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S Sheri M.
63 days ago

Transforming My Kitchen with Elegance and Functionality!

When I stumbled upon GetEnsembl's cookware collection, I knew I had found something special. The sleek and stylish design of their products caught my eye immediately, but it was the functionality that truly won me over. After much contemplation, I opted for the exquisite navy blue color, and I must say, it's a real showstopper in my kitchen! From the first time I used their cookware, I was impressed by the even heat distribution and the absence of any pesky hot spots. The high sides proved to be a game-changer, preventing any unwanted spills and making cooking a breeze. What truly sets these pieces apart is their solid construction – you can feel the quality and durability with every use. One unexpected benefit of switching to GetEnsembl's cookware was the amount of space I reclaimed in my cabinets. Their ingenious design allowed me to declutter and organize my kitchen like never before. I can't thank GetEnsembl enough for combining beauty and brawn in such a compact package. This cookware has effortlessly transformed my kitchen into a functional and elegant space, making every cooking experience a joy.
A Andover
130 days ago


My evaluation for Slight delay in supply, however nothing horrible. The pans are “constructed”. Like loopy top quality. However….. they're enormous.
193 days ago

Unleash Your Culinary Adventure with Unmatched Durability

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with! At first glance, you might wonder if you've stumbled into a military mess hall with the size of the fry pans, but fear not — these kitchen giants are here to revolutionize your cooking experience. While the lid handles may leave you with a few battle scars, the functionality and durability of this cookware set are unparalleled. Forget about flimsy pans that warp at the first sign of heat; these heavy-duty beasts are built to outlast generations. Embrace the challenge of taming these culinary titans on your induction cooktop, where their beauty truly shines. Opt for the smaller saucepans to master your favorite recipes, as the stock pot and fry pans might be a tad excessive for everyday use. So, if you're looking to invest in cookware that can withstand the test of time and maybe even survive the apocalypse, is your ideal companion. Just remember to keep that burn ointment handy and prepare to unleash your inner chef with these magnificent, albeit slightly intimidating, kitchen essentials.
R Robert Ferguson
261 days ago

New smaller kitchen

My evaluate for The kitchen in our new, tremendous energy-efficient dwelling has much less cupboard house than the prior one. It additionally has a brilliant environment friendly induction range. The Ensembl cookware occupied rather a lot much less house. Ensemble changed a a long time outdated and far liked All-Clad set efficiently. It is enticing stainless-steel and my spouse now loves induction cooking.
R Raj Mukherjee
385 days ago

A Testament to Timeless Quality and Exceptional Service

Reflecting on my continued patronage of, I can confidently say that the experience remains as exceptional as the first time. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I purchased my first set of cookware over two years ago, and to this day, it continues to shine and perform like a culinary dream. Impressed by the durability and performance, I recently decided to gift a set to a friend, who also fell in love with the products. What truly sets apart is not just the quality of their cookware but also their outstanding customer service. When I needed an order expedited before Christmas, the team went above and beyond to ensure a timely delivery, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in search of premium quality cookware and excellent service that stands the test of time.
E Elizabeth_Michael Monaghan
453 days ago

Exceptional Quality, Poor Return Policy Experience

Upon discovering, I was thrilled to order a set of pots and pans. The delivery was prompt, and the packaging was impressive, reflecting the set's value. As I unpacked them, I admired the stackable design, which was a thoughtful feature. However, my excitement waned after using the smallest pot once; it quickly showed signs of wear. Despite the pots' durability, they are undeniably weighty, with handles that heat up quickly and require caution, especially for seniors. Moreover, the sizes of the pots and pans might not suit everyone's needs, as the smallest pot is larger than standard saucepans. Realizing that the set wasn't suitable for my use, I attempted to return it, except for the pot I had used. Unfortunately, I faced a disappointing response from the vendor. Despite their website stating that unused items are returnable, they declined my request because I had used one pot. This rigid interpretation of their return policy left me dissatisfied, especially as I felt misinformed about the process. If I had known, I would have purchased a single pot to test beforehand. Disappointingly, the customer service was solely through email, with unresponsive phone lines and unreturned messages. While the product quality is commendable, the lack of flexibility in the return policy and communication methods leaves much to be desired. Regrettably, my experience with earns them a mere one-star rating.
P Pierre R.
675 days ago

Exceeding Expectations with GetEnsembl!

