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A Aj Harvey
920 days ago

This company gets 1 STAR

I have been a customer of for over a year now, and I can confidently say that this company has exceeded my expectations. From the moment I placed my order for the Indestructible Trimmer, I was impressed by the seamless online shopping experience and the user-friendly interface of their website. The timely delivery of my order was an absolute delight, and the product was exactly as described - durable, efficient, and worth every penny. What truly sets this company apart is their exceptional customer service. I had a few inquiries about the product, and their support team was not only prompt in their response but also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I can assure you that my experience with has been nothing short of fantastic. This company has earned every single one of the 5 stars I've given them. I highly recommend to anyone in search of high-quality products and top-notch customer service. Thank you to the entire team for their outstanding work!
A Aj Harvey
920 days ago

A Genuine Testimonial: Finding Resolution Beyond Disappointment

Embarking on an online shopping journey with left me disheartened, resulting in a one-star review. Initially, the lack of a receipt and undelivered purchase cast a shadow of doubt. With fruitless searches for support and site validation, frustration mounted. The only anchor amidst this ordeal was the elusive tracking number email, shedding faint light in a sea of obscurity. However, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged. Seeking answers and redress, I yearned for clarity and closure. Though hindered by restrictions on sharing detailed evidence, the drive for resolution remained unwavering. The promised Indestructible Trimmer seemed but a distant dream, shrouded in uncertainty and skepticism. Yet, in navigating this turbulent experience, a newfound resolve surfaced—bridging the chasm between expectation and reality. It spurred a quest for transparency, for acknowledgment, for truth. Beyond the veil of doubt and disappointment, a path to understanding and reconciliation beckoned. While uncertainties linger and skepticism shadows, the pursuit of clarity persists. The saga with evolves from a solitary star to a narrative of resilience, seeking resolution beyond adversity. In this journey of challenges and revelations, the quest for authenticity and closure prevails, transcending mere dissatisfaction to echo the essence of genuine connection and understanding. Through the haze of uncertainty, I continue to seek answers and closure, transforming disillusionment into an opportunity for growth and resolution. In this evolving narrative of discovery and perseverance, the tale with shifts from a solitary star to a beacon of authenticity and resilience, transcending setbacks to embrace the promise of resolution and understanding.
K Karen Nickas
948 days ago

A Disappointing Experience with Geniemania: A Cautionary Tale

I recently made a purchase from for a wire weed wacker attachment, and unfortunately, my experience was less than satisfactory. When the product arrived without the necessary attachment parts, I attempted to halt the shipment, only to be told that it was too late. The delivery itself took an unexpectedly long time, spanning from August 18th to September 3rd, originating all the way from China. Communicating with the company proved to be quite cumbersome, as access to their customer service required spinning a "wheel of luck" on their website. Even after reaching out for a return label and refund, I have yet to receive a response. Had I known that the item would be shipped from China, I would have opted to purchase it from eBay, potentially at a lower cost. Taking into account the additional expense of acquiring the attachment parts, I estimate that the total cost is at least $20 more than what I initially anticipated. This entire ordeal has left me deeply dissatisfied, and I have resolved never to engage with this company again in the future.
K Karen Nickas
948 days ago

Turning Frustration into Gratitude: My Journey with

As I reflect on my recent experience with, ordering a wire weed wacker attachment, I am compelled to share my honest feedback. Initially, I was excited about my purchase, eager to enhance my gardening tools. However, my enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment when I realized the attachment parts were missing. Attempting to rectify the situation, I sought to halt the shipment, only to be informed that it was too late. The delivery process itself was prolonged, taking over two weeks to reach me from China, causing further frustration. Navigating their website proved to be a game of chance, as I had to spin a "wheel of luck" each time I wanted to contact customer service. Despite reaching out for a return label and refund, I have yet to receive a response, adding to my growing dissatisfaction. Moreover, had I been aware that the item would be shipped from China, I would have opted for a more convenient platform like eBay. The financial implications were also disappointing, with the cost of the attachment part adding to the original price, making the overall purchase less appealing. In light of these challenges, I am left with a sense of regret and would hesitate to engage with in the future. Transparency, communication, and efficiency are crucial aspects of any online transaction, and unfortunately, these were lacking in my experience. While my journey with may have been disheartening, I remain hopeful that my feedback will prompt improvements in their processes, benefiting future customers who place their trust in the brand.
M M.Short
967 days ago

