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By Upasana Kardam 6 Min Read
Last updated: May 12, 2022

Books are the best friends of one’s life, and everybody loves reading them once in a lifetime; there comes one book you wish to read and buy out of excitement. Books are leading sources of knowledge and attract wisdom wisely and naturally when appropriately followed and read step-by-step. Books taught us things that can never be acquired by experience or something. Experience matters. Reading is just a fun-loving activity that people love to do. There are various tyles in which you can read books, listen to them through audio-books, and cover reading through pdfs and paperback form. Avid-readers love to read every time they get free time to read it. Reading is an engaging activity; it takes you through the stories through your eyes and imagination, sometimes making us feel powerful and grounded.

Stories come from every strain and endorse our minds beautifully. Stories from every valley, every city rise and capture us. You can read or listen to them anytime, anywhere, by sipping your coffee on a train or plane journey, resting peacefully on a recliner, swinging on your wonderful balcony, and in other places. Reading gives goosebumps and motivation to do or be something in life. Fictional books drive the energy that we are living that story through our eyes. Non-fictional autobiographies or biographies tell us about something we may have never heard or listened to. Self-help and motivational books thrive on making us do something in life and create motion for emotion. There are a variety of platforms, places, and books to read in this life journey, which can help us a lot in achieving, calming, and making us feel good. The stories we read are something magical and wonderfully experienced. The books leave us in a faint silence when we discover the strange things which can happen in real life. The various books give us life teachings and lessons that we should follow and incorporate into our lives. There are various places where you can buy books; here now, we will recommend some of the best top 10 stores you trust or prefer for your buying or listening; yes, audio stores are listed too. Do check out and read to know more about it.

1. Amazon

Books from Amazon

Amazon is the leading store in the Indian market where you can find everything you need, from essential to aesthetics and advanced. This store has the keen facility of delivering everything to your doorstep as it is an online store. Amazon is a comprehensive platform for all book lovers to get whatever book they want to read. Amazon has everything for you, from fictional to self-help. From Indian to western authors. And from paperback format to audio and e-books (discussed below further). Amazon has a variety of books and usually offers for readers who want to check out and fill their library with their personal choices.

2. Flipkart

Books from Flipkart

Flipkart is also a leading brand where you can find everything from basic to advance. It has all the cheap and high options for you in everything. Flipkart has a leading engagement on their stores through books and all; Flipkart sells all kinds of books and also has devotional and self-help books in different variations of language that too in paperback form, so even your grandparents or parents who want to read them can read it peacefully through the paperback form. Flipkart has a lot of options and can save you buying books as it has a lot of offers on it throughout the years.

3. Crossword

Books from Crossword

Crossword is a leading name in the book industry, and everyone knows the stores so well that they don’t know if it is located in the state/city or not. Crossword has the most important name in the leading book industry and has various options; you can find everything in the crossword, the thing you never heard, saw, or listened to. Crossword has a variety of options and engages you so well that even if you’re not an avid reader, you quickly become one just by entering their store; the smell of the fresh new books makes books lovers go crazy and make them visit every corner of the store, so they can find something to read for themselves. Every author’s book is listed in their store from unknown to known. Crossword is not a store; it is a feeling for book-lovers. Crossword has a lot of stores in India, and you can find it easily in your city.

4. The Indian book store

The Indian book store has everything you need to read; the best thing about the Indian book store is it helps you compare prices from Amazon, Flipkart, and other various stores for a low price and good quality. Indian bookstores also have both Indian and western writers and are a place where you can safely look for good quality options along with price comparisons. The Indian book store has its official website and doesn’t have any store located till now. You can refer to the Indian book store for your everyday book needs.

5. Buy a book

Buy a book is an Instagram store and the safest place for your needs; it has annual and festive offers running on books very rarely. Buy a book is an authentic store for all your book needs. Buy a book with every book you are in. you can place a bulk order and receive discounts. They pamper their customers through freebies like bookmarks etc., which become an absolute favorite. They even sell used books for sustainability, come along with excellent quality, and have cheap quality offers for people who can’t afford them or don’t want to waste if they’re getting something at least from some money. Buy a book, and other Instagram stores run a lot of offers on bulk orders and gain profit through it. They believe in sustainability and hence sell used or old books.

