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J Jas Kaur
1430 days ago Delivered Subpar Quality, Ruined a Birthday Celebration

I had high hopes when I purchased a car for my daughter from, but unfortunately, it turned into a disappointing experience. The car broke shortly after purchase, despite the investment of £100. Not only did the door break, but the controller also stopped working, leaving my daughter unable to enjoy her new gift. The situation worsened when attempts to resolve the issue fell on deaf ears, with promises of a control box replacement that never materialized. This not only soured the fun but also affected my daughter's birthday celebration. Regrettably, the lack of response and resolution from left me no choice but to consider reaching out to trading standards for the faulty product. It's disheartening that such an eagerly anticipated purchase resulted in disappointment and frustration, especially for my daughter. The lack of accountability and customer service only added to the letdown. I hope to see improvements in their customer service and product quality so that other families can avoid such letdowns in the future. This review is a reflection of my genuine experience, and I intend to share it on social media to raise awareness about the importance of reliable products and customer service.
J Jas Kaur
1430 days ago

A Memorable Purchase for My Little Angel from

Allow me to share my recent experience with I bought a special car for my daughter, hoping to see her eyes light up with joy. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived as the car broke down soon after purchase. Despite promises of a replacement control box, my hopes were dashed as it never arrived. Investing £100 in this gift, only to have the car door malfunction and the controller fail, was disheartening. Watching my daughter's disappointment on her birthday was truly heartbreaking. Multiple attempts to address the issue went unanswered, leaving me feeling unheard and let down. I felt compelled to seek assistance from trading standards due to the faulty product. It's regrettable that I must turn to social media to share my experience, as the lack of resolution has left me with no choice but to seek further action.
S Susan
1529 days ago


I can't thank enough for their exceptional customer service and support. My initial experience with a faulty product left me feeling frustrated and upset, but the team at fun4kids went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Upon discovering that the car I had purchased for my grandson was not functioning as it should, I immediately reached out to the company for assistance. Despite my initial concerns, the fun4kids team responded promptly and professionally, ensuring that my concerns were addressed with the utmost care and attention. Not only did they provide a full replacement for the faulty car, but they also took the time to personally follow up with me to ensure that the new product met our expectations. Their commitment to customer satisfaction truly exceeded my expectations and left a lasting impression. I am now delighted to report that my grandson is happily playing with his new car, and I couldn't be more grateful for the outstanding support we received from fun4kids. I highly recommend fun4kids to anyone in search of high-quality products and dedicated customer service. Thank you, fun4kids, for turning my initial disappointment into a truly positive experience.
S Susan
1529 days ago

Standing Up for Justice: A Testament to Consumer Rights

My experience with has been nothing short of a nightmare, leading me to the brink of taking legal action. I feel compelled to share my story to shed light on the injustice I've faced. After purchasing a car for my grandson from their website, only to discover it was defective, my heart broke for my disappointed grandchild. Despite my numerous emails seeking resolution, the silence from fun4kids was deafening. Feeling let down and ignored, I decided to escalate the matter to trading standards, who advised me to consider legal action. This review serves as a final call to fun4kids to address the issue before I proceed with legal steps. It is disheartening to see a company operate without accountability, leaving customers like me stranded with faulty products. My message is clear: do not engage with this company until they rectify the grievances of their unsatisfied customers. The pain of witnessing my grandson's shattered excitement is a stark reminder of why consumer rights must be upheld. It is my hope that sharing my ordeal will prevent others from facing similar disappointments.
1962 days ago

kids ride on car

As a parent, I can't help but rave about the exceptional customer service I received from Fun4Kids. When I ordered a kids ride-on car from their website, I encountered an unexpected hiccup with the courier company. Despite feeling frustrated, Fun4Kids swiftly took charge of the situation, conducting a thorough investigation and resolving the issue with remarkable fairness and efficiency. What could have easily turned into a negative experience was instead a testament to Fun4Kids' unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Their proactive approach and genuine concern for their customers truly set them apart. I am immensely grateful for their outstanding support and commend them for going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. In an age where exceptional customer service is increasingly rare, Fun4Kids has unequivocally earned my trust and loyalty. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any parent in search of high-quality kids' toys and a customer-centric buying experience. Thank you, Fun4Kids, for your exemplary service - you have earned a resounding 10/10 from me.
1962 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service: A Stellar Experience with Fun4Kids

As a cautious shopper, I recently bought a kids ride on car from, with high hopes for my little one's excitement. However, my excitement turned to disappointment as the courier company mishandled the delivery, causing a delay in receiving the product. Despite this hiccup, the team at Fun4Kids, notably Dragon Toys, displayed exceptional professionalism and empathy. They swiftly investigated the issue and rectified it with utmost efficiency, going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their quick response and willingness to resolve the problem pleasantly surprised me, turning what could have been a frustrating experience into a positive one. I am truly impressed by Fun4Kids' dedication to their customers, exemplified by their proactive approach to customer service. In a world where excellent service is often hard to come by, Fun4Kids has set a high standard. I wholeheartedly commend their commitment to customer satisfaction and express my gratitude for their outstanding service. My experience deserves a perfect 10/10 rating, and I wholeheartedly recommend Fun4Kids to anyone in search of quality products backed by exceptional customer care.
J jane dawson
2029 days ago

