Aliexpress releases new promo codes for April 2023

Aliexpress, the popular online retailer, has released a new set of promo codes for April 2023. Customers can now get significant discounts on a range of products, including electronics, fashion, home goods, and more.

How to use the promo codes?

To use the Aliexpress promo codes, customers must enter the code during the checkout process. The codes can be found on the Aliexpress website or through affiliate websites. The discount will be automatically applied to the total cost of the order.

What are some of the discounts available?

  • 10% off fashion: Customers can get 10% off their purchase of clothing, shoes, and accessories by entering the code FASHION10 at checkout.
  • $20 off electronics: Customers can get $20 off their purchase of electronics by entering the code ELECT20 at checkout.
  • 15% off home goods: Customers can get 15% off their purchase of home goods by entering the code HOME15 at checkout.

Are there any restrictions on using the promo codes?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on using the Aliexpress promo codes. The codes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions. They also have an expiration date, so customers must use them before they expire.


The new Aliexpress promo codes are a great way for customers to save money on their online purchases. With a range of discounts available across different categories, customers can take advantage of these offers to get great deals on high-quality products.