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Clothing Advice You should know before hitting the Gym

Yes, sweat is fat crying, and you need to burn yourself hitting the gym. Whatever you wear to the gym, 100 percent affects your performance.
 The working out trend is already rising and will continue to rise in 2020 as well. Everyone is looking for a transformation in bodies, but you need to be wise with your clothing for this real transformation.
To take the thing out of your mind, here are a few steps you need to follow while exercising in public.

1. Bamboo Pulp Yield, Light Cotton or Nylon Fabric 

Be careful while choosing the clothing for your gym, especially the fabric. It should have qualities like lightweight, sweat-absorbent, durable, and breathable. Fabric that wicks away your sweat should be preferred. These fabrics absorb sweat quickly and repel odors.
 Also, the accumulation of sweat leads to a bacterial infection, which may lead to fungus infection. Henceforth taking precautions is far better.
 Avoid Fabrics made of rubber of plastic-based material as it does not allow sweat to evaporate, stinks, and makes your body temperature hot during your workout session. It will boost your confidence level, and you would be more comfortable.

2. Regular Bra or Sports Bra?

 Before hitting a gym, head towards the lingerie store and buy you a perfect sports bra. We generally do not invest much in gym clothing and think a regular bra will go the one we have in the wardrobe but trust me, and this investment is worth it.
Wearing your regular bra can lead to significant issues such as back pain, tissue damage, especially if do heavy impact workouts. A sports bra can redistribute the weight to the back and control sagging. Worried which bra to choose?
Encapsulation Sports Bra
These are generally built for high-intensity workouts designed with inbuilt cups. They provide more coverage and generous support, which the compression bra lacks.
Criss Cross Back Sports Back
The name says as the straps come in the criss-cross form in the back. They provide firmer support as well.
Race Back
It is the most common sports bra. The shoulder strap joins between two shoulders to form a Y shape at the back. It provides excellent support and to women of all sizes, especially with large breasts.

 3. Don’t Rewear Your Clothes

As a youth, mostly the college students hardly care for the laundry services. They will wear the same tracks and tee-shirts, especially socks. Keep infections back in your mind and concentrate on working hard in the gym. 
However, wearing your clothes can cause bacteria and yeast to build as it causes moisture and sweat to be trapped in your gym clothing. It may also lead to other diseases like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), which may also clog your pores. The chance of yeast infection is more likely as yeast is a fungus that thrives in the moist areas and spread in your whole body.
So, guys, it’s time to take it seriously and push out your gym wear to the laundry as soon as you are backing home.

4. Shoes and Socks Needs to be Chosen Carefully

It is imperative to pick the right pair of shoes. The choice of the shoe depends entirely on your workout routine. So different shoes are there for different workout routine like –
1. Running Shoes 
If you are running on a treadmill, cycling (cardio) running shoes are preferred, but they are not designed for heavy lifting, so be careful while you perform squats you may get injured. They are only for the heel to toe movement.
2. Sneakers with minimal arch 
If you are a weight lifter, you are good to go with the sneakers with minimal arch. So yes, it is essential to have a firm, flat grip on the ground as it will allow you to push more force during the workout.


 5. Choose your bottoms carefully

Only as in a gym, there is always public keeping an eye on you, so you need to be careful with your bottoms. We do have many bottoms such as shorts, yoga pants, cropped or full leggings, so be smart and according to your workout routine, choose the best bottoms that suit you.

6. Keep hair tied and no Makeup Please 

Keep your hair protected from the sweat and don’t let sweat accumulate in your head area, so keep your hair tied and if you still sweat a lot in your head area, use a headband so that it may absorb some sweat and help you with it, Dry shampoo is also a good idea.
The makeup, of course, can clog your pores. Also, when we workout blood circulation increases, causing more sweat and increasing oil activity, so clean your makeup with a wipe before hitting the gym, as there are many other platforms where you can show your makeup skills.

7. Air pods and Personal Stereo

Want to stay motivated and energized throughout the workout? What else can be better than music? Workout while playing your favorite tracks and hype up your cardio with your playlist without giving much attention.
• Wear bodysuits that were spotted in the late ’80s
• You can wear your black dress socks
• Wear bright colors or tie-dye design.
The gym should be a regular habit, and the clothes should be comfortable enough for the easy workout.
I hope this article gave an idea and insight as to what to wear to a gym. Comment below if you have something extra to add on!

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