Aliexpress Launches Invite Coupons for Shoppers

Aliexpress, the popular online retail giant, has recently launched a new feature called Invite Coupons, which offers discounts to both shoppers and their invited friends.

The Invite Coupons feature works by allowing registered Aliexpress users to send personal invitations to their friends and family members. Once the invitee accepts the invitation and registers on Aliexpress, they will receive a coupon that can be used towards their first purchase on the site.

How to Use Invite Coupons?

To use an Invite Coupon, the user should log in to their account on Aliexpress and click on the “My Invitations” tab. From there, they can send invitations to their friends and family members via email, social media, or messaging services.

Once the invitee registers on Aliexpress, they will receive their discount coupon that can be applied at checkout. The user who sent the invitation will also receive a coupon for their next purchase of $5 or more.

Benefits of Invite Coupons

Invite Coupons offer several benefits to both shoppers and Aliexpress. Firstly, they encourage existing customers to invite their friends and family members to join the platform, thereby expanding Aliexpress’s customer base. This ultimately leads to an increase in sales and revenue for the company.

For the users, Invite Coupons provide an added incentive to invite their friends to Aliexpress. By receiving discounts on their purchases, they are more likely to shop on the platform and recommend it to others.


With the introduction of Invite Coupons, Aliexpress is looking to attract more customers and increase its market share. The feature provides a win-win situation for both shoppers and the company, as it offers discounts to both the inviter and invitee. It remains to be seen how successful the feature will be, but it has already generated a lot of buzz among Aliexpress users.