Tory Leadership’s The Latest TV Debate

The latest TV debate of the Tory leadership race has left the nation divided on who should be the next Prime Minister. The fiery debate, held on BBC, saw candidates Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart face off against each other.

Boris Johnson under fire

The front-runner, Boris Johnson, faced fierce criticism from the other candidates over his Brexit strategy, proposals for tax cuts and previous comments about women and ethnic minorities. The former foreign secretary appeared to dodge some of the toughest questions, prompting accusations of him avoiding the issues.

Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid make their mark

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary Sajid Javid both made a strong case for their respective candidacies. Hunt highlighted his experience as a negotiator, while Javid emphasised his working-class background and commitment to building a fairer society.

Michael Gove struggles to defend his record

Education Secretary Michael Gove struggled to defend his record, particularly on school funding and his previous support for Brexit campaigner, Dominic Cummings. Gove, who had been considered a strong contender, failed to make the impact he needed to boost his candidacy.

Rory Stewart shakes things up

The surprise package of the debate was International Development Secretary Rory Stewart. His unconventional approach – including standing among the audience to answer questions – won plaudits from some quarters. Stewart called for a more moderate approach to Brexit and a more collaborative way of governing.

Nation divided

The debate has left the nation divided, with many divided over who should be the next prime minister. Johnson remains the favourite, but his apparent reluctance to explain his policies in detail has left some doubting his suitability.

  • Hunt and Javid have emerged as strong contenders, with Hunt winning plaudits for his negotiating skills and Javid for his commitment to social justice.
  • Stewart’s unconventional approach has won him fans, but he still has some way to go to convince the party faithful of his suitability for the job.
  • Gove’s lacklustre performance has raised doubts about his ability to win over undecided voters and secure his place in the final two.

The next round of voting takes place on June 19th, with the winner expected to be announced in late July. With the race heating up, it remains to be seen who will emerge as the next leader of the Conservative Party, and indeed, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

By Patel Himani 6 Min Read
Last updated: July 18, 2022

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