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Demand increased for Bikes and Scooter Rentals in Cities

By askmeoffers 6 Min Read
Last updated: June 06, 2021

Vogo from Bangalore, India: is one of the largest scooters or bike rentals in Hyderabad, and Bangalore has significantly impacted the startup world. With a successful record of 5 million rides recently achieve by the scooter and bike rental brand. They have made something impossible come true. But is the customer care service and their app interface that good? It should be because it’s based on an app.

Recently it was recorded that many customers are pretty unhappy with the app’s interface and the customer care service.

Many customers raised concerns in the app review section that they were facing issues in the customer care service of Vogo. Both their concerns and problems were not heard and solved. And if they were heard, then the problems were not resolved. Especially in Hyderabad, people raised concerns that enough scooters and bikes by Vogo were not available.

Also, customers have been facing refund issues that they cannot solve through the Vogo customer care service. 

Yes, these are some raising concerns of Vogo at the moment. They are growing and have potential, which is correct! But, there is a need to improve the customer care service. 

Vogo, even with some hits and misses of its own. It’s a great app and rather essential for people who commute daily and have no personal vehicle of their own. So, you could download the app today and try it for yourself. Book yourself a scooter or bike today!

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