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Hey, you there. Yes, you. Take a moment out of your time; now, close your eyes. Wait, you can't see if you approach them… keep them open and continue reading. Now that that's out of the way breathe in, slowly; breathe out, gently. Listen to your heart - what does your heart desire? Among the club-dubbing sounds of your heart, you'll find some brief stops that halt the flow. Now, think about what you want to eat. Tricky question, eh? Too much food out there, and you're in your room and relaxed, not wanting to go out right now. Among the club-dubs of your heart, you hear a name - this name brings serenity to your heart and maybe a tear in your eye because you finally realize that your favorite food will come to you by a delivery man in shining armor motorbike. He is one of the many riders who work for a more significant cause, the cause of Swiggy!

Are you hungry? Are you sad and hungry, or maybe hangry? Get yourself a Swiggy meal quickly (hey, that rhymed)! There are also fantastic offers and discount coupons right here for Swiggy! Submissions are up by as much as 87% and above, and much more! Many restaurants in your area work under their wing, and they make sure that your food gets delivered fast from whichever restaurant you choose. So what's the story of Swiggy, you might ask? Swiggy started with three people to reform the turmoil in the food delivery industry - OlaCabs acquired Foodpanda; Zomato acquired TinyOwl; Ola Cafe, which was struggling, later closed down. The savior of this sad story was none other than the three musketeers - Sriharsha, Nandan, and Rahul. They brought to us their reformed delivery platform that happens to be the biggest in India. Also, they have general product delivery from their very own Swiggy Store! Their fast delivery service, bleeding-edge technology, and laser focus on their consumers have brought them to where they are today. At first, they started to cover the entire city of Bengaluru; then, they covered the rest of India. They started small, signing up a small number of restaurants from Bengaluru and Koramangala. This was in 2014. By 2015, they raised their first round of funds and released their very own app! They got some pretty excellent investments as the brand started to attract some attention - their first investment came from SAIF Partners and Accel, who pitched a whopping $2 million for acquisition. They also got some additional investment money from Norwest Venture Partners. The following year, Swiggy raised $15 million from other investors, Harmony Partners, and Bessemer Venture Partners. That's a lot of money, which worked at a definite advantage to Swiggy. But that's not all, Naspers gave Swiggy an additional $80 million in 2017, and from Meituan-Dianping, a Chinese-based company, and from Naspers again, they received a total of $100 million! A few strands of investments later, the valuation of Swiggy reached a staggering $1 billion. Swiggy did its valuation at $3.6 billion after receiving a $43 million investment. After that, they started to invest in startup businesses where they saw potential and also to get a monopoly in the food platform industry.  The Swiggy brand has reached far and wide. They always think about their customers, which is exactly why they have launched their dedicated interface to initiate healthy food discovery and delivery. Swiggy has worked closely with healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and the top restaurants in India to open doors for consumers who are health conscious. Swiggy has curated healthy dishes that go over 10,000 from over a thousand restaurants. The HealthHub feature of Swiggy is expanding rapidly. This feature allows restaurants to share nutritional information about the food that they are selling. The CCO of Swiggy, Vivek Sunder, said growing demand for healthy food from restaurants and restaurants makes an effort to present consumers with tasty, healthy foods. Swiggy intends to boost these healthy diet patterns amongst consumers and make them disregard the commonly upheld myth that healthy food doesn't taste the part and lacks flavor, not easily accessible, and expensive. Swiggy is here to change that. Moreover, the founder and CEO of Grow Fit, Jyotsna Pattabiraman, revealed that it would be more straightforward than ever to start the ball rolling for health and fitness-focused companies like Grow Fit to exploit HealthHub and expand and cater to the ever-growing demands of the ever-changing consumers. So Swiggy is one of the big boys in India, and their brand image is so strong that counterfeit products like face masks have started to pop up from places with, among many other fake branded logos, Swiggy's logo and trademark on them. Many other companies have begun to protest against this idea, and some even took legal action. Swiggy is considering enrolling its very own branded masks to select vendors across select cities. Additionally, a Swiggy spokesperson said that the practice of counterfeiting is an infringement, and these unauthorized productions of shows with their name on them will cause them to take action against them. Now, to the good stuff! Swiggy's website has items from all over the place neatly categorized for you to get their recommendations and so that you can choose better. There are separate categories for restaurants whose food is on sale, customer-favorite food places, best food safety in restaurants, and overall best in town restaurants so that you can have the smoothest, safest and tastiest ride. Their website search bar also enables you to look up your restaurant yourself if it's not listed in their immediate listings. Also, they have a separate section for offers where you can get the best deals! Deals can go above 50%, so you can get the hottest deals no matter where you are. There is also an FAQ section where most of your burning questions are answered so that you can have a smooth sailing time with Swiggy. We hope you have a great time with them because we know we do, and we love their platform and their services! Happy ordering!

Swiggy Discounts! Sweet 37% Deals On Beverages!

It's been a long day at work, and now you're back home. You've come back and crave a sweet drink to soothe your insides. You take out your phone and realize that FoodPanda is long gone. But then you know that one of your friends has installed something better on your Phone for you to order the best beverages. You swipe through your drawer of Chinese bloatware to finally find it. You remember its all-time favorite, Swiggy! They have the best beverage restaurants under their wing-like Chaayos, Bistro 57, Chai Point, Keventers, Barista, and much more! What's even more, are their exclusive 37% off on all of their beverages! Could you hurry up and get them now?

Swiggy Deals! Cakes With Coupons Up To 20% Off!

