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Tips February 27, 2020

Switch to Organic Foods

Who doesn’t want to stay fitter and healthy? That’s where organic food is gaining popularity — meaning free from chemicals, pesticides, and other human-made additives.  (Image Source: Lifegate)

Being healthy is everyone’s lifestyle mantra; foods play an essential part. Everyone tries their best to eat smarter and safer, and with the advancement of technology, the reachability of organic food had increased from remote areas to metro cities.

While it’s difficult for people living in crowded cities and metros to raise their farm and eat home-grown vegetables, the online retailers came to their rescue. They made it easy and hassle-free to order organic food and staples online at the convenience of their home.

Many retailers operate in India, and some are well known, such as Bigbasket, Flipkart & Amazon, they made the reachability of organic products natural to millions of people in India.

How good/bad the organic food is?

Convenience and cost-cutting while growing fruits and vegetables had made the people go non-organic. Traditionally farmers in India prefer to use organic and natural substances for farming, which increases effort, cost, and time in production. With the introduction of cheap pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to boost production in less time, they slowly switched to the non-organic way of growing.

It is a well-proven fact that organic food has a much higher nutritional value than the other and is not grown with artificial chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers, which help them to maintain their antioxidants and resistance value.

While many of the diseases get triggered due to unhealthy food habits, studies have shown that many of the common diseases such as cancer, congenital disabilities, and more get directly linked with pesticides used in the food. It not only lowers our immunity to fight against viruses, but it can also trigger serious health issues with-in us.

Challenge in getting good organic food?

The most crucial factor is freshness; no one wants to buy goods which don’t look fresh or shiny. It is easy for many to stock and sell off-season products at a higher cost, and that’s another area where chemicals get used to preserve them and to keep them fresh.

Another challenge is the cost. Generally, organic products are costlier as they take time, effort, and cost to grow them. No one wants to spend additional when they get a similar lookalike at a lower price. However, if you shop cleverly, you can save ablest some. For example, if you are staying in the USA, then you can use Walmart grocery coupons to buy organic products on discount rates, all these coupons are also available in our stores. 

What do you need to do?

We recommend buying from local farmers who you know grow organically, that’s the best option as you will always be getting fresh products, and you know how it g farmed. In advent, you can’t find such a choice, and then you can also choose to shop organic foods online. 

Online grocery shopping is convenient, cheap, and available to stock. You can shop from your home, office or from anywhere and at any time from your computer or smartphone.

In India, Bigbasket leads online food chain supply; you can order fresh groceries online from Bigbasket and can utilize our coupons to save additional. Sometimes these savings boost up to 70% off from the original cost.

How to shop for organic products online?

Getting organic products on a budget need smart buying capability. If you pick up from the local store, you need to pay massive. Plan for what you need to purchase and then try to grab some of the offers from those stores; for example, some stores run weekly sales where they offer % off on food and vegetables.

You can also look out for coupons and promos to apply when you shop them online, we at had similar coupons for many brands and products such as Flipkart, Walmart, Amazon Pantry, BigBasket, & more.

Sometimes buying in bulks also give you savings such as you can avoid paying shipping charges. Utilize deals like buy 1 get one free offers or Flipkart 1 Rs sale. You can mix and match such offers to grab them at the lowest price.

Signing Off:

Indeed, not everyone can utilize these clues and gain from shopping, but people living in metro cities can certainly. On the one hand, you need to save your money, and on others, you need healthy food, somewhere you need to create a balance between the two. In the end, it’s up to the buyers what they want and how they want.

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