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Everything You Need to Know About King Size Beds

By Upasana Kardam 6 Min Read
Last updated: April 24, 2022
Beds are essential for every household; looking at the current world, we all live in an era of modernization and aesthetics. We want everything perfect and smooth in our houses, from paint to furniture; we always look for things we adore, which give us comfort. Beds have been redefined and changed according to modern living. Relaxation, comfort, and deep and healthy sleep are what we look for in a bed.  Beds are an exquisite source of relaxation. Beds come in different sizes and have everything for everyone. We will be discussing all king size beds here, which is the best size (183cm x 203cm).  We want everything designer, good-looking, and vibe-catching for our homes; with the same, we look for style, quality, and comfort. Even when we look for basic demands to be fulfilled, we look for the best we can get for ourselves. When we see a bed is a thing, our mind retaliates first-word comfort, whether it could get any better. When we jump into the furniture market, we see a lot of different assortments of beds; some are comforting, some are good-looking, and others focus on both to give you the best offering. There is a diversity of beds which I’ll showcase to you below, and you can appropriately decide which one you can get for yourself.

Top 10 Beds you can buy in India:-

1. King Size Wooden Beds

Wooden and neutral textures are best and go with every damn color; when you’re about to choose the wooden beds, look for solid and engineered wood; it will give you strong durability. Wood radiates positivity and has strong healing powers which make your mood light and joyful. Wooden redefines your room with a beautiful space and creates a positive vibrating aura. Wooden beds are supportive to your back and help you relax after a long tiring day.  Wooden beds are easily available in India in many different sites and stores. You can easily access them by choosing the one you need from the below-listed brands for furniture, which help you curate the best design you call for and provide you with the one designated to you.

2. King Size Platform Beds

A platform bed is a bed with a height shorter than normal ones. A platform bed is quite comforting and smooth; it is suitable for kids to give ample space in their room. Platform beds look relatively more good-looking and exquisite than any other bed. It makes your room look spacious and creates a good mood vibe for you. Platform beds can be styled in no. ways you want. It can be both wooden or fabricated. It would help if you chose fabricated when looking at it for the children’s room. Platform beds are readily available in the Indian market with a massive range of options.

3. King Size Upholstered Beds 

An Upholstered bed is abed that has fabric coverings and paddings attached to it along with headboard and sideboards If needed with a bed. Upholstered beds are considered one of the softest beds with a range of aesthetics and style. Upholstered beds are a favorite bed for people who love back support with soft cushiony fabric. As they are fabricated, they need more care from you so that it doesn’t get dirty. Upholstered comes in wide varieties, and people love them for the style and arrangement it gives to their bedroom. A king size upholstered is all you need if comfort, relaxation, and style are your priority. Upholstered beds are truly available both online and offline in stores near you, or you can make them customized according to your color palette and chosen fabrication.

4. King Size Metal Beds

Metal beds are beds usually made with steel, iron, or brass to increase their durability, strongness, and versatility of beds. Metal beds are usually priced a little cheap than regular beds, and you can easily sleep well on them. If you are looking for cheaper options for king-size beds, you can go for a metal bed; metal beds come in diverse designs which match your room easily. Metals beds are easy to fit in without any force and don’t require a lot of people. Metals beds are designed so well to ensure a healthy and quality sleep. They’re ease of care. Metals beds are easily available in India, both online and offline. The stores listed below will be helpful if you want to search for an affordable metal bed.

5. King Size Bed with Storage

Storage is a basic need of every Indian household, so many storage spaces in our home, but it’s still less for us. Storage beds come in all forms except platform beds, metal beds, etc. You can say they have significantly fewer storage options for us (relatively zero). Storage bed comes in different options beds, such as wooden beds or modular beds; they have a hell of storage to keep our essentials. Storage comes in the form of drawers. Storage beds are readily available online and offline in India very quickly and can be customized. Below entered sites will be helping in looking for this.

6. Sofa cum Beds inKing Size 

Sofa cum beds are beds that do work as both sofa and bed. They’re choices of people who have relatively lesser space or who want to incorporate more into their homes. Sofa cum beds give you two things in one. You can enjoy sofa cum bed if you’re a sucker for 2 in 1. It comes in a wide variety of choices and styles; you can make them according to your style and color palette and handle how to open your bed with a sofa or keep your sofa good-looking and comforting. Sofa cum beds are a relatively good choice if you’re a single person and want to go on a budget with your pocket. Sofa cum beds are cute and aesthetic and are offered online and offline at your nearest stores. You can also refer to the store itemized below.

7. King Size Beds with a Side Table

Beds are offered in diverse forms, and we should look for ones that are best for us; beds with a side table give your space a highly modified look and allow your room to look more even. You can go for a bed with a side table in solids, color combination, wooden, and much more; you can choose between these online and offline stores. Refer to the stored entered below to look at some options.

