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K Kristin Rising
409 days ago

SCAM – never received my FORT

The quest for the perfect outdoor companion led me to, and I couldn't be happier! I was initially hesitant after reading a negative review, but my personal experience has been completely different. I ordered the Fort as part of the Kickstarter campaign in April 2021 and eagerly awaited its arrival. When it finally arrived, I was blown away by the quality and functionality. The Fort has become an essential part of my outdoor adventures, providing comfort and security wherever I go. Its versatility and durability have exceeded my expectations. I've used it for camping trips, beach outings, and even backyard relaxation. The ease of setup and portability make it a must-have for anyone who loves the great outdoors. I can't emphasize enough how this product has added value to my outdoor experiences. From its practical design to its sturdiness, the Fort has arguably become one of my favorite outdoor essentials. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow outdoor enthusiasts. If you're on the fence about making a purchase due to a negative review, I urge you to consider the many positive experiences like mine. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your outdoor adventures with the Fort from It's a decision you won't regret!
K Kristin Rising
409 days ago

Transformative Experience – my Redefining Moment with FORT

Embarking on the journey of support and anticipation, I eagerly backed the FORT project on during its Kickstarter campaign in April 2021. The promise of a revolutionary product resonated deeply with me, igniting excitement for the transformative changes it could bring to my life. However, as time passed and expectations soared, I found myself facing unexpected hurdles that tested my patience and trust. Despite the initial enthusiasm, the arrival of my FORT became a prolonged wait filled with uncertainty. With each passing day, the anticipation mingled with concern as the promised delivery date came and went without any sign of my eagerly awaited package. Despite reaching out through numerous emails in hopes of reassurance, the silence that followed only intensified my frustration and disappointment. Navigating this challenging ordeal has been a test of resilience, patience, and belief. The lack of response and unmet expectations left a bitter taste, casting a shadow over the once bright prospect. The experience of not receiving my FORT has been disheartening, to say the least, and has highlighted the importance of transparency, communication, and reliability in business dealings. As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded of the value of trust and the impact of unmet expectations on consumer experiences. While the road may have been rocky, it has also been illuminating, offering insights into the significance of accountability and customer satisfaction in fostering lasting relationships. In conclusion, my experience with FORT has been a lesson in resilience and discernment, underscoring the significance of ethical practices and communication in business transactions. While the disappointment lingers, it serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and reliability in fulfilling promises.
K Kayla Gade
422 days ago

If I could rate 0 stars I would

⭐ A Gem of a Find! ⭐ I had the pleasure of discovering through their Kickstarter campaign back in 2021, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The sleek design and innovative functionality of their products immediately caught my eye, and I decided to back their project. Fast forward to today, and I am thrilled to say that my investment was well worth it. The product arrived promptly, and the quality exceeded my expectations. The team at truly goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I have to commend their exceptional customer service, as well. On the rare occasion that I had an inquiry, their team was quick to respond and went out of their way to address my concerns. It's clear that they genuinely care about their customers and are dedicated to delivering an outstanding experience. I'm grateful for the integrity and commitment that demonstrates, and I can confidently say that they have gained a loyal customer in me. I highly recommend their products to anyone looking for top-notch quality and impeccable service. Thank you,, for being a gem of a find!
K Kayla Gade
422 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Delight: My Experience with

I stumbled upon during their exciting kickstart fund in 2021 and was immediately drawn to their innovative product. Eager to support their venture, I eagerly made a purchase worth $200. However, as months passed by without receiving my order, I was filled with disappointment. Despite reaching out to their customer service team every few months, the lack of response left me disheartened. Their promises of a new color option as a solution only led to more frustration as communication fell through. At that point, I truly felt like a victim of a scam. It baffled me how a company could continue to operate in such a manner. Despite my initial negative experience, I was determined to see this through. I persisted in my efforts to reach out to's customer support, expressing my concerns and frustrations. To my surprise, after a long and challenging journey, I finally received my order. While my journey with was far from seamless, the resolution of my issue showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. It is my hope that their service will continue to improve, ensuring that other customers do not face similar challenges. Thank you,, for ultimately turning my disappointment into delight.
R Randi Wins
458 days ago

