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Reviewed by on 21 Jan 2023

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Detailed General-food Review by Review is a Russian website that sells food, groceries, and kitchen supplies. The site has been in operation since 2009 and is owned and operated by the company Yandex.

What is is a Russian food website that offers recipes, cooking tips and other information about food. The site has a blog section that offers recipes and cooking tips.

The blog section of has a wide range of recipes, from simple dishes to complex ones. Many of the recipes require ingredients that are not always easy to find in Russia, but the site provides detailed instructions on how to make them. also has cooking tips for people who want to make their food more delicious and nutritious. These tips cover everything from choosing the right spices to cooking methods that improve the flavor and texture of food.

Overall, is a valuable resource for people who want to learn about food and cook delicious meals at home.

The company's history

Food is one of the most important aspects of life. It can make us happy or sad, and it can help us to stay healthy or sick.

Many people choose to eat food that is healthy, but it can be hard to find good food that is also affordable. That is where general food comes in.

General food is a Russian company that sells food that is both healthy and affordable. They have a history of working with many different types of food, so you can sure to find something that you will love.

One of the things I like about general food is their commitment to sustainability. They use a variety of methods to make sure that their products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Overall, I think general food is a great company that offers amazing food at an affordable price. If you are looking for something delicious and healthy, I highly recommend giving them a try!

The company's products

General Food is a Russian food company that offers a wide variety of food products. They have a website that offers information on their products, as well as a review section where customers can write reviews of their experiences with the company’s products.

General Food’s products range from snacks to full meals. They have a variety of flavors and ingredients, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The reviews on General Food’s website are generally positive. Customers seem to be happy with the quality of the products and the convenience of being able to order them online.

Overall, General Food seems to provide high-quality food at an affordable price. Their website makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, and the reviews confirm that people are happy with their experiences with the company.

The company's pricing policies

General Food is a Russian food company that operates in more than 20 countries. The company has over 300 stores worldwide, and offers a variety of food products, including bread, pastries, entrees, and snacks.

The company has several pricing policies that are unique to it. First, General Food always offers discounts on the first purchase of a product. This policy is especially useful for new customers who want to try the company out. Second, General Food offers free delivery on orders over $50. This policy makes it easy for customers to order large quantities of food without having to spend too much money.

Overall, General Food is a great choice for food shoppers looking for convenience and value. Its pricing policies make it easy for customers to get the food they need without having to spend too much money.

The quality of the products

If you're looking for high-quality, nutritious food, you'll want to check out This website offers a wide range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

All of the foods on are fresh and free of preservatives or additives. Plus, they're all USDA certified organic. So you can be sure that the food here is high in quality and nutritious.

Of course, the quality of the food isn't the only thing that makes a great website. The site also offers a wide variety of foods. You can find everything from breakfast items to dinner recipes.

Whether you're looking for healthy grocery options or just something new to try out, is a great place to go. Reviews on Customer support, Shipping, Delivery, Return, Refunds and Quality is a Russian food delivery company that delivers food to your door. They offer a wide range of food, including fresh, frozen and pre-packaged foods. offers a variety of delivery options, including standard delivery, express delivery and same day delivery. They also offer a free trial so you can try out their services before you buy them.

The customer support at is excellent. They are always available to answer any questions you have and help you resolve any issues you may have with the food you ordered.

The shipping and delivery process at is very fast and reliable. You will never have to wait long for your food to arrive.

Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of the food and the customer support at We would recommend them to anyone looking for an easy, convenient and high quality food delivery service.

Editorial Opinion and Ratings for

If you're looking for a good place to get your food, is a great option. The website has an easy-to-use interface and the food is always fresh. Plus, the prices are very reasonable.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good place to get their food.

Editorial Verdict for

Overall, is a respectable food website. The site has a great collection of recipes, and the editorial team does a good job of choosing recipes that are both interesting and nutritious.

The site also has an impressive selection of food products. The store features a wide variety of food items, from grocery items to specialty foods.

However, could use some improvement in its design. The site is cluttered and difficult to navigate, which makes it difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for. Additionally, the site's layout could use some modernization.

Nevertheless, is an excellent resource for food lovers who want to find delicious and nutritious recipes.

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If you're looking to save at, you'll need to follow our step by step guide.

First, make a list of the items that you need. Then, use our price comparison tools to find the best deal on each item. Finally, add these items to your shopping cart and checkout as usual.

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If you're looking for a great source of food coupons, has got you covered. You can find promo codes and discounts on all sorts of items, including groceries and restaurant meals. Plus, this site always has new coupon codes and deals to offer, so be sure to check it regularly.

Conclusion is a website that offers information on all sorts of different foods and ingredients. From recipes to meal ideas, has you covered. The site is well organized and easy to navigate, which makes it a great resource for busy people looking for quick and easy meal ideas. Plus, the prices are very reasonable, making it a good value overall. I highly recommend giving a try if you're looking for something new to add to your food repertoire or if you just need some inspiration for tasty meals at home.

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