Aliexpress Offers Free Shipping Through Several Strategies

Aliexpress, a global online retail platform, offers free shipping on thousands of products from vendors around the world. But how can it afford to do so?

Strategy 1: Subsidized Postage

One of Aliexpress’ strategies to offer free shipping relies on subsidies from partner couriers. The platform negotiates lower shipping rates with these couriers so vendors can save on postage costs. In return, these couriers receive business from vendors and customers alike, boosting their overall revenue.

Strategy 2: Minimum Order Requirement

To qualify for free shipping, Aliexpress requires a minimum purchase amount from customers. This helps vendors offset the costs of shipping, and Aliexpress benefits from higher average order values.

Example: Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

One popular promotion on Aliexpress offers free shipping on orders over $25. Customers can take advantage of this offer by purchasing multiple items at once, which benefits both the vendor and Aliexpress.

Strategy 3: Warehouses and Centers Across the Globe

Aliexpress operates several warehouses and shipping centers around the world, strategically located to reduce shipping costs and improve delivery times. By storing products closer to customers, shipping costs are reduced, and products can be delivered faster.

Example: Aliexpress Ships from the United States

For customers in the United States, Aliexpress offers free shipping on some items, shipped from within the US itself. This reduces shipping times, and customers can receive their orders faster.

Strategy 4: Technology and Data-driven Logistics

Aliexpress also leverages technology and data-driven logistics to optimize its shipping processes. This includes smart algorithms that determine the best shipping routes, real-time data analysis, and automation to reduce errors and lower costs.

Example: Faster Shipping to Russia

For customers in Russia, Aliexpress uses a technology-driven logistics system to deliver products faster, reducing shipping times from around a month to just 10 days.

In Conclusion

Through a combination of subsidized postage, minimum order requirements, global warehouses and centers, and technology-driven logistics, Aliexpress is able to offer free shipping to millions of customers around the world, while still providing value to vendors and couriers.

By Patel Himani 6 Min Read
Last updated: July 02, 2022

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