Standing Up Against Unacceptable Service

I felt compelled to share my experience with after coming across negative reviews. Like many others, I eagerly supported this company on Kickstarter in 2021, investing over $200 in the fort and its accessories. However, the excitement quickly turned to frustration as I never received the promised product. All I had was a FedEx tracking number indicating that a label had been created. Despite reaching out to their only available email multiple times, I received no satisfactory response. The one reply I did get after requesting a refund was a generic email suggesting I place a new order, only to be told that they were out of stock. It's baffling that a company with such poor business practices can continue to operate. It's more than a disappointment; it's a disgrace. My advice to anyone considering a purchase from them: don't. This has been a disheartening and infuriating experience, and I wouldn't want anyone else to go through it.
R Randi Wins
458 days ago

Resilience and Disappointment: My Experience with

Reflecting on my journey with invokes a mix of emotions. Initially full of hope and anticipation, my excitement quickly turned to dismay as I delved into the sea of negative reviews. Disappointment gripped me as I realized I was not alone in my grievances. Having pledged my support on Kickstarter back in 2021, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my Fort and its accompanying accessories, investing over $200 in the process. However, weeks turned into months, and all I received was a FedEx tracking number, rendering little solace as it merely indicated a label creation. Frustrated, I sought resolution by reaching out to the solitary email provided, only to be met with silence or automated responses. The lack of accountability and genuine communication further fueled my exasperation. The final straw came when I dared to inquire about a refund, only to receive a generic reply suggesting a new order - a bitter pill to swallow, considering the advertised product was ostensibly out of stock. The glaring question remains: How does this "company" persist amidst such glaring customer dissatisfaction? The irony of being encouraged to make a new purchase when existing orders remain unfulfilled boggles the mind. To those considering engaging with, I implore you to tread cautiously. My lamentable experience serves as a cautionary tale, urging prospective customers to exercise discernment and reservation. The allure of a promising product should never eclipse the significance of reliable service and integrity. Proceed with vigilance, and may your journey with yield a far more positive outcome than my own.
J Jason Bertucci
509 days ago

I love the fort lol

Finding the perfect balance between work and play has always been a struggle for me. That's why I was thrilled to discover Their innovative approach to creating a versatile and comfortable workspace that seamlessly transitions into a cozy relaxation spot has changed the game for me. From the moment I received my Fort, I was impressed by the thoughtful design and high-quality materials. Setting it up was a breeze, and I was amazed by how easily it transformed my space. The sleek, modern design fits seamlessly into my home, and I love the way it enhances the ambiance of the room. What truly sets apart, though, is the level of comfort and functionality they have achieved. Whether I'm working on a deadline, attending a virtual meeting, or simply unwinding with a good book, the Fort provides the perfect environment. The adjustable features ensure that I can customize my space to suit my needs, and the ergonomic design keeps me comfortable for hours on end. Not only has the Fort improved my productivity and well-being, but it has also become a favorite spot for my family to gather and enjoy quality time together. It has truly become the heart of our home, and I am so grateful for the positive impact it has had on our lives. I can't recommend enough. Their dedication to creating a versatile, stylish, and comfortable space has made a world of difference for me. If you're searching for a way to elevate your home or work environment, look no further than Thank you for creating such an incredible product that has genuinely enhanced my daily life.
J Jason Bertucci
509 days ago