Let's admit it; everybody loves a good cake—people who are allergic to gluten or eggs love egg-free and gluten-free cakes. No matter what cakes you like, Swiggy has got you covered. What's also free are the extra charges from the restaurants you buy from at Swiggy! You can get amazing cakes from For God's Cake, Otik Cake Shop, and many, many more, no matter where you are. Be assured that you will be delivered the restaurants' best cakes right at your doorsteps! What will also be delivered right at your doorsteps is your food free of extra charge! Get 20% off on cakes when you buy from Swiggy. We're sure that you'll love them!

Swiggy Offers! Fast Food Now Delivered Faster With Up To 36% Off!

Did we hear fast food? Well, we love it! And you love it too! Here at Swiggy, they will deliver your fast food fast, and we are not trying to pull a fast one here. They've also got quick offers that come at discounts of up to 36%! You can get your favorite fast food from Subway, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, and from wherever your heart desires. Swiggy is sure to make things very fast when you confirm your order and deliver your food while it's still lovely and warm. Get your fries or subway sandwich with discounts now!

Swiggy Offers! Get Up To 30% Discount On All Restaurants On The Site!

Here at Swiggy, they are constantly listening to their customers and trying new things. And they know that you like price cuts; I mean, who doesn't? A reduced price is always a happy price that goes a long way to see a company in a good way, and Swiggy wants you to do just that! These guys are giving away mind-boggling coupon codes that you can use to get discounts of up to 30% on all restaurants on their website! This offer is minimal, so grab your favorite food fast!

Swiggy Offers On Sweet Snacks! Get Sweet Deals Up To 25%!

Craving for a sweet bite? Want that mithai that you saw on your way home? How about some gorgeously glazed doughnuts that you've seen the other day and want to try now? That's where Swiggy comes in! It's pretty simple - you open the app, go to your favorite restaurant, or search for the food that you want, order, and you're pretty much done! But Swiggy's not done just yet; they're giving away these special coupon codes that are bound to blow your mind away! Get your sweetest deals with these sweet snacks that you've ordered, up to 25%! Offers are limited, so you better get the deal fast!

Swiggy deals! Super 60% Off On Swiggy Super Deals!

Okay, so Swiggy came up with this fantastic deal for all of us. You can sign up for a Swiggy Super membership and get unlimited free deliveries for any food of your choice! And even at times of high demand or weather hindrances, Swiggy will charge zero for these surges. It sounds like a great deal! And on top of that, they will also cut corners for your costs! Swiggy is giving away a 60% cut on Swiggy Super memberships! Each subscription will grant you 60% off in your first three months if you use their coupons. Head over to use these coupons and get their fantastic subscription service on the cheap!

Swiggy Coupons! Swiggy Pop Now At 30% Off!

It's simple - Swiggy takes no extra costs for single-serve meals. Additionally, you get free delivery. That's how it works, and we believe that it works amazingly well. The people at Swiggy work hard to get this lovely stuff to you at a great price. What's as great are their 30% discount promo coupons that are up for grabs! Grab them now before time runs out!

Swiggy Coupons! Super Fast Delivery At A Super Fast 20% Deal!

When it comes to deliveries, Swiggy defines what speed is. It's been a long day of work, and you've come back home with a sore back and an exhausted brain. All you want right now is a cute meal and a cool drink that will soothe your mind and throat. But you're wondering how many hours it would take for the guys to appear with your food. Well, this is where the speedy Swiggy comes in! They're so fast that they're also coming in with offers! Get up to 20% off with their amazing coupons on your orders, and the delivery men at Swiggy are sure to ride in the wind to bring to you what your heart desires most.

Swiggy Promo Codes! Use The Mobile App And Get Up To 30% Off On Orders!

At Swiggy, they have made things easier for you by providing you with their very own mobile app. Their intuitive UI (user interface) allows easy navigation through the app and lets you order your desired food and drink with just a few clicks. Swiggy has got you covered with their extensive app support, whether Android or IOS, no matter which platform you are on. It's made so that you have a good time. And they're going to make things better for you by giving you these amazing 30% discount coupons that will provide you with an even better time! Go and get them before these offers are no more!

Swiggy Deals! 10% Off On All Web Purchases!

If you're a PC person or you think that your Phone is too far away to make an order using the Swiggy app, fret not because Swiggy's website has got the same things to offer to the table! What's even better is that Swiggy is giving away 10% off on all products purchased through their web platform, so now there's all the more reason for you to go out there and get the nice coupons with amazing discounts you are waiting for. You!

Swiggy Premium Coupons! Premium Products At A Premium 30% Off

Did you want that delicious gigantic burger whose price tag was too high for you a few days back? Do you want to have some gourmet food at a reasonable price? Swiggy is the perfect savior for you. Not only will you get excellent high-quality food from excellent restaurants, but you'll also get an epic 30% discount from Swiggy. Use these offer codes to get these discounts on your food now!

Swiggy Promo Coupons! Get Food From Restaurants With The Best Safety Standards At 12% Off From Swiggy!

We know what food from outside your home (restaurants and all) can be like. It's not something you can exactly trust, you know. Who knows how they've made them? For all you know, they may be made in very unhygienic ways to the point that they can cause stomach upsets, diarrhea, food poisoning, and all sorts of other bad things! The people at Swiggy heard you loud and clear. That is why Swiggy is bringing those restaurants with the best-in-class safety standards under your fingertips. Now you can get great food that you can trust from restaurants that are known to be trustworthy. What's more, Swiggy gives away these special coupon codes that you can use to get a 12% discount on your food! Get your food that screams safety now!

Swiggy Coupons With 20% Off! Best of the Days Now at a Discount!

The best of the day's offers are nowhere! The people at Swiggy work hard to get you their best delivery experience at the best prices. The people at Swiggy practice due diligence to get you things you love, nice, warm, and fresh. And best of all, we have amazing promotional coupons from Swiggy! Get up to 20% off on your orders! Order now before time runs out!

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