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Kathleen 19692 days ago

Sent me the wrong items

Sent me the wrong items. Would not respond to me through their customer service website. Thank goodness I paid through PayPal and they refunded my money. Order from this company at your own risk

Kathy A Case 545 days ago

This is not a reputable company to do business with

Do not order anything from this company I ordered 4 items it took almost a month for it to be delivered when I opened it 3 out of the 4 items were wrong. I emailed was told that I could keep the items they would only refund 15 of the total paid. They did not send me the correct items either I am disgusted with this company obviously a scam the wrong items were not even remotely close to what I ordered

NARENDRA SINGH Rathore 19692 days ago

Dear elitify team I saw what we should

Dear elitify team I saw what we should not share in review but still not happy with some things guys i ordered a shoes on 13th feb but still not got shoes sooo please look into it and revert my order 120592

Anshuman 2245 days ago

A Rollercoaster Experience with Elitify

My journey with Elitify began on June 29 2017 filled with anticipation and excitement as I placed an order for two identical items. The website indicated a shipping period of 1421 days and I eagerly awaited the arrival of my purchase. As the 21day mark loomed on the calendar without any updates I started to feel a twinge of concern. Attempting to reach out to them proved to be a futile exercise their website lacked a contact number and the only number I found through a Google search led to a dead end. My emails sent on July 17 and 18 inquiring about the status of my order remained unanswered receiving nothing more than automated we will revert responses. My patience wearing thin I decided to take a more serious course of action. On July 20 I sent a firm email to Elitify expressing my intentions to take legal measures. It was only on July 21 that I received a response stating that my order had finally been handed over to their shipping partner for delivery. On July 27 the moment of truth arrived as the package was delivered to my door. However excitement quickly turned to dismay when I discovered that only one of the items I had ordered and paid for was inside. Desperate attempts to obtain an update on the missing item through emails on July 29 and 31 were met with silence on Elitifys end. Amidst my frustration and disappointment a glimmer of hope emerged on August 10 when I received an email from Elitify acknowledging that the second item could not be delivered and assuring me of a refund. An immediate response from my end requesting them to expedite the refund was sent and now I find myself anxiously awaiting the reimbursement while keeping my fingers crossed. Reflecting upon this tumultuous experience I must caution potential buyers to tread carefully and consider the risks before placing an order with Elitify. It took an immense amount of patience to navigate through this ordeal and regrettably I cannot shake off the lingering feeling of dishonesty and bad faith. Sadly Ive resolved never to shop with them again.

Anil Ferro 19692 days ago

A fraud and fake company

A fraud and fake company The product are nothing like what the site displays. Actual products Received are cheap material and a total disappointment I ordered 5 pairs of shoes in a single order the order took over 4 months to compete. Wrong sizes sent wrong product sent Finally in frustration I wrote to them threatening to complain to the cyber crime cell of mumbai police thats when they responded PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS SITE FOOL YOU THEY ARE THUGS

Santosh Patra 19692 days ago

I recently purchased a top for my g

Discovering Elitify of Avirate was a gamechanger for me. I recently bought a top for my girlfriend from their collection and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. When the product reached Elitifys quality control department they discovered some stitching issues. However the way they handled the situation was truly remarkable. I was promptly notified about the problem and Nitin Narang their Sales Head personally reached out to me. Nitin not only informed me about the issue but also presented a variety of alternative options to replace the order. His proactive and customercentric approach impressed me. I found a suitable replacement and to my surprise Nitin went above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. He promptly liaised with Avirate and arranged for the replacement item to be delivered to me within two hours. To my delight the item arrived even earlier within just one hour. This level of dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction is rare to come by. The swift resolution of the issue and the personalized attention I received truly exceeded my expectations. Its not every day that you encounter a company willing to go the extra mile to ensure their customers are delighted. My entire shopping experience with Elitify was nothing short of wonderful. The way they handled the situation with professionalism and urgency speaks volumes about their commitment to customer service. Its not just about the products they offer its their ethos of prioritizing customer satisfaction that sets them apart. I highly recommend Elitify to anyone looking for a seamless and customercentric shopping experience. Thank you Elitify for making my shopping experience truly exceptional

ZanaZaka7 2729 days ago


You will never receive your product nor your refund. I am facing the same trouble as most of the reviewers above. I have ordered a Shirt which apparently as per their only customer service provider Rahul Bhardwaj my order is still being imported from US since 20 days. I do not get any concrete replies from them and the replies that I receive are after days of me following with them. I have no idea where is my order. I made a mistake trusting this website and paying for my order through my card.