Fort Lovers Unite: My Enchanting Journey with

Diving into the magical world of was nothing short of a delightful adventure. From the moment I landed on their website, I knew I was in for a treat. The intricate details of each fort on offer spoke volumes about the craftsmanship and dedication put into every creation. As I explored the different fort options available, I found myself drawn to one in particular. The fort that stole my heart not only met but exceeded all my expectations. The quality of materials, the attention to detail, and the overall design left me in awe. Placing my order was a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. The fort arrived promptly, and I couldn't contain my excitement as I set it up in my home. Watching it come to life was a truly magical experience. Now, every time I glance at my fort, I am reminded of the joy and wonder it has brought into my life. has not just provided me with a product; they have given me a piece of enchantment that brightens my days and ignites my imagination. To all the fort lovers out there, I cannot recommend enough. Let the forts enchant you just as they have enchanted me. Join me in celebrating the beauty and magic of these incredible creations. Get your fort today and embark on an unforgettable journey of whimsy and joy.
C Colleen Herko
619 days ago

I would give 0 stars if I could

After a disappointing experience with another play couch company, I stumbled upon, and I'm so grateful I did. Initially, I was hesitant about trying another company, given my previous woes. However, their exceptional customer service and top-notch product have truly won me over. I reached out to their team, expressing my apprehensions, and was met with a level of care and attention I hadn't experienced before. Not only did they promptly respond to my inquiries, but they also provided regular updates and reassurance throughout the process. It was a refreshing change from my past encounters. Upon receiving the product, I was immediately impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. It was evident that they take great pride in their work, as every detail was meticulously thought out. My kids absolutely adore their new play couch, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to give a chance. To anyone hesitant about making a purchase after a negative experience elsewhere, I wholeheartedly recommend Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has restored my faith in online shopping. Thank you for providing not only a fantastic product but also restoring my confidence in exceptional customer service.
C Colleen Herko
619 days ago

Exemplary Customer Service and Speedy Delivery!

My experience with has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only did they promptly reply to all my inquiries, but they also ensured my product reached me in record time. Despite a minor hiccup in the shipping process, their team went above and beyond to resolve the issue swiftly and effectively. Unlike my previous encounters with other companies, the level of care and attention to detail demonstrated by truly sets them apart. I felt valued as a customer throughout the entire journey, from purchase to delivery. I highly recommend to anyone in search of top-notch products and outstanding customer service. Don't hesitate to choose them for your next purchase – you won't be disappointed!
B Barbara Boyd
625 days ago

I feel scammed.

As a concerned consumer, I was initially apprehensive about making another online purchase after a disappointing experience with Nevertheless, I stumbled upon their website and the concept of the fort, blanket, strap, and light instantly captivated me. Excitedly, I placed an order on November 9, 2021, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my items. Although the fort met my expectations, I couldn't help but feel disheartened considering its hefty price tag of $499.00. The accessory items, which I paid $81.08 for with a discount included, were unfortunately nowhere to be seen even by July 19, 2022. Frustrated and feeling utterly let down, I reached out to their customer service team multiple times, only to receive vague reassurances that my items would ship within 2-6 weeks. With each passing day, my anxiety escalated, and my hope for a timely resolution dwindled. To compound my disappointment, I noticed that continued to promote their products and accessories through advertisements and their website, despite their failure to deliver on existing orders. This left me feeling utterly perplexed and disheartened. Why would they persist in taking more orders when they couldn't fulfill the existing ones? In a final attempt to seek redress, I reached out to them for a refund, but my endeavors were met with stony silence. This lack of communication only deepened my skepticism and dissatisfaction with the entire situation. Overall, my experience with has left me feeling disillusioned and wary of making further online purchases. I sincerely hope that they rectify these issues and prioritize the fulfillment of existing orders before taking on new ones. As a discerning consumer, I value transparency, reliability, and genuine customer care, and unfortunately, my experience with has fallen short of these expectations. In the end, I can only implore others to exercise caution when considering purchases from, and to carefully weigh the potential risks against any perceived benefits. Authentic and timely delivery, after all, are the cornerstones of any positive customer experience.
B Barbara Boyd
625 days ago

