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Top 5 Editorial Saving Tips for Your Purchase on Aliexpress

By askmeoffers 6 Min Read
Last updated: June 19, 2021
Since its launch in 2010, AliExpress has grown to dominate the E-commerce space, with international coverage and an Open-Ecommerce model: this means that buyers are directly buying products from businesses, and AliExpress is the simple middleman. This is excellent news for the customer because it means that the prices on AliExpress are lower than on its Counterparts. The site is also highly famous for its buyer protection scheme: it offers guaranteed money back on all products sold if the item is not described when purchasing or arrived too late. Coupled with a whole slew of Coupon Codes and Flash Sales, Ali Express allows for high savings while being stress-free and easy to use. Some of the methods whereby you can accumulate considerable savings in AliExpress include (but are not limited to):

Saving Tip No 1:

I am using the Mobile App. AliExpress’s Mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, has become a popular alternative to the desktop site. To further encourage the app, AliExpress offers discounts on the mobile app exclusive to the platform. Prices, too, are slightly reduced, and exclusive Coupon Codes are available for mobile users. Downloading and frequently using the mobile app is a sure-fire way to save a few bucks on your latest haul. Furthermore, downloading the app also grants the customer a New User coupon, which can strike a few percentages of your total amount!

Saving Tip No 2:

Another easy way of saving money on your AliExpress order is by purchasing during sales. AliExpress runs frequent sales during which huge discounts are offered on nearly every item on the page. Keeping an eye out for these special sales and discounts is worth the wait, as the savings tend to be much larger than in regular times. Furthermore, several websites keeping track of AliExpress sales exist, which can be referred to quickly to help know when the following huge discount is on the way. To make matters better, unlike other e-commerce sites, which offer mega-saving sales only once or twice a year, AliExpress offers enormous discounts all year round, ensuring that you’re never far away from a good deal!

Saving Tip No 3:

Another method of saving money is a fan-favorite: the Spend and Save Sale, which, instead of the traditional discounts given in most sales and discounts, instead gives a fixed amount of money discounted on every bill. For example, instead of a 5% discount on a particular item, Spend and Save offers a flat discount on your total (3$ for every 30$, for example). The larger the bill, the larger the savings. This can be combined with other discounts and coupons for the maximum protection possible. Spend and save is an excellent, no-sweat method of racking up huge discounts and combining those discounts with coupons on check out. The spend and save deal can knock 20-30% of your bill total in conjunction with the mobile app and regular year-round sales!

Saving Tip No 4:

Something most people forget about when purchasing from E-Commerce stores is the hidden shipping cost. This, combined with the fact that AliExpress is mainly stationed in East Asia (Primarily China and other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Indonesia), may result in a vast shipping charge being added onto your total. That’s where AliExpress’s Free Shipping Entitled Options come in. Choosing to shop for these selected items guarantees that your accommodation will not have any hidden shipping fee, and your items can be delivered all over the world, free of cost! Using this option is a reliable and safe way of ensuring considerable savings on any products you wish to buy.

Saving Tip No 5:

Using a combination of all the methods mentioned above, you can quickly strike a reasonable sum off your total. By choosing to shop during sales and using the Spend and Save option along with Free Shipping, you’re guaranteed to have made huge savings on this purchase. But the savings don’t end there. By using AliExpress’s coupon codes and discounts, your savings can easily double or even triple, leaving you wondering how you saved so much money on your haul of goodies. To make matters better, AliExpress allows Coupon Codes to be used in conjunction with all the deals mentioned above, ensuring that the money you save from using Aliexpress Coupon Codes stacks up, resulting in massive discounts. But how do these Coupon Codes work, and are there any hacks to getting them? Much like the several websites that have propped up keeping track of AliExpress’s Sales calendar, several other websites also have lists of all the applicable coupons you can use. Combine this with Discount codes (which strike a certain percentage off your total, such as 10%) and the pend as mentioned above and save. You can easily remove up to 40% of your total order, with free shipping adding to this discount total.  To summarise, we have noted five main methods to gain huge savings on purchases from AliExpress. The first and perhaps most convenient is to download and adapt the Mobile App over the desktop site. Secondly, waiting for a Sale is a bright idea as the discounts are much higher than average during these periods. Thirdly, use the Spend and Save Sale to gain a flat $ discount on purchases (once they meet the minimum amount). Fourthly, attempt to purchase Free Shipping items as much as possible to avoid paying shipping costs. And lastly, use the AliExpress Coupon system. When used together (or in combination with one another), all five can grant you tremendous discounts on your order total, allowing you to spend more money (and save more!) Visit our Exclusive Aliexpress Coupons Store to avail latest verified & Working Aliexpress Coupon Codes!

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