Initially disappointed by a promised spring delivery from GetEnsembl, I felt hesitant about the delay. However, the wait was worthwhile! The team at GetEnsembl went above and beyond to ensure that my order not only arrived promptly but also included a special gift to make up for the inconvenience. Despite the initial hiccup, their exceptional customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction truly impressed me. The quality of the product and the attention to detail in resolving the delay far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend GetEnsembl for their outstanding products and commitment to customer care. Thank you for turning a broken promise into a delightful surprise!
O O as in flower
802 days ago

A Token of Appreciation in Disappointment: A Personal Journey with

Navigating through the virtual aisles of, I eagerly placed my order, envisioning the excitement of receiving the products I had carefully selected. However, my anticipation was met with a curveball – an email notifying me that my desired items were out of stock. Despite the initial disappointment, my spirits were lifted when a surprise token of appreciation arrived in place of my original order. This unexpected gesture of goodwill showcased the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction, turning a potentially negative experience into a positive one. While understanding the challenges of supply chain issues, the lack of communication regarding the delay in receiving my items left me disheartened. As the days stretched into late December and then into late January without any updates, a cloud of uncertainty loomed over my purchase. In times of waiting, communication becomes a lifeline for customers, offering reassurance and transparency during unforeseen circumstances. Though the journey with had its ups and downs, the genuine gesture of the token gift amidst the hurdles highlighted the brand's dedication to enhancing the customer experience. My experience serves as a reminder of the value of proactive communication and thoughtful gestures in fostering long-lasting relationships with customers. Through moments of disappointment, opportunities for brands to shine brightly emerge, transforming challenges into memorable experiences.
J John
830 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Innovative Design

My experience with has truly exceeded my expectations. The detachable handles and fold-down handles are not only convenient but also showcase the brand's commitment to innovation. What truly impressed me were the markings for quantity held, making organization a breeze. While I appreciate the attention to detail, I did encounter a minor setback with a few products being larger than the standard size, which impacted their practicality for me. Overall, I highly recommend for their unmatched quality, thoughtful design, and customer-centric approach. It's rare to find a company that combines functionality with style so seamlessly.
E Erin Todd
947 days ago

A Game Changer for Large Gatherings, yet Challenging for Cozy Kitchens

I recently tried out the stackable cookware set from, and I must say, the durability and stackability blew me away. If you're someone who loves hosting big dinner parties or cooking for a large family, these pots and pans are an absolute game changer. The ability to stack them neatly not only saves space but also adds a touch of organization to your kitchen. However, as much as I adore the convenience for large-scale cooking, I found them to be a bit cumbersome for my smaller kitchen space. The size and weight of the cookware set make it challenging to maneuver around my cozy kitchen. Some of the larger pans even hung over the edges of my stovetop, limiting my access to the other burners and hindering my cooking efficiency. While these stackable pots and pans are perfect for special occasions and extensive meal preps, they might not be the best fit for individuals or couples living in compact apartments or condos. I found myself missing my lighter pots and pans for everyday cooking needs, as having multiple sets to store seemed counterintuitive to the minimalistic and decluttering concept that initially drew me in. In conclusion, if were to introduce a more petite version of their stackware, catering to smaller households and kitchens, it would undoubtedly hit the mark for a wider range of users. Despite the challenges I faced in my smaller space, I appreciate the innovation and thought put into this product. While it may not have been a perfect fit for me, I can see how it would be a real game-changer for those with different cooking needs.
J Jo Marini
1051 days ago

