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Brenda Pilgrim 19692 days ago

I have arthritis

I have arthritis the knob is hard to turn. Is there any thing I or you can do

Christian 19692 days ago

Never received a return label

I decided to return my order since I changed my mind. I contacted customer service and they told me they couldnt generate a return label because my order was flagged as fraud I contacted several times afterwards and they kept telling me my return was still being reviewed. Its been months now and I still havent received an update.

Nicky N 113 days ago

Best purchase of 2022

Best purchase of 2022

Deborah Wilkins 19692 days ago

Super slow Customer Service response

No Customer Service response. I bought the Ace. All the plumbing installation went smoothly except actually attaching it to the toilet. Their replacement bolts dont quite go in. Its been a WEEK and only an automated were experiencing high email volumes response. I had to cut mu toilet seat bolts to get it off I thought theyd get back to me so just went ahead with the install. Now im sitting on a seatless toilet waiting... EDIT They finally got back to me. They sent me to the hardware store for new bolts and offered to pay. Got it installed and it works great.

Jim Johansen 19692 days ago

Beware of his company

we ordered one bidet. When we agreed to the credit card purchase the original amount showed up as a double purchase. Additionally the price did not reflect all of my 40 Labor Day discountWe never wanted the additional bidet. As soon as I saw the charge less than 5 minutes i tried to cancel the order and was told they get too many orders to cancel mine. When I tried to return the second unit i learned there was a restocking fee and I had to take my refund in company credit. I dont want to buy anything else from this company much less have them owe me money. I am not judging the product just a scam company.

CVM 19692 days ago

Used to be a great company but product

Used to be a great company but product and service stinks now. they ship you the latest bidet and am installing on a new american standard toilet turns out it wont stay on without extra parts. cheap extra parts they should ship with as this is a known issue by their own admission. customer service tried to charge me shipping and pay for parts that are required for it to function on a standard seat. better options out there these days.

Bart 54 days ago

Great product with different list prices and coupons every day. Support is great IF you persist and ask the right question

Tushy 3.0 is a great product. That said The list price and discount coupons change daily. Getting a second one at the same price as the first one required customer support escalation and the purchase dates were only two weeks apart. I liked the product enough to want a second one but ended up a really annoyed customer. If you have high water pressure there is a secret solution part not mentioned in the instructions for which you pay extra. You must specifically ask support to get this info. Easy to install IF none of your connections or toilet seat bolts are rusted due to age AND if the supply valve shutoff still works it may not due to age. I had to use a Sawzall to remove the rusted fill connection and replace it and turn off the water in the basement since the supply valve was old and leaky on one of two toilets. Luckily Im good at this. Make sure you know how to shut off the house water AND have a backup plan in case something breaks. Customer Supports native language is not English so the answers might be a bit confusing. The pottymouth humor wears REALLY thin after the 2nd email.

Jessica k 115 days ago

Terrible customer service

This company has the most terrible customer service Ive ever seen. I placed an order 080223 and it is now 080923 and the order hasnt even been confirmed. Ive tried talking to them multiple times but can never get ahold of anyone. For these prices they should have one of the best customer support systems. They provide their number to call but when you call it tells you to leave a voicemail and they will be back to you in a few business days that is absolutely crazy. I wouldnt recommend ordering on this website to anyone.

