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Planning to Buy a SmartWatch? Here is what you need to Know

Watches nowadays are not only to make you look trendy but have become a necessity. With seamless applications, tracking health, synchronizing with phones, and many other benefits come along.
There are plenty of models available in the market, making you more confused but choosing the ideal ones worth the price and benefits. Various models cover these benefits, but some of the watches can be uncomfortable, there may be a lack of functionality, and the tracking feature may not work correctly.
But do not worry, this guide would help you choose the perfect smartwatch that comes within your budget and provides the support. To find out, read the blog below:

What should a Good Smartwatch Cost?

A feature centric smartwatch should cost anywhere between $50-$200. The rest depends on the brand, the material used, design, and decorations if gold or diamond is studded in between.
Also, to be clear and precise, the price of the watch does not decide its performance. Many new models form more prominent brands that are considered premium watches and can empty your pockets.
Be careful and try to choose a watch worth the features and doesn’t cost you much. Make sure it has all the necessary features that you require in your day to day lives.

Benefits of smartwatches 

Smartwatches come with multiple functions. So, knowing the benefits can convince you of purchasing the one that can benefit you for a long time. Let’ cover a few:

Promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps you fit 

Smartwatches help to track your footsteps, your calorie count and burn, daily activity, etc. With these daily pop up time to time notifications, you can reach your goals at a much faster rate and keep your eating habits controlled.

You never miss out call 

If you are the kind of person who has critical and urgent calls to attend, even if you have your mobile phone with you, the vibration on your wrist will become aware of you regarding any call or notification and so that you don’t miss out any. Looking at the watch makes you decide whether you want to attend the call or not.

Inbuilt GPS Sensors

With the inbuilt GPS, sensors allow you to view, interact, and easy commute. Simultaneously, most people are using Google maps on their phones to reach their destinations, which could be challenging if you are riding on a motorbike or a scooter. 
With this inbuilt feature, the commute has become much more comfortable, allowing people to navigate their smartwatches. People are considering this a significant factor in any buying smartwatches.

Easy and Contactless Payment

As COVID 19 is emerging, people do not prefer paying using cash. A cashless payment method such as Paytm, Google Pay is trending and allows the users to pay even a small amount through these applications.
So with the smartwatches, payment has become more convenient and seamless.

What are Smartwatches Compatible with my Phone?

It is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a smartwatch. With your watch having all the features like incoming calls, texts, emails, and social media, it is way too important first to check the compatibility:

Apple Watch doesn’t pair well with Android with with watches. You should only consider buying an Apple watch if you own an iPhone. These watches are quite expensive, so research well done is required before buying an Apple watch of any generation.

Samsung watches run on the Tizen operating system. As Apple watches are compatible with iPhones, Samsung watches are more compatible with Samsung Smartphones. Still, if you plan to buy a smartwatch, consider checking its compatibility with your non-Samsung phones.

Wear is a version of Google’s Android operating system and works best with Android phones. But do not consider these if you possess an iPhone. Before you buy, look for the potential.

Touchscreen vs. Touchless

Touch Screen watches use modern technology. As smartphones can not compete with the large and clear screens of mobile phones, it would be considered a no-brainer to invest in a touch screen watch.
Wear OS provides card-based notifications; you can swipe and switch cards with flick within your wrist. 
Apple offers both touch and Digital Crown on the right-hand side. The crown at the right is used to zoom the screen in or out and for scrolling. Apple knows well the difference between a tap and a long press. 
Samsung has a bezel that you can rotate to scroll through menus. It can be used in combination with touch.

Popular Smartwatches comparison 

Apple Watch Series 5

It has an iOS operating system and the features include a touchscreen, water-resistant, Heart rate and ECG, Compatible with iPhone, fitness tracker, and 18 hours battery life.
The Series 5 comes in 40 mm and 44 mm in size, making it unisex and giving it a more screen space. It is only compatible with the iPhone and is considered the best for iPhone users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 

It has a Tizen operating system, and the features include LTE version, ECG, blood pressure, sleep tracking, heart rate, and fall detection.
The screen size comes in 41 mm and 45 mm, and it is slim and build a light that makes it all-day wearability.

Fitbit Versa 

It works with Android and iOS and includes features such as 5-6 days battery life, apps, and customizable watch faces, Fitbit pay. 
It is quite affordable, and fitness tracking focused.
If you have never used a smartwatch before, I hope you are convinced and would buy one. With so many advantages, check the compatibility with your phone and choose the one you.

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