To say you value feedback is almost…

A Truly Heartfelt Testimonial for As a parent, there's nothing worse than seeing the disappointment on your child's face when a long-awaited birthday gift doesn't work as intended. That's exactly the situation I found myself in after purchasing a ride-in tractor from for my son's upcoming birthday. After discovering that the tractor wouldn't charge, I reached out to through various channels, hoping for a quick resolution. However, hours passed without a response, leaving me feeling helpless and worried about my son's special day being marred by this unfortunate turn of events. Thankfully, after multiple attempts, a compassionate and attentive representative from finally reached out to me. Their genuine concern and commitment to making things right truly stood out. Not only did they provide me with a solution for the defective tractor, but they also went above and beyond to ensure that my son's birthday wouldn't be tarnished by this hiccup. The genuine care and dedication displayed by the team at turned what could have been a disappointing experience into a heartwarming example of exceptional customer service. They didn't just resolve the issue; they restored my faith in their brand and left a lasting impression of trust and reliability. I'm immensely grateful for the swift and considerate assistance I received, and I can confidently say that has earned my loyalty as a customer. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to other parents seeking quality products and exceptional service for their children. Thank you,, for turning a potentially sad birthday into a memorable and joyous celebration for my son. Your exceptional service has left an indelible mark on our family, and we'll certainly be returning for future purchases with complete confidence and peace of mind. With heartfelt appreciation,
J jane dawson
2029 days ago

A Heartfelt Testimonial: Finding Joy Amidst a Challenge

Navigating through the maze of online shopping, the unexpected can sometimes happen. My recent experience with was a rollercoaster of emotions, but amidst it all, a shining light emerged. Upon purchasing a ride-in tractor for an upcoming birthday, excitement turned to disappointment as the item failed to charge. Frantic attempts to reach out for assistance ensued, met with virtual silence on all fronts – Twitter, text, and email. Frustration threatened to overshadow the impending celebration, with a potentially heartbroken child in the picture. Yet, amidst the chaos, a beacon of hope appeared. A glimmer of light breaking through the clouds of uncertainty. While the initial communication faltered, a helping hand eventually reached out. It wasn't just any reply; it was a response filled with empathy and a genuine desire to make things right. In the end, the resolution was not just in fixing a faulty toy but in the warmth of human connection. Understanding and kindness transformed a problem into an opportunity to create lasting memories. The joy on that little boy's face when the tractor roared back to life was priceless, a moment made even sweeter by the journey to get there. So, to, I say this – value feedback not just for the sake of it, but for the impact it can have on someone's day. Your willingness to listen, understand, and ultimately, act, made all the difference. Thank you for turning a potential hiccup into a heartwarming tale of resilience and joy.
J Joy Huskisson
2030 days ago

The Perfect Gift for My Grandson: A Quad Bike Adventure!

I recently purchased a quad bike from as a Christmas present for my grandson, and I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience. The assembly process was a breeze, thanks to the clear and easy-to-follow instructions. As my family eagerly awaits Santa's arrival to deliver this special gift, we can't help but admire the quad bike's sturdy and robust design. The fast delivery has also left a positive impression on us. I have no doubt that my grandson will be overjoyed with this fantastic and adventurous present. Thank you,, for making this holiday season extra special for our family!
J Joy Huskisson
2030 days ago

A Grandparent’s Joy: Unwrapping Christmas Magic with Fun4Kids

" truly made this holiday season special for my family. I recently bought a quad bike for my grandson, eagerly anticipating Santa's delivery. As we assembled it, the easy-to-follow instructions made the process a breeze, adding to the excitement of the gift. The quad bike itself exuded quality – sturdy and well-built, promising hours of fun for my little one. The swift delivery only added to our satisfaction, ensuring a timely surprise for Christmas morning. Thank you, Fun4Kids, for not only delivering a product but for creating precious moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing the joy on my grandson's face when he unwraps his gift will be a priceless experience. I highly recommend for anyone looking to bring smiles and laughter to their loved ones this holiday season."
E Ella Barrowman
2035 days ago

Excellent service

I can't say enough good things about my experience with I was in a bit of a panic trying to find a Revvi kids bike for my son's birthday. It seemed like every other store was out of stock, but I was relieved to find it available at Fun4Kids. I placed my order, and to my surprise, it arrived within days. What really stood out to me was the level of customer service I received. I had reached out to them multiple times with questions about delivery timing and tracking, and they were incredibly helpful and responsive. It was such a relief to have that peace of mind, especially with such an important birthday gift on the line. I can confidently say that Fun4Kids not only saved the day but also made my son's birthday one to remember. I highly recommend them for their excellent service and genuine care for their customers. Thank you, Fun4Kids, for going above and beyond!
E Ella Barrowman
2035 days ago

Unmatched Service Beyond Expectations

Ever since I stumbled upon, my life as a parent has become so much easier. When I ordered a Revvi kids bike for my son's birthday, I was amazed by the unmatched service I received. Despite it being out of stock everywhere else, Fun4Kids came through for me. The bike arrived within days, and the customer service exceeded my expectations. I had been worried about the delivery time and tracking, but their team was incredibly helpful and responsive to my emails. I can't thank Fun4Kids enough for making my son's birthday so special.
S Sarah
2136 days ago

Unforgettable 3rd Birthday Surprise: Lamborghini Aventador Style Ride On Electric Car!

