Oyo Rooms Receives Mixed Reviews on Google

Online reviews play a major role in the decision-making process for modern-day consumers. With that said, Oyo Rooms has been receiving mixed reviews on Google, leaving potential customers in a state of confusion about whether or not to book a stay with the popular hospitality company.

The Positive Reviews

On one hand, many customers have left positive comments on the Oyo Rooms Google review section, praising the company’s consistency in providing clean and comfortable rooms at affordable prices. One reviewer wrote, “I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the room for the price. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was clean and the overall experience was great!”

Another customer applauded Oyo’s customer service, stating, “I had an issue with my room and the staff quickly resolved it. They were so helpful and made sure my stay was comfortable.”

The Negative Reviews

On the other hand, negative reviews have also been flooding the Oyo Rooms Google page. Some customers have complained about the noisy environment and uncomfortable beds, while others have expressed their discontent over the company’s cancellation policies.

One unsatisfied customer wrote, “I had to cancel my reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, but the cancellation policy was very strict and I lost a lot of money. It was very frustrating.”

The Company’s Response

In response to the mixed reviews, Oyo Rooms has stated that they take all feedback seriously and are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction. They have also encouraged their customers to reach out directly to the company’s customer service team with any concerns, promising to address them promptly.

Despite the negative feedback, Oyo Rooms remains one of the leading hospitality companies, with over 23,000 properties in several countries around the world.

  • Positive Reviews:
  1. Clean and comfortable rooms at affordable prices
  2. Consistency in providing good quality rooms
  3. Great customer service
  • Negative Reviews:
    1. Noisy environment
    2. Uncomfortable beds
    3. Strict cancellation policies