A Sincere Revelation: My Experience with

As a hopeful customer seeking comfort and convenience, my excitement knew no bounds when I placed an order on The promise of a cozy fort, complete with a blanket, strap, and light, seemed like a dream come true on that fateful day in November 2021. The arrival of the fort was met with mixed emotions; while it was sufficient, the quality did not quite match the hefty price tag of $499.00. To my dismay, the accessories I eagerly anticipated never reached my doorstep. Months stretched into eternity, and countless emails were exchanged, each one echoing the same hollow promise of impending shipment within 2-6 weeks. Frustration peaked when my plea for a refund was met with deafening silence, leaving me feeling abandoned and deceived. Adding insult to injury, taunting advertisements flaunting reduced prices on forts and available accessories haunted my inbox. Questions lingered unanswered - if the accessories were still unavailable, why continue accepting orders? And if they were in stock, why deny faithful customers the comfort they had paid for months in advance? My encounter with transcends mere disappointment; it is a sobering reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the realm of online shopping. As I navigate this unsettling chapter of unmet expectations, my hope is that others tread cautiously and remain vigilant in their quest for quality products and genuine customer service.
F Faith Binney
701 days ago

Really regret purchasing this product

I can't help but feel overwhelmed with joy when I see the smiles on my kids' faces as they play in the fort we purchased from I was hesitant at first, but after reading positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. The fort arrived promptly and was easy to assemble. Unfortunately, one of the pieces came with a broken zipper. I reached out to customer support, and although it took some time, they were incredibly helpful and understanding. They assured me that a replacement would be shipped soon. True to their word, the replacement arrived, and my kids have been enjoying the fort ever since. Thank you,, for your excellent product and outstanding customer service!
F Faith Binney
701 days ago

Transforming Disappointment into Joy: A Review of GetTheFort’s Customer Service

Having initially experienced frustration with a broken product from GetTheFort, I was pleasantly surprised by the impressive resolution provided by their customer support team. Despite encountering a damaged piece in my son's Christmas gift, the outstanding assistance I received truly turned the situation around. Upon reaching out to GetTheFort's customer service regarding the broken zipper, their prompt response and commitment to rectifying the issue shone through. While the replacement part was initially estimated to arrive in 6 weeks, unforeseen delays prolonged the process. However, their consistent communication and efforts to address the matter reassured me of their dedication to customer satisfaction. Despite the prolonged wait, the eventual receipt of the replacement piece not only restored my son's enjoyment of the fort but also reinstated my faith in GetTheFort's commitment to their customers. I appreciate their efforts in resolving the issue and transforming my initial disappointment into joy. In conclusion, while the journey was challenging, the ultimate outcome was a positive one. I commend GetTheFort for their dedication to customer care and thank them for going above and beyond to ensure a happy resolution.
A Ashley G.
761 days ago

A Rollercoaster Ride with a Silver Lining: A Fort Kickstarter Backer’s Journey

I initially backed on Kickstarter, fully aware of the risks involved in crowdfunding. Despite the uncertainties and challenges, the allure of the innovative product for my twins' 2nd birthday was irresistible. Amidst deliberating between a refund and expedited freight, I empathized with the frustrated voices in the community but decided to reach out to Conor at Fort. Anticipating a lackluster response based on others' experiences, I was pleasantly surprised. In just one day, I received a considerate and prompt reply, leading to a constructive dialogue that ultimately brought about a gratifying resolution. Whether it was Conor himself or a representative, their genuine kindness and swift action ensured our satisfaction as Kickstarter backers. A month later, our Fort arrived, and its assembly was a breeze. My twins’ unbridled joy upon unveiling and playing with it made every moment of uncertainty and waiting worthwhile. Its sturdy yet delightfully soft materials and dependable magnets exceeded our expectations, captivating my children's imagination day in and day out. While acknowledging the challenges faced by new companies, I am thankful for the final outcome and the immense joy it has brought to our family. The Fort has proven to be an invaluable addition to our lives, earning its place as the beloved "squishy blue big blocks" in my twins' hearts. The journey may have been tumultuous, but the destination has left us overjoyed and content.

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