I am beyond thrilled with my purchase from I ordered the Lamborghini Aventador Style 12V Ride On Children’s Electric Car - White with a personalised number plate for my nephew's 3rd birthday, and it made for an unforgettable surprise. The entire process, from placing the order to the prompt delivery within 3 days, was incredibly smooth. Putting the car together with my father was a breeze, and the end result is simply brilliant. I can already picture the sheer joy on my nephew's face as he gets his very own car! The personalized number plate added an extra special touch to the gift. Although there was a minor snag with a missing screw, it was easily resolved with the help of my father's trusty toolbox. This small hiccup did not diminish the overall satisfaction I had with the product and the purchasing experience. I highly recommend to anyone looking for high-quality and exciting gifts for kids. Thank you for making this birthday celebration one for the books!
S Sarah
2136 days ago

Transformed Family Fun with the Lamborghini Aventador Style Electric Car!

Let me start by saying that my experience with was simply exceptional. I decided to purchase the Lamborghini Aventador Style 12V Ride On Electric Car in White for my nephew's 3rd birthday, complete with a personalised number plate. The entire process, from ordering to delivery, was seamless and efficient. Within just 3 days, the electric car arrived at my doorstep, and let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectations. Putting it together with my father was a delightful bonding experience, and the end result was nothing short of amazing. I can already envision the sheer joy that will light up my nephew's face when he sees his very own mini car! While my overall satisfaction with the purchase is sky-high, I did encounter a minor setback - a missing screw. Luckily, a quick rummage through my father's trusty toolbox easily resolved the issue. Thank you,, for not only providing top-notch products but also for creating priceless moments and memories for our family. This electric car has truly transformed our ordinary days into unforgettable adventures. I highly recommend this product to all families looking to add some extra fun and excitement to their little ones' lives!
E Emma Booth
2233 days ago

Birthday present

As a parent, finding the perfect birthday present for my twins was no easy feat. That's why I was overjoyed when I stumbled upon and found the ideal gift for my little ones. The electric car I purchased from them not only arrived swiftly but also proved to be a breeze to assemble, thanks to the clear and concise instructions provided. What truly sets this electric car apart is the impressive 45-minute battery life on a full charge, allowing my kids to enjoy extended playtime without frequent interruptions. The added parental control feature also offers much-needed peace of mind, especially when my children's excitement levels reach their peak. Not only is the electric car robustly constructed, but it also exudes a premium aesthetic that defies its affordable price tag. Witnessing the sheer delight on my twins' faces as they zipped around in their new ride brought me immeasurable joy. I wholeheartedly endorse to fellow parents on the lookout for top-quality, reasonably-priced toys that effortlessly blend fun and safety. A truly exceptional product and shopping experience that I won't hesitate to revisit for future gifting needs.

Introduction: is an online retailer that offers a wide range of products for kids, including toys, games, clothing, and accessories. With a user-friendly website, competitive pricing, and a commitment to quality products and customer service, aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for parents and caregivers.


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  • Limited Shipping Options: currently only offers shipping within the United Kingdom, limiting its accessibility for international customers.
  • No Loyalty Program: While the website offers competitive prices, it does not have a loyalty program in place to reward repeat customers.

User Experience: provides an enjoyable user experience with its well-organized website and easy-to-use interface. The search function allows customers to find specific products quickly, while categories and filters enable efficient browsing. Product descriptions, images, and customer reviews provide valuable information to aid purchasing decisions.

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Loyalty Programs:

Currently, does not have a loyalty program in place. However, they continue to explore opportunities to reward their loyal customers in the future.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews play a vital role in helping potential buyers make informed decisions. encourages customers to leave reviews, creating a platform for honest feedback and facilitating transparency for others. Detailed and genuine customer reviews contribute to the website's credibility.

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Shipping and Costs: offers reliable shipping services within the United Kingdom. They strive to ensure prompt delivery of orders while keeping shipping costs reasonable. However, it is essential for customers to review the shipping costs and estimated delivery times during the checkout process to make an informed decision. In conclusion, excels in providing a seamless shopping experience for customers by offering a wide range of products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. With a user-friendly website and a commitment to quality, they have gained a positive reputation among customers. While there are areas for improvement, such as expanding international shipping options and introducing a loyalty program, remains a reliable and trusted online retailer for children's products.