.