Unicode Consortium Announces Release of New Emojis

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization responsible for selecting new emojis, has announced the release of a new set of symbols for 2021. According to the Consortium, the latest batch is geared towards promoting inclusivity and tackling stereotypes.

New Emojis Set To Shake Up The Emoji World

The new emojis set to join the ranks include 217 icons, with variations in race, ethnicity, and gender. Among the new emojis added are a transgender flag and a gender-neutral person with a veil. There are also new gender and skin-tone variants of couples with heart and kiss emojis.

Aside from promoting gender inclusivity, the new emojis seek to cater to diverse cultures. A smiling face with teardrop and a heart on fire are among the new cultural symbols added. Additionally, there is a new troll emoji that is said to capture ‚Äúplayful, mischievous spirits.‚ÄĚ

The announcement comes as a response to an increased demand for emojis that cater to different genders, cultures, and lifestyles. The Consortium’s efforts also align with industry trends, with major tech companies such as Google and Apple, who are known for their emoji font, vowing to ditch gender stereotypes in their products.

Experts Weigh In

Experts in the community believe that the release of new emojis is a step towards creating a more inclusive world. ‚ÄúEmojis serve as a way to communicate in places and situations where words aren‚Äôt enough. It‚Äôs, therefore, crucial that the images we use for communication mirror the diverse society we live in,‚ÄĚ said linguist Dr. Lauren Fonteyn.

  • With the new Unicode Consortium emojis, messaging is set to become more inclusive.
  • The diverse emoji set seeks to tackle biased and stereotypical communication.
  • The Unicode Consortium hopes that the new release will improve inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.