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Hongkong based top gaming firm rewarding school & college students during C0VID-19

Leading gaming company G2A, with offices in Hongkong, Netherlands, Poland and founded in 2010, believes that gaming makes you better and maintains it in all its endeavors. Recently it has announced the start of its Gaming champions awards to the gamers based on some criteria, such as they must have used the skills learned or used while video gaming, in real lives, to solve any specific problem or have thought about ideas in coming up with innovative solutions to modern-day issues.

They must have used their gaming knowledge to educate people about things that the latter did not know or know. The idea of the Gaming champions award came from the infamous video game series The World of Warcraft, where the 12-year-old character named Hans tries to save his 10-year-old sister from the moose who tries to attack them. One day, while Hans and his sister, who lived at Leesville, in Norway, were going to school, the dangerous moose tried to attack them, and Hans then uses a tactic that he had learned while playing the World of Warcraft, video game series: Taunt, to which his sister was saved.

However, Hans falls on the snow and uses another trick to save himself: pretending to be dead, to which the moose thinks that it had won against them and goes away. Hans then runs to his school and his sister, merrily, by being saved from the moose. This is how a video game had helped Hans fight against the moose, and in similar ways, video games help youngsters and adults combat specific day-to-day difficulties in life. Mostly, timely gamers become so in tune with the video games they play and their characters, stories, and background that they look at as an extension of reality. Some things are shared between reality and video game stories.

G2A has recently announced another interesting initiative: rewarding school, college, going gaming enthusiasts, or students with vast amounts of money for testing their gaming products, which are launched newly in the online gaming marketplace for video games, with some amount of risk factor involved. To popularise its new and recently launched video gaming products, it has launched this initiative of offering vast amounts of money to the students for testing their gaming products and not bear a burden on their savings. The objective is obvious: The students who are offered to play video games at G2A, for free, will spread the word about the specialty of those games through word of mouth communication or social media and promote the G2A products along with getting a surprise video gaming experience.

Gaming enthusiasts can also develop such video games on their own. This initiative is going to help G2A to market its gaming products to the rest of the world and help students become expert gamers and learn life skills without compromising on their savings.

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