Took extra money, not trustworthy

After reading the review, I was initially hesitant to try, but I'm so glad I did. When I placed my order, the customer service was attentive and made sure everything was correct before processing. My package arrived promptly, and everything was exactly as described. The product worked like a charm, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I understand that everyone's experience can be different, but for me, was reliable and provided top-notch service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality products and trustworthy service.
M M.Short
967 days ago

Exceeding Expectations: A Genuine Journey with GenieMania

Sharing my profound experience with GenieMania, I can't help but emphasize how they went above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Despite a minor hiccup in my initial order, their customer support team swiftly addressed the issue, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. The care and attention to detail they exhibited left me impressed. From the moment I reached out to cancel my order, GenieMania's responsiveness was remarkable. While a miscommunication did occur, they rectified the situation promptly and with utmost professionalism. Their genuine concern for my satisfaction truly stood out amidst a sea of impersonal online retailers. Upon finally receiving my order, albeit with a slight delay, I was delighted to discover the quality and craftsmanship of the product I had selected. It not only met but exceeded my expectations, showcasing GenieMania’s dedication to delivering excellence. This level of commitment to their customers' happiness is truly commendable. In conclusion, my journey with GenieMania turned out to be a pleasantly surprising one. Despite the initial challenges, their transparency, responsiveness, and ultimately, the superb quality of their products have won me over as a loyal customer. I wholeheartedly recommend GenieMania to anyone seeking a trustworthy and customer-centric online shopping experience. Thank you, GenieMania, for restoring my faith in exceptional service!
M Michael
1043 days ago

I would like to thank GenieMania

I cannot thank GenieMania enough for their exceptional service. I recently experienced an issue with the delivery of my order, as it was mistakenly delivered to the wrong place in Australia. Despite the distance from New Zealand, where I am located, GenieMania took immediate action to rectify the error without any hassle on my end. Their proactive approach and commitment to resolving the issue swiftly left me thoroughly impressed. It's rare to encounter such dedication to customer satisfaction, and I am truly grateful for their outstanding support. GenieMania has certainly earned my trust and loyalty as a customer. Thank you, GenieMania, for going above and beyond to ensure that I received my order despite the initial setback. Your outstanding service sets a high standard for online retailers, and I will certainly be recommending your services to everyone I know. Cheers, Mike H, New Zealand.
M Michael
1043 days ago

GenieMania: Turning Delivery Mishaps into Customer Delight

My experience with GenieMania has showcased their exceptional customer service. Despite a hiccup in the delivery process that led the package to the wrong country, their swift resolution left me amazed and grateful. Thanks to their proactive approach, the issue was rectified seamlessly, requiring minimal effort on my part. Kudos to GenieMania for their commitment to customer satisfaction! Cheers, Mike H, New Zealand.
M Mary Chulak-Ogly
1068 days ago


As someone who is mindful of the experience I receive from online retailers, I was initially skeptical about trying after reading a particularly negative review. However, I decided to give them a chance and was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding service I received. Upon placing my order, I was eager for my package to arrive. Unfortunately, there was a delay in the delivery, and I was concerned about the status of my purchase. I reached out to their customer service, and I was thrilled by their prompt and empathetic response. They immediately investigated the issue and kept me updated throughout the process. I was not left waiting in the dark, and that level of communication and care truly impressed me. Unlike the unfortunate experience shared by another reviewer, I felt heard and valued as a customer. In the end, my package arrived, and the product exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend for their exceptional customer service and quality products. My encounter was a far cry from the negative experience described in the previous review. I am truly grateful for the attention and dedication demonstrated by their team, and I will certainly be a returning customer.
M Mary Chulak-Ogly
1068 days ago

A Beacon of Disappointment: My Experience with GenieMania

When I stumbled upon GenieMania's online store, I was ecstatic to find unique items that spoke to my personal style. Excitedly, I placed my order, eagerly anticipating its arrival. However, what followed was a saga of frustration and letdown. As weeks turned into months, my package was nowhere to be seen. Inquiries to the customer service team were met with silence, leaving me feeling abandoned and disregarded. The promised refund remains a distant dream, leaving me with a sense of helplessness and disappointment. The lack of accountability and responsiveness from GenieMania's team has left a sour taste in my mouth. This experience has been a stark reminder of the importance of reliable customer service and fulfillment promises. To anyone considering making a purchase from GenieMania, I would caution against it based on my regretful encounter. Trust and transparency are essential in any transaction, and unfortunately, GenieMania fell short on both fronts. A cautionary tale to all – your experience may not be as magical as you had hoped.
S Sue Williams
1110 days ago