Karan 2881 days ago

I am surprised TY

Hi Guys was reading the reviews before buying and was very scared trying out but there are a very few website which are selling genuine luxury merchandise. So with no options available I tried Elitify. I ordered some stuff and it was delivered in 14 days. Nice packaging perfect conditionI checked it in a store in US and found it is an original product. I am surprised how but I am really happy with the services.

shruti kohli 19692 days ago

Its a fake website. Please beware.

I ordered a product in june. They made me wait for a month stating the product is being shipped from US. Then they told me that the product was lost in transit and they will refund my money. Till date they have not done it and have even stopped responding to my mails. They have only one executive i suppose. They dont have any contact number. They are cheats who just want to make money. Please dont buy from them. Its a fraud website.

hisr6678 19692 days ago

Its a scam

I ordered a tie and after making payment for the item I was informed that the SKU was not present and I will be sent a store credit. This was such a surprise the website took an order for an item they did not have and instead of a quick refund they offered a store credit. After continuous emails they said they would refund the amount in 1014 days but its difficult to get straight answers from the customer support team. How can a website be allowed to advertise products for sale that they cannot ensure delivery of This way they can collect money from multiple orders and take their own sweet time to refund. Its like getting interest free loan for 14 days. There is no commitment to customers.

chad 19692 days ago

Must avoid read on to find out why

I have ordered from almost all websites in India and quite a few international ones too such as mango nordstrom af j crew amazon intl. Ordering from elitify has been the single most unpleasant and unprofessional experience till now. They will take ATLEAST twice the time advertised on the site to deliver your order if youre lucky. I cant say since I have not even received my order and I ordered it 2 months ago. I wouldnt be surprised if this is not even a legitimate business and some kind of money laundering front. I have received orders directly from US in 4 or 5 days max while through elitify I am yet to receive the order after 2 months was supposed to be delivered in 2 weeks. There is no update on the order no tracking info. I made a huge mistake specially paying with my card in advance. Will probably have to spend more to look for my legal options now. Please read all these reviews there is a reason why this site has such a bad rep please dont be stupid and order from them. Instead try to find an item you like on international sites most of them now ship to India with minimal to zero shipping costs and you can avail sales etc. Total cost will still be okay even if you have to pay customs duties. I know youre reading this because you have found an item you really like on elitify and are thinking that it might be worth the risk to try and order. DONT you will be disappointed and depend on luck to even receive your order.

Amaroo House 19692 days ago

Legal actions against

I ordered a Knight Bond shoe from on 3rd Jan 2016. Since I was told that the lead time to make the handcrafted shoe was 14 days I waited a month to have it delivered. Nothing happened after a month neither did I receive my order nor gotten any intimidation from the company. So I notified them about the status quo. Their excuse was the Chennai flood that occurred from November to December 14 2015. I did not find their explanation credible yet I gave more time to dispatch my order. After another week or so I raised my grievance to them again. They requested me to wait for some more time. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and nothing materialised. Tired of waiting I asked for a refund on 1st April 2016. Since then Ive been angrily waiting for my refund. My advice to anyone reading this Dont waste your precious time on THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS We need to take stern legal action against them.

Reuben Lamiaki Kynta 2676 days ago



walsKunal 2799 days ago

Online shopping brand Elitify pathetic service

Elitify has to be one of the worst experiences in terms of order fulfilment that I have had with any ecommerce company in India and outside. This is the 1st email I receive from them for an order placed on 19 Nov 2015 Dated 9 Dec 2015 Greetings from Elitify We apologize that your order is delayed due to Shipment Lost In Transit. We need your acknowledgement so that we can procure your article again which will take 1421 days more. This is the 2nd email I receive for the same order Dated 28 Dec 2015 Greetings from Elitify This email is in reference to your order no.70631. We regret to inform that there will be a delay in your order as the shipments were lost in transit. We are procuring the articles again hence the order will be delivered in next 23 weeks more. Basically the same order had been lost in transit twiceI didnt even order any gold plated shoes that pirates would have attacked the goods at sea Pathetic sad terrible Elitify Elitifyindia Terribleservice

Narayan Srinivasan 19692 days ago


I placed an order for a pair of Knight and Bond shoes on Oct 30th. I was told delivery would me made in six weeks. At the end of that when I spoke to them they said it will take another month . I then cancelled my order which was prepaid. Despite reminder I have still not received my money back. This is ridiculous and casual. I am pushed off each time I call by 2448 hours with platitudes of sorry and service. I am fed up with the ethics of the company. Amazon and others return you funds in 3 days and here after almost a month I have no answers even today Buyers who prepay should be very careful of this company.

sushant jhingan 19692 days ago

Never buy anything from here.

I have never seen such a degraded business. I order something from them which was expected to be delivered with in 1421 days. After a month of hazel and email exchange customer support told me that my order has been canceled. This was my worst experience ever and will not recommend anyone to buy anything from this site.

