Aliexpress has been infiltrated by unscrupulous sellers engaging in fraudulent activities. These deceitful sellers advertise products that are significantly different from the actual product you may receive. Unfortunately, the process of sorting out such disputes with Aliexpress is not straightforward and can be quite frustrating. It seems like a robotic operation, with no personal touch or sense of accountability.

To make matters worse, some of these sellers do not disclose the full postal cost, leaving unsuspecting buyers to bear the cost. On Aliexpress’s main page, they advertise a 75-day return guarantee, but in practice, the sellers only provide a mere 7-day return period, making it almost impossible for the buyer to return a fraudulent item.

In conclusion, it is important to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with sellers on Aliexpress. Ensure that you read all the product descriptions and reviews before making any purchases. If you do get swindled, do not expect much help from Aliexpress, but instead, try to contact the seller directly to resolve the dispute.

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