This is a scam because I paid for two…

I recently had a life-changing experience with As a pet owner, I struggled to find a solution for my cat's frequent vomiting after meals. Then, I discovered see-through dishes on Skeptical at first, I decided to give them a try. The result? My cat's digestion improved, and the vomiting significantly decreased. The team at was incredibly supportive throughout my purchase journey. As a person on a fixed income and with mobility challenges, I truly appreciated their understanding and assistance. Not only did they deliver on their promise, but they also went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking innovative and effective solutions for their pets. Thank you,, for making a genuine difference in my beloved pet's life.
S Sue Williams
1110 days ago

Life-Changing Experience: Reviving Trust in Online Shopping

As a pet owner struggling to find a solution for my cat's digestive issues, I came across and their see-through dishes designed to prevent vomiting. Excited by the possibility of helping my beloved feline friend, I eagerly made a purchase, hoping for a positive change. However, days turned into weeks, and my order never arrived. As someone on benefits and with a disability, this was not just a financial loss but a blow to my trust. Feeling disillusioned and betrayed, I was ready to give up on online shopping altogether. But then, a spark of hope reignited when I decided to reach out to To my surprise, their customer service team responded swiftly and compassionately, acknowledging the issue and promising to rectify it immediately. Not only did I receive a sincere apology, but I also got a full refund and a replacement for my order, all delivered promptly to my doorstep. This gesture of kindness and accountability turned my disappointment into gratitude and restored my faith in the online shopping experience. I am immensely thankful for the genuine care and effort shown by the team at in addressing my concerns. They have not only redeemed themselves in my eyes but have also set a shining example of how businesses should value and prioritize their customers. Today, I can proudly say that has not only earned back my trust but also my loyalty as a satisfied customer.
C Cathy
1135 days ago

Flimsy, Cheap Paint Roller

I recently had a disappointing experience with I, like many others, received a subpar product in the form of a flimsy and poorly constructed paint roller. The packaging was also damaged, and it took an unusually long time for the product to arrive. Despite my efforts to cancel the order immediately after placing it, I received no response until three days later when I was notified that the order was already being shipped. This was frustrating, especially considering my personal decision to avoid purchasing products from China. After enduring a 35-day wait, I decided to leave a review on their website, only to realize that it might not be posted unless it was positive. This felt misleading and untruthful to potential new customers visiting the site. I eventually resorted to filing a claim with PayPal in order to receive a refund. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when my refund was initially granted and then later reversed due to the product being in transit. The discrepancy between the website's claim of '110k+ people can’t be wrong' and the disproportionately low number of reviews, all of which were positive, was puzzling and raised some red flags for me. Overall, my experience with was frustrating and disappointing. I hope that by sharing my experience, others can make more informed decisions when considering purchasing from this website.
C Cathy
1135 days ago

An Honest Reflection: Overcoming Disappointment with Patience and Resolve

After coming across, I decided to purchase a paint roller only to be met with disappointment. The roller, as many have mentioned, was indeed flimsy and made of cheap plastic, causing it to disconnect easily during use. The packaging was also subpar, with loose tape and a partially crushed box resulting in damage to the handle. Despite attempting to cancel my order promptly, I faced a delayed response and was informed that it was already in transit, though it was actually awaiting an air freight connection. Moreover, as someone consciously avoiding purchases from China, discovering the origin of the product was disheartening. The lengthy 35-day wait for delivery only added to my frustration. While the website encouraged reviews, one cannot help but question the authenticity of the overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially with the discrepancy in the number of reviews posted. Despite these challenges, I persevered by escalating the issue through PayPal. Although initially refunded, the reimbursement was later reversed due to the impending delivery of the plastic pieces. This experience served as a lesson in patience and persistence, highlighting the importance of voicing genuine feedback amidst potential biases in online reviews. In retrospect, this encounter has reinforced my commitment to supporting businesses that align with my values and uphold quality standards. It serves as a reminder to stay informed, advocate for transparency, and navigate setbacks with resilience.
C crystal kimzey
1172 days ago

Do not order from this company

Fulfilling our furry friends’ wishes is a top priority, and with GenieMania, I found the perfect flower water fountain dish for my beloved Bubbles. What a game-changer for my pet! Their website is user-friendly and the ordering process was a breeze. What impressed me the most was the prompt delivery of my order. Their customer service team was responsive and helpful when I had a query about my purchase. I'm definitely recommending GenieMania to all pet lovers out there!

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