Nike uses AI to Meet Customer Demands

The sportswear giant Nike has acquired a company that develops software to anticipate consumer demands and purchase behavior backed on artificial intelligence.

The potentials of using artificial intelligence are no longer limited only to the hardware or software industry but they also find the place in the fashion world.

The sportswear giant Nike is among the brands that have decided to make the most of the possibilities offered by technology, and following this, they did an acquisition of โ€œCelectโ€ , a company operating in the technology sector predictive in the field of retail shopping and analysis of buying habits.

As already happens in the industrial sector, predictive analysis allows companies to make big savings and can help them make their proposals more efficient.

Image Source: Dhaka Tribune

Nike Said as demand increases, for our products we need to be inspired by data, optimized data, and hyper-focused on consumer behavior. This is how we serve consumers on a more personal scale.

This acquisition adds another piece to the diversification that Nike has been operating within the technological world for some years now. In 2016, the famous sports brand acquired Virgin Mega, the digital design studio financed by the Virgin Group that helped the American company to upgrade its app entirely dedicated to Nike-produced shoes.