How to go and choose Authentic Beauty Products

Arata has become the first Indian brand ever to sell 100% Natural products. Coming from our very own Indian households. The brand was grown with the vision to provide what is natural. Genuinely natural. And no lies whatsoever.

The founders of Arata Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin came up with the vision of providing 100% natural products with mere recipes of their mother’s homemade hair gel made with flax seeds. That changed everything for them.

The homemade natural products were great replacements for the products out there in the market. They worked the same and even better due to the goodness of natural ingredients in them.

Arata promises its customers that all product ingredients are derived from natural resources, plants, and fruits. Not tested on animals and are vegan, cruelty-free. The packaging is also made sure to be sustainable to save our environment from any more harm. 

This is common knowledge that the brands that claim they are ‘all-natural don’t even put their whole ingredient list on their products. Grand promotions on social media, and influencers raving about them, make people buy these products. And end up not getting the best results.

Popular mentions of Arata were on the ever so popular Vogue and Cosmopolitan, which creates an international value among the customers. And how trustworthy a brand could be for its natural genesis.

If it’s natural, it must be expensive is just a trend because the whole range has been made as affordable as it can be. With all the discounts and combo offers, it makes a great range of products one can try.

Arata is setting goals for many companies and beauty, skincare as well. People are preferring to go all-natural and treating their skin, hair, body, and environment better.

So, let’s stand up for an all-natural world!

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