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Shop Online from World’s Safest Shopping Site – Aliexpress

If you are familiar with online shopping, you might have come across AliExpress or even made a  few purchases there. We know how enticing online shopping discount deals can be, and it is easy to get carried away on the days you are on a shopping spree. So, if you want to cut back a  little on your money spent on this rabbit hole of a website, this article shows you ways to save on your purchase on AliExpress.  

But first, let us look at 

What is AliExpress? 

AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is one of the largest online stores catering to consumers all across the globe. It stands firm in the online shopping, eCommerce domain since 2010, offering services like business-to-consumer transactions, consumer-to-consumer transactions, and even payment services.  

It focuses on business-to-consumer transactions, much like a retail store such as Amazon or  Flipkart. Here the customer can buy directly from third-party sellers (not belonging to or owned by Alibaba/AliExpress) in a smaller amount. AliExpress is a global e-commerce website with millions of sellers and products. 

The main difference between AliExpress and Amazon is that on AliExpress, all the sellers are a third party. In contrast, Amazon sells several brands of products of its own – AmazonBasics, Echo, Presto, Mama Bear, to name a few.  

An extra tidbit – AliExpress sells only to international customers, meaning customers outside of  China. Though the retailers and sellers are from China, the consumer market solely consists of consumers from other countries. Just in case you might be wondering if it is a little unfair to  Chinese customers, worry not. They have their website, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group called TaoBao – which, you guessed it, only caters to Chinese customers. 

Okay, now we know a little about this beautiful site, a question arises, why is it so cheap? 

There are two reasons we can narrow it down to. First, many of the products on AliExpress directly come from the manufacturers, which reduces the cost significantly. The production costs are low in China instead of other countries, and many items and parts are manufactured there (Electronics, toys, gadgets, etc.). When a product is sold directly from a  manufacturer, the costs of transportation to the retailer, cuts involved in logistics, or those given to shops are reduced.

The second reason is that lot of products are counterfeit or fake productions of original brands. Due to this reason, it is essential to note that one must never buy branded items from AliExpress as the chances of it being a counterfeit are more than it is the real deal.  

So, how safe is AliExpress? 

Like any other online store where third parties can sell their goods, there exist some fraudulent sellers. However, keep in mind that this kind of seller can be found on AliExpress and even on sites like Amazon or eBay. 

To protect yourself from frauds, keep in mind the following- 

> But from a high rated, reputed seller with good reviews 

> Only use AliExpress’s in-built payment gateway 

> If you can, communicate with the seller before your purchase 

> Look for items with seller guarantee tags 

> Read item description carefully to look for specifications and avoid returns 

Now that we have explored the security concerns, we can finally move on to the saving part.  Although AliExpress offers items at a meager price, it is helpful to lower the costs further.  The reason being, shipping charges.  

As AliExpress caters to customers outside of China, the items purchased must pass through different countries, meaning import and value-added tax must be paid. In addition to that, there may be a handling fee issued by the delivery company. All that usually adds up to a  value more than your item’s price. So, let us look at ways to save your money

Use promo codes and coupons. 

Promo codes or promotional codes are used for a promotional marketing strategy. To promote better sales of a particular product, companies offer a discount value associated with a promo code.  

If AliExpress has promotions of certain products, there will likely be a promo code available on certain items or the entire bill.  

You can further improve your chances of getting a promo code with reputed third-party extensions like Honey. 

Coupons are tickets or documents whose value can be redeemed for a discount or rebate  (usually limited to a specific period). The manufacturer or AliExpress issues them for a special occasion such as their anniversary or a festival. They can be used to decrease the bill amount according to its value.

While checking out/paying, make sure to check for any available promo codes or coupons you can use.


Cashbacks are more common on AliExpress’s mobile app (100% free to download). The app offers other benefits apart from cashback, such as mobile-only deals. So, if you purchase something worth Rs.300, you might get Rs.150 cashback (depending on the agreement), making your total purchase only worth Rs.150. How cool is that? 

Keep out an eye for such cashback offers and try not to skip over them to save extra money.

Flash Deals and Sales 

AliExpress frequently keeps sales and even has a dedicated ‘Flash Deal’ section. The Flash Deals are available for a limited time (6 – 48 hours), where the prices of certain items can drop as low as 70-80% or even more of their original cost. You would not want to miss that. Though it is a  very alluring deal, you have to be very fast because the products sell out as quickly as they came. 

Another easy way to get items at a lower price is shopping on sale dates – usually around the days of AliExpress’s anniversary. 

If you want to save money while purchasing many good-quality items and are willing to read the reviews and validity of the products/sellers thoroughly, AliExpress is an excellent site.  However, make sure to shop carefully and not give any personal information to any other party other than AliExpress. Once you have completed the purchase and received your product, try to leave feedback or a review for other customers.  

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Stay safe and shop happy.

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