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Favorite Cuisine: Brings the Family to the Table

Hey foodies! When it’s a conversation about food and different cuisines, how could you stay away? So what do you love the most? Pizzas, Pasta, Rolls, fish, chicken, chats, or dosas. There are hundreds of cuisines to choose from, and everyone has a different choice and opinion.

You may like something different at home and try different cuisines while you explore different places. Food is something that brings families together and trusts me 80% of the Indians like Indian cuisine. But that doesn’t mean they do not try out different foods. There is a massive listing of popular cuisines, and well, food has no boundaries, but you can truly enjoy the cuisine’s taste from where it originated. We love to celebrate good food, whatever the occasion is. With the different cuisines getting more popular, chefs try their best to compete with each other and bring the new creation and innovation in the dishes.

So, let’s find out what all different cuisines are available and which one is the most popular amongst all

When it comes to Italian, the first name strikes your mind would be Pizza and Pasta. Yes, Italian cuisine is loved and mostly featured on all the tables: a date, dinner, or a party. Many varieties could choose from, and every country almost adopts the cuisine, and Italian cuisine would never disappoint you.

Italian Cuisine 

The most ordered meals are Pizzas, Pasta, and Lasagne, which provide you both options for veg and non-veg. Some of the other favorite Italian dishes include:

Bruschetta It is made of bread sliced with cheese and tomato toppings.
Pasta Carbonara Carbona refers to coal. It’s a simple pasta recipe made with bacon. 
Risotto is an excellent protein source, and toppings include mushrooms basically with other vegetables.
Tiramisu is a dessert for those who have a sweet tooth. It is dipped in coffee and soft and sponge. 
Lasagna contains Bolognese sauce, bacon, and lamb. It is the perfect dish liked by everyone.

Thai Cuisine 

Thai food combines salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy, and justice is not given to a dish unless all are combined. The essential ingredient of Thai food is rice and what matters the most is presentation. The main dishes of Thai food include Meat, fish, vegetables, soups.

Here are a few dishes you should try if you love Thai food or ever visit Thailand:

Guay Teow It is the most famous soup created with Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, fish sauce, shallots, chilly, prawns, and mushrooms. You can add on coconut cream if you like the creamy version.

Pad Thai  It is a national dish of Thailand and is explored by tourists and loved ones. It has fried noodles and chicken. A veg version is available for the vegetarian people as well. It is a very popular dish among people and is found in every street corner.

Panang is Thai curry and is one of the popular dishes as it is not that spicy. They are mostly liked by people who don’t like spicy food. It is served with shrimp, and yes, there are vegetarian options available as well.

Kai Jeow is an excellent source of protein as it is a Thai omelet and can be made quickly. It is served with rice and sweet chili sauce. There is an option for the addition of vegetables if you want. It is a perfect breakfast for you.

Indian Cuisine 

When you hear Indian cuisine, your mouth starts watering as the cuisine is a blend of spices and loved internationally. Add as many spices until you end up making something delicious. There is diversity, and a large variety can be found according to different states. 

From rich street food to perfect vegetables and desserts, there is a blend of all the flavors. Let’s find out what are the most common Indian dishes loved locally as well as Internationally:

 Butter Paneer and Butter chicken It is the most common and popular dish in India, and for vegetarians, it is available as butter paneer and for nonvegetarians, butter chicken. It is made using onions, tomatoes, spices, herb, and cream for a creamy version.

Malai kofta is the most popular dish among the vegetarians. It is made using vegetables like beans, carrot, lettuce, gourd, etc. The gravy contains spices and herb. Malai kofta can be found in any regular places, restaurants and is loved by vegetarians.

Chaat Papdi This dish is a lot of fun to make and can be found everywhere around the street corners. It is an excellent alternate to snacks and is a good option for light dinners as well. It contains papri, dough, potatoes, pomegranate, chickpeas and topped with sauces and herbs.

Mexican Cuisine 

Mexican cuisine combines simple yet tasty elements such as peanuts, beans, vanilla, peppers, and tomatoes. Their most important meal is lunch and Beef, Goat, and chicken is generally consumed, and the most favorite dishes include nachos, fajita, quesadilla, and tacos. 

These are quite famous dishes internationally and are available in both veg and nonveg versions. Let’s have an overlook of the popular dishes in Mexico:


These are simply half-moon wraps, and the filling can be veg and non-veg; creativity can be there for the filling. It is a common snack item.


A perfect snack for an informal drink party. Nachos are healthy options with tons of fiber, folate, and vitamin C. Nachos can be made quickly and the best snack item.


Tacos can be made with regularly affordable ingredients and served with tortilla, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Tacos are crispy and again are a healthy snack.

We have a wide variety of cuisines, as the world is diverse. Always try to tempt with new culinary experience and enjoy every cuisine. Whenever you plan for a trip next time, make them try all local dishes and popular ones and share your experience with us. 

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