8. King Size Beds with a Hydraulic System 

Hydraulic beds are the preferable choice currently as they don’t require much force to open the hydraulic system and offer the best storage under your bed, which will acquire everything you want it to. Hydraulics can also be installed in old versions of beds (indeed); you can also opt for new ones. Hydraulic systems ensure strength, strong well, and durability. Hydraulics beds are new choices for a future self. Hydraulics beds can be found anywhere online and offline, and you can always refer to the entered stores below.

9. Single King Size Bed 

Single king size beds come in 2 variations which include a single size king bed (size: 92cm x 187 cm) and another one is a single extra-long king size bed (size: 92cm x 203cm) which is best for a single person to fit in. It ensures great size, and along with different kinds, you can mix match them and curate in what is best for you. You can find this bed online and offline and always in the stores near you. The stores mentioned below will obliviously help you in finding one. 

10. Modular/Modern King Size Bed

A modular bed is everything I listed above; it has everything from storage to a side table and sideboards and headboards if you want. Modular beds create a smooth and balanced finish in your bedroom. It is the best choice for you and your family. Modular beds are found in every household as they have everything in one that we demand. Modular beds are efficient and can be found in online and offline stores. You can customize it too according to your color palette and choices. The question arises where to buy beds from and how are they perfect? How is the diverse range priced? Pricing is the factor where you have to limit yourselves sometimes and go budget-friendly along with the quality check. King size beds are of different kinds, as shown/mentioned above. The price range for king size beds usually starts from 7000/- and moves to lakhs; it depends on your choices. To help you further, some sites help you go beyond and find the perfect choice. We are here to unblock all your confusion and showcase the best stores in India that sell what you’re looking for! 
  • Pepper Fry
Pepper fry is a leading brand in home décor and furniture; it was established in 2011, started its journey of selling furniture online, and has opened its first store in Mumbai ( 2014 ) and now is available in 28 cities of India with a total of 70 stores, because of its physical store it will now help us in knowing the material and quality check better. Pepper fry has been on top in home décor and furniture for now. They have everything that a user needs and are keen to give money. From basics to aesthetics, they have every style which you’ll adore. They sell a wide variety of king size beds, including wooden beds, platform beds, metal beds, etc. It has been rated 4 stars out of 5 by
  • Ikea 
Ikea is also one of the leading brands in the home décor and furniture industry. It sells aesthetics that people love to give money for. Ikea is a Swedish brand and has opened stores in India. Ikea’s first Indian retail store was opened in Hyderabad in 2018. Ikea has well-made and collectively designed the best affordable furniture for Indians according to their price range and needs; Ikea’s products starting range is from Rs.15/- only. When we look into Ikea’s furniture range, it comforts us, everyone, through its presentation and showcases its well-being naturally to its customers. Ikea has designed the quality king size beds you call for; it has high quality maintained standards that will give your house a timeless classic definition. The quality of its beds is to be known. Ikea’s wide range of comforters on your beds will provide you with relaxed and deep sleep. It has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5 by
  • Flipkart 
Flipkart is a store that has everything for you; the list of your needs will fall short in front of flip kart’s range of products. Flipkart has curated top furniture brands under one roof so that you don’t have to search anywhere for your needs. It sells products of various brands from small merchants to that higher ones. Flipkart is well known for the wide range it offers. You can quickly get a king size bed of your need from flip kart according to your price range and can look for all available options provided to you from cheaper ones or standard ones.  Flipkart has furniture brands such as durian, urban ladder, etc. that will help you find the right one for your demand. It is rated 3 out of 5 by
  • Amazon 
Amazon well knows the brand for the wide range of products it offers. Amazon has picked and curated all furniture brands under a roof to be accessible to you so that you choose the best for yourself. Amazon has the best and top furniture stores that sell quality furniture under budget. You can choose a brand such as a hometown, royal oak India, etc.. that sells a quality assured product and guarantees accordingly. Amazon has been known for its standard delivery for a long time now. So, I guess it will help you find the best king size bed you require. It has been rated 2 stars out of 5 by
  • NilKamal
Nil Kamal is a brand that deals with furniture closely and has a high-quality maintained standard for every product, be it a plastic chair or other products. Nil Kamal is India’s favorite brand for furniture; it can be found easily in every Indian household. It curates the best products using quality ingredients for strength, durability, and long life of its products. Nil Kamal enhances the look of your house through its wide variety of products and helps you choose the best for yourself. Nil Kamal also has a well-furnished king size bed you demand. Nil Kamal is available at Croma’s at home. You can go through its products in the store, or they are available online too on their official website. These are some top furniture brands that fulfill your necessity at ease and ensure a standard delivery process and quality assurance. Relaxation and comfort are vital keys to attracting peace and happiness. After a long tiring day, all you need is a place to be ourselves with yourselves, and that should be as good and relaxing as anything in this world. All of the information about king size beds is entered, and you can quickly look for the specification you want according to your style and comfort. It has been rated 2.2 stars out of 5 by Hope that helped you gain a better understanding of the various varieties of King Size Beds available in the market. Not only this, you can also avail various upcoming deals and coupons offered by various stores such as Nilkamalfurniture Coupons and Britefurniture Coupons .

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