Are Aliexpress Clothes Good?

Aliexpress, one of the largest online marketplaces, has gained popularity over the years due to its vast selection of affordable products. However, the quality of their products, especially clothes, has been a subject of concern for many customers.

As a result, we decided to investigate the quality of Aliexpress clothes by sourcing reviews and firsthand experiences from customers who have purchased clothes from the platform.

Quality of Clothes

The majority of customers who have purchased clothes from Aliexpress have varying opinions about the quality of the clothes. Some customers have had positive experiences with their purchases, stating that the quality of the clothes was excellent and exceeded their expectations.

On the other hand, other customers have encountered issues with the quality of the clothes. Some have received clothes that did not match the quality of the pictures and descriptions on the website. Others complained about receiving clothes with visible defects or subpar materials.

Sizing and Fit

Another aspect that customers have mixed opinions on Aliexpress clothes is the sizing and fit. While some customers have found their purchases to fit perfectly, others have struggled to find items that fit correctly.

This can be attributed to the fact that most of the clothes sold on Aliexpress are from Asian manufacturers, and as such, they tend to run on the smaller side compared to Western sizes. Therefore, it’s recommended that customers check the sizing charts and customer reviews before making a purchase.

Shipping and Delivery

One area that Aliexpress customers are generally satisfied with is the platform’s shipping and delivery. Customers report that the delivery times are reasonable and that the clothes arrive in good condition.


Based on our findings, it’s safe to say that the quality of Aliexpress clothes varies from product to product. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have encountered issues with the quality and fit of their purchases. However, the platform’s shipping and delivery remain a bright spot for customers who are satisfied with the platform.