Sunder Rajan 19692 days ago

Management resolves customer issue

I had written earlier about and the bad experience I had buying what seemed to be a fake Ralph Lauren shirt from them. ON writing a mail to their CEO I was pleasantly surprised to see prompt action was taken and I was compensated with a Gift certificate for the full amount of the shirt. Making mistakes is excusable not wanting to set it right is not...and they have shown they are ready to fix things. The interaction I had was very professional so I am now willing to give them another try.

Ritika 19692 days ago

Cheated sent fake bag and now completely unresponsive

I bought a coach bag from them they claim they sell 100 original bags. They sent me a fake coach bag which has all fake markings not one original coach marking bad miscolored bag and when I informed them they have refused to acknowledge my email I asked them repeatedly and now noone is picking their phone I cant believe theyre behaving this way with a customer after taking and having over 25000 of mine Elite ninja only takes your money doesnt call or respond when you have a problem Theyre selling fake bags Unbelievable This is cheating and looks like I will have to report them to the police and coach.

Krishna 3013 days ago

only fools shop here

Like most of the Indian sites bumping the prices and the offering discounts Elitify is not an exception. A smart online shopper would check the prices on US sites and Elitify and would notice 75100 prices difference whereas only 3540 of prices can be attributed to customs and taxation. Increasing the prices then offering 30 discount PARTY30 coupon is just one of the tricks its uses to allure first time shoppers. Few bloggers have mentioned that the prices are alright but I myself have been a online shopper and feel the Elitify prices are way to high compared to US sites itself. Hence their claims to offer prices similar or lower are false .

B N Singh 19692 days ago

Good collection but terrible logistics and delivery

These guys have an excellent range of products on their website better than any other in India. But their logistics delivery sales service et al are quite shoddy. Seems these guys are still having some teething troubles. They have jumbled up my orders as in ordered something received something else etc have made extreme delays almost 2 months delay for my last shipment and their customer care needs to work fast a lot faster in fact. One advice never pay in advance on this website always go for COD.

Introduction is a leading online destination for luxury fashion and lifestyle products. The website offers a wide range of high-end brands and products, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products. Elitify aims to provide its customers with a one-stop-shop for their luxury fashion needs, with a focus on delivering an exceptional shopping experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Large selection of high-end brands
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Good value for money
  • Prices can be high
  • Limited product availability
  • Shipping can take longer than expected

User Experience offers a user-friendly online shopping experience, with a clean and organized website layout. Customers can easily search for products by brand, category, and price range, and use filters to narrow down their search results. The website also has a mobile app, which offers a similar user experience.

Pricing and Value for Money offers products from high-end brands, which inevitably come with higher price points. However, the website also features regular promotions and discounts, which can make these luxury items more affordable. Customers can also earn reward points by making purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.


Some of the main competitors of include luxury fashion websites like Net-A-Porter, Farfetch, and Mytheresa. These websites also offer a wide range of high-end brands and products, but their pricing and promotions may differ.

Customer Service offers excellent customer service, with a dedicated team available to assist customers with any questions or concerns. Customers can contact the customer service team via phone, email, or live chat, and can expect a quick and helpful response.

Product Quality and Selection offers a carefully curated selection of high-end brands and products, with a focus on quality and sophistication. The website features products from brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent, among others, and offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products.

Website Usability offers a user-friendly website, with a clean and organized layout that makes it easy to search for products and make purchases. The website also features helpful product descriptions and images, as well as reviews and ratings from other customers.

Returns and Exchanges offers a 14-day return policy, which allows customers to return or exchange products that they are not satisfied with. The website offers a simple returns process, with instructions and guidelines provided on its Returns and Exchanges page.

Promotions and Discounts regularly offers promotions and discounts on its products, which can make luxury items more affordable. Customers can sign up for the website's newsletter to receive updates on its latest promotions and discounts, and can also earn reward points by making purchases.

Reputation has a strong reputation as a leading destination for luxury fashion and lifestyle products. The website has received positive reviews from customers and fashion bloggers, and has been featured in numerous media outlets.

Payment Options offers a range of payment options, including major credit cards and PayPal. The website uses secure payment gateways to ensure the safety of its customers' payment information.

Loyalty Programs offers a loyalty program, which allows customers to earn reward points by making purchases. Customers can redeem these points for discounts on future orders, making luxury items more affordable.

Customer Reviews features customer reviews and ratings on its product pages, which can be helpful for customers who are trying to decide on a purchase. The website also features a section for customer testimonials, which highlights positive experiences with the website and its products.

Community Involvement is committed to giving back to the community, and regularly supports various charitable organizations. The website also features a section for "Community Stories," which highlights the experiences and achievements of its customers.

Shipping and Costs offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount, and charges a flat fee for all other orders. Shipping times may vary depending on the location of the customer, and customers can track their orders using the tracking number provided.

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