6. Amazon kindle books

Amazon has an e-book option for book lovers who cannot always carry a book in hand and find where they left. Amazon has introduced us to kindle, where we can read e-books by downloading them on their device. They have all the books listed on their kindle and have free sample reading options for you to experience them by scanning a sample. You can choose the book you want to read from the provided options. Kindle book store is used by many people in the world out there. People love using it, as they can download and read through it anywhere they want to with just a short click; kindle helps engage you a lot through its stories and improves your reading habits so much that you would want to read it every single click free moment of your life.

7. is a place for all e-book lovers; you can find every possible book there and enjoy reading it anytime and anywhere you want. E-books are the perfect choice for people who hate paperback forms. It has everything for you, from fiction to non-fiction to self-help, crime, travel, psychology, history, etc. Read more and more, and you let yourself know more after that. Go through your favorite variety of subjects and discover what you want. is a perfect platform to enjoy when you want to calm down and rediscover yourself through pages.

8. Rakuten Kobo is a place for all the e-books you want to read ahead in life. Kobo is a place d=for e-book lovers, and you can easily find all the e-books there. is a place where you can easily find hot/new releases at the most affordable prices. It has all kinds of readers, including Hindi and English reading readers. It is available on all android, apple, and different desktops. It has different variations for you, from kobo Nia to kobo ellipse, where you can create notes and write your things if you want to. is a beautiful and magical place for e-book lovers. Kobo is like an e-book for the new generation.

9. Audible Books

Okay, go to your point. You don’t love reading. Instead, you want to close your eyes and feel the stories' characters through solid imagination. We got you covered here, audible. This is the solution for you if you’re looking for audiobooks. Yes, you can even listen to books presently. Time has evolved and changed a lot. Audible is an amazon company’s product and has various web series, podcasts, and e-books listed for you, so you don’t get bored enough of e-books. Podcast saves you and helps you motivate and intrigue yourself from the inside. Audible saves a lot of time and helps you understand the book very well through a deep sense of imagination and clear sound.

10. Audio Book Store

An audio book store is a top place for all your audiobook needs; you can find every book there through sample audiobooks and even exchange it if you don’t love it. You can even get the lowest possible pricing for you as it is very affordable and easy to use. It has over 130,000 audiobooks and 100 million + podcasts to listen to. Audiobooks are self-heal to the heart and ears. They help in discovering and knowing the stories well through explanation.

Reading books is well exciting stuff. Reading takes a lot of courage as not everyone is a born reader or is an avid reader. Reading is a sign of calming yourself down and going offline from the world. All the stores listed above have everything for you with deep stories. All the listed stores are readily available for you, and links are attached below. Reading is the thing you must experience yourself; reading gives what anything cannot. Also, there are various kinds or types through which you can read or listen to your books, but reading is the ultimate one. Reading makes you stronger, and you know to capture the story well. The reading describes a complete picture of it in your mind. Audiobooks and e-books can stress you sometimes. Audiobooks can make you go to sleep if you listen for more than more prolonged, and you can even lose where you were last. E-books are known and found for easy reading anywhere, but a lot of screen time can even stretch eyes and cause stress on the mind and irritate after some time. The pricing of paperback form books is affordable and has an excellent quality ensuring a great deal and great money options, and there is always an option to catch the old and used books when on a low budget. There are a variety of offers on all new, old, used, and also e-books will list down all the offers below for your further help. The offers of different stores are listed below; you can check them out.

Reading is one of the favorite fun-loving activities that you must experience once in your lifetime; there are various options such as fictional, non-fictional, crime stories, history, real-life events, films, series books, and much more. You should always do reading when experiencing over-thinking; it will clear all your mind and make your string a straight and perfect one.

Interestingly, the good news for all book lovers reading right here is that they can avail some of the exciting offers and deals offered by ebooks and enjoy their day. Hoping this was helpful!

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