Transforming my Kitchen Experience with Stackware

As an avid home cook seeking both functionality and aesthetics, my investment in's Stackware set has truly been a game-changer. The moment I unwrapped the set, I was immediately struck by its stunning design - a perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Not only does Stackware exude elegance, but it also delivers on performance. The heavy-duty construction ensures even heat distribution without any pesky hot spots, allowing me to cook with precision and consistency. The thoughtful design features, such as laser-welded handles and clear glass lids, add to the set's allure and functionality. One of the standout features for me is the removable handles, which not only make it easy to stack and store the pots and pans but also provide a cool-touch surface during cooking. This versatility maximizes my stovetop space and simplifies my cooking process. In a kitchen where space is precious, Stackware has truly been a lifesaver. The entire set nests together neatly, freeing up valuable cabinet space and reducing clutter. Apart from my trusty cast iron, Stackware stands out as the go-to option for any cooking task, making meal preparation a breeze. In a fast-paced city lifestyle where home-cooked meals are a daily essential, Stackware has brought a sense of joy and efficiency to my culinary adventures. From whipping up quick weeknight dinners to experimenting with new recipes, this set has elevated my kitchen experience to new heights. Thank you,, for creating such a versatile and beautiful addition to my culinary arsenal.
A Abby S
1104 days ago

Reliable and Durable Cookware Set: A Testament to Quality and Longevity

As a dedicated user of, I am pleased to share my experience with their cookware set. The quality and durability of the pots and pans truly stand out, making them a reliable choice for any kitchen. The sturdy construction assures me that these kitchen essentials will last for years to come, a testament to their long-lasting nature. However, transparency is key in any review, and it's important to note that some aspects may pose challenges. While the pots and pans have proven their worth in the kitchen, it is worth mentioning that certain cleaning issues have been observed. Water, soap, and residue tend to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas such as under the handle and along the edges of the lids, making cleaning a bit of a challenge. Despite this minor setback, the overall performance and quality of the cookware set from shine through. From their durability to their functionality, these pots and pans have truly enhanced my cooking experience. If you're looking for reliable and long-lasting cookware, look no further than
J Jessica Perreault-Howarth
1111 days ago

Innovative Design, Versatile Functionality: A Satisfied Customer’s Tale

As a delighted customer of, I am eager to share my experience with their exceptional product. From the moment the package arrived, I was captivated by the meticulous presentation. Unboxing the ensemble felt like unwrapping a treasure trove, with every detail carefully considered. Moreover, the sustainable packaging highlighted the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness, further enhancing my appreciation. Upon exploring the contents, I marveled at the sleek and modern design of the pots and pans. Not only were they aesthetically pleasing, but their compact and stackable nature showcased intelligent functionality. Cooking with these utensils proved to be a delight, as the even heat distribution ensured perfect outcomes every time. The standout feature for me was the removable handle, a true game-changer in terms of space efficiency. This innovative addition not only simplified storage but also made handling and cleaning a breeze. The practicality extended to the flat lids, ideal for seamless stacking and storing convenience. Additionally, the cool-touch handle alleviated any safety concerns during cooking, adding a layer of reassurance to the culinary process. In conclusion, my experience with's product surpassed all expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this versatile and thoughtfully designed ensemble to anyone seeking quality and functionality in their kitchen. Thank you for revolutionizing my cooking experience!
A Andrew P
1112 days ago

Wonderful high quality

My assessment for Wonderful high quality, I really feel like my cooking recreation has been elevated! The burden is ideal and so they look nice too. My pot drawer is now organized for the primary time in my life and my entire kitchen feels extra inviting.
J Jeremy Ablaza
1121 days ago

A True Kitchen Game Changer!

Transforming my cooking experience, the Stack from has truly exceeded my expectations. The performance is top-notch, just as advertised. What sets it apart for me is the ample size of the pans, perfect for whipping up meals for my family and friends effortlessly. I was pleasantly surprised by the detachable handle, which offers a sense of security and ease while handling. Its sturdy build is a testament to its durability and smart engineering, making cooking a joy. Thank you for revolutionizing my kitchen with this exceptional cookware!

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