In recent times, online shopping has become a popular trend, but it also comes with some potential risks. One of the most significant risks of online shopping is the occurrence of online frauds. These frauds can lead to significant monetary losses and can cause severe mental stress.

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms worldwide, but unfortunately, it is not immune to online frauds. Some users have reported that Amazon stores their personal information, such as credit card details, phone numbers, and addresses, without their permission. This leads to unauthorized transactions and subsequently to monetary losses.

Instances of online frauds are not unusual. Many users have faced significant financial losses due to online frauds. In some cases, the fraud was detected within minutes, but it was too late to prevent the unauthorized transaction. Amazon, in such cases, denies responsibility, stating that it only provides a platform for online shopping, and it is not responsible for any losses incurred by the users.

Furthermore, in cases of fraud transactions, the orders are not listed under ‘My orders,’ and therefore, they cannot be canceled. This adds to the users’ woes, and they have to go through a tedious process to seek refunds. Even after two years, they might still be fighting for refunds in consumer courts.

In conclusion, online frauds are a severe menace to e-commerce and can cause significant financial losses. Users must be vigilant while shopping online and must take appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of their personal and financial information.

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