Exchange your coins for coupons on Aliexpress: A win-win situation for shoppers

Aliexpress, the popular online marketplace, has come up with a new exciting offer for its users. The website recently launched a feature that allows customers to exchange their coins for coupons, making online shopping even more affordable and convenient.

The concept behind the new feature is simple. Customers earn coins on Aliexpress by participating in various activities such as leaving reviews, sharing products on social media, and making purchases. These coins can then be used to redeem coupons that offer discounts on the website.

How it works?

To exchange coins for coupons, customers need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Aliexpress account.
  2. Go to the “Coins and Coupons” section of the website.
  3. Select the coupon you wish to redeem and click on “Exchange now.”
  4. The coupon will then be added to your account, and the corresponding number of coins will be deducted.
  5. Use the coupon during checkout to receive the discount.

Benefits of exchanging coins for coupons on Aliexpress

The new feature offers several advantages to online shoppers. Here are a few reasons why you should consider exchanging your coins for coupons:

  • Free money: Coins are earned through activities that you are already doing on the website. By exchanging them for coupons, you are essentially getting free money to use towards your purchases.
  • Additional discounts: Aliexpress already offers competitive prices on its products. By using coupons, you can save even more money on your purchases.
  • Better shopping experience: With the availability of coupons, you can shop more freely and explore new products without worrying about breaking the bank.


Aliexpress’s new feature to exchange coins for coupons is an excellent opportunity for online shoppers to save money and enjoy a more convenient shopping experience. With a few easy clicks, you can redeem your coins for discounts and purchase the products you always wanted to without worrying about the price. So, start earning those coins and enjoy the benefits of this amazing new feature on Aliexpress!