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Fingerhut is an online retailer that offers a broad range of products, including electronics, home appliances, jewelry, furniture, and much more. It was established in 1948 and provides users with the convenience of buying products through flexible credit options. Moreover, the platform has managed to create an excellent reputation among shoppers thanks to its fantastic customer service and reliable product quality.

Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of Fingerhut is the option of flexible credit options that the platform provides for its users. Additionally, the online store offers an extensive range of products that can be purchased with ease. At the same time, the website's design might be a bit overwhelming to some users, and products' prices might be higher than other online retailers.

User Experience

Using Fingerhut is a smooth experience since the platform is easy to navigate, the search bar is effortlessly located, and the website's design is clean and user-friendly. On the other hand, the site's loading speed might need improvement, especially when it comes to displaying larger images.

Pricing and Value for Money

Fingerhut's prices are relatively competitive considering that they offer flexible credit options for users who might finance their purchases over certain periods. However, some products could be priced higher than other online retailers, making customers question the value for money they receive.


Some popular alternatives to Fingerhut are Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock.

Customer Service

Fingerhut has excellent customer service, with customer support agents willing to assist with any inquiries or concerns via live chat, phone, or email.

Product Quality and Selection

Fingerhut offers a broad range of products, and product quality is excellent for the products available.

Website Usability

The website is well-laid out and user-friendly, with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface.

Returns and Exchanges

Fingerhut has a fantastic return and exchange policy, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customers, and refunds for returned products are usually processed within a reasonable timeframe.

Promotions and Discounts

Fingerhut provides regular promotions and discounts to customers who subscribe to their newsletter or who make purchases using their credit options.


Fingerhut has a good reputation for offering reliable customer service and quality products to customers since its establishment in 1948.

Payment Options

Fingerhut provides its users with flexible payment options, with the option to pay using their own financing options or pay directly through debit or credit cards issued by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Loyalty Programs

Fingerhut does not have a specific loyalty program in place but provides rewards to customers who use their credit options regularly.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews available indicate that users are generally satisfied with the products and services they receive from Fingerhut.

Community Involvement

Fingerhut is actively involved in giving back to the community by supporting various charity organizations.

Shipping and Costs

Fingerhut ships products throughout the US, and shipping times vary depending on the location of the customer. Shipping costs are calculated based on the size and weight of the item purchased.

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