Exchange Coins for Coupons: Aliexpress 2023

Aliexpress, the online retail giant, has announced a new way for customers to save big on their orders. Starting in 2023, shoppers can exchange their Aliexpress Coins for coupons.

The Coins program has been a popular feature on Aliexpress since its launch in 2017. Customers earn Coins by completing various actions, such as making purchases, rating products, and sharing links on social media. These Coins can then be used to get discounts on future purchases.

With the introduction of the Coupons exchange program, customers will have even more opportunities to save money. They can trade in their Coins for coupons worth a specific amount of money. The more Coins a customer has, the larger the discount they can receive.

This new program is expected to be a hit with Aliexpress customers. They already love the Coins program and look forward to being able to exchange them for even greater savings.

How the Coupons Exchange Program Works

Starting in 2023, customers will be able to trade in their Coins for coupons. Here’s how it will work:

  • Customers will log into their Aliexpress account and go to the Coins section.
  • They will click on the “Exchange for Coupons” button.
  • They will choose the coupons they want to exchange for using their Coins.
  • Once they have selected the coupons, they will confirm the exchange.
  • The coupons will then be added to their account and can be used on their next purchase.

Customers will be able to exchange their Coins for coupons multiple times, giving them even more opportunities to save money on their purchases. The exact amount of the discount will depend on the value of the coupon they have chosen and the number of Coins they have available to exchange.

Advantages of Coupons Exchange Program

The Coupons exchange program offers many benefits to Aliexpress customers. Here are just a few:

  1. More Ways to Save: Customers can now save even more money on their purchases with the Coupons exchange program.
  2. Easy to Use: The program is easy to use and can be accessed directly from the Coins section of the Aliexpress website.
  3. Flexible: Customers can exchange their Coins for coupons multiple times, giving them even more opportunities to save money.

Overall, the Coupons exchange program is a great addition to the Aliexpress platform. It gives customers more ways to save money on their purchases and adds even more value to the Aliexpress Coins program.

By Patel Himani 6 Min Read
Last updated: July 05, 2022

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