Mohsin Azmi 19692 days ago

Exceptional Bidets Lackluster Customer Service

When I decided to upgrade my bathroom with two stateoftheart bidets Tushy seemed to be the obvious choice based on their innovative design and ecofriendly approach. However the entire experience took a disappointing turn due to the complexities of their customer service. As I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my bidets I was disheartened to discover that the shipment had been lost by USPS after a week of transit. Despite promptly alerting Tushy about the issue I was informed that I needed to adhere to a 14day waiting policy even though USPS had confirmed the loss. This unyielding stance left me puzzled what more were we waiting for when the postal service had acknowledged the lossCommunicating with Tushys support team became a tedious task requiring multiple emails before they eventually made an exception on the 13th day conceding to the waiting policy. Nevertheless the process was further hindered when they indicated that my address which had served me well for years was suddenly deemed incorrect. This unforeseen hurdle only prolonged the resolution process. Following these arduous interactions a replacement order was finally placed. However the new shipment faced its own set of delays languishing at the USPS facility for three days without any movement. This stagnant status only added to my frustration as I couldnt shake the feeling that even sellers on eBay exhibit greater dedication to their customers. Despite my initial excitement and high expectations for Tushys bidets the cumbersome experience with their customer service has left me contemplating a return especially aggravated by the inability to cancel the order once its shipped. In conclusion while Tushys bidets boast impressive features and functionality their underwhelming customer service has undoubtedly marred what could have been an exceptional purchase experience. As a discerning buyer Im left to ponder if the allure of their products is outweighed by the frustrating hurdles faced during postpurchase support.

Doug Wilson 19692 days ago

Horrible Customer Service

Horrible Customer Service. I still havent received. They keep blaming the carrier but one rep admitted they never gave it to the carrier. They ignore requests. Was promised to be delivered by Fathers Day and wasnt mailed out until the day after. Still dont have. Avoid this company. Worst customer service experience Ive had.

Corey Sargent 19692 days ago

A 400 USED product Updated

Just received my 400 electric ACE seat. it was clearly used filthy and leaking water from inside the box. trying to get ahold of support to return and get my money back to go with a different brand. absolutely disgusted to spend that amount of money to get a USED product. UPDATE they have reviewed and corrected the error promptly.

Braxton Van Ieperen 29 days ago

Worst Ad Ever Made

I dont even remember the ad because Ive been sitting here trying to leave a bad review on you guys for like 15 minutes. I always thought I wanted to try a bidet until I saw your guys shittty shittty add. Two shitttys not by accident. Double the shittty. Bad adbad you. You just lost however much money a buttsparyer costs be better advertisers wttf was that. Idiotts

Ed Kent 90 days ago

Received and installed 2 weeks ago

Received and installed 2 weeks ago. Initially was very happy with my Tushy Spa 3.0. Performance is as advertised. Was careful to check for leaks for the first 3 days and there were none. Fast forward to today and upon arriving home found water dripping from the ceiling below the bathroom. Hot water supply was leaking from below where it screws into the Tushy. Shut off water disconnected tightened everything down and no leaks as of this moment. Hopeful but now there are trust issues. Not very happy about needing to repair the water damage. Also frustrated that I couldnt find how to leave a review on their website. Perhaps they are only keying on on positive reviews.

Consumer 19692 days ago

Day 2 after installation I have learned

Day 2 after installation I have learned a valuable lesson. First off the product seems to work well and was easy to install. But if you have small children always inspect bathroom after they use. Family left for work and school not realizing 5yr old left the tushy on. The amount of water pouring through the floor when we got home was sickening im afraid to check how much damage may have been done. Anyways not tushy falt just my own. Any easy fix would be if tushy installed a spring loaded dial that auto turned off when product was not in use. Just a suggestion. Ugh. Life.

MyKayla Geary 275 days ago


Tried to cancel my order within 5 minutes of placing it because I selected the wrong shipping but you must go through customer service who by the time they got back to me the item had already conveniently started to be processed making my order ineligible for cancellation. Thus I had to pay a restocking fee for an item I didnt need in the first place. I will never order directly through this company again. BUY THROUGH AMAZON to protect yourself from charges if you need to make a return

Eli 630 days ago

Awful awful awful customer service

Awful awful awful customer service. Ive been having issues sorting out incorrect shipping addresses and broken shipping linkstracking numbers and all I get are form responses. I cant tell if their CS team is bots or truly that monotone and unhelpful. Avoid at all costs.

Red 19692 days ago

The product is fine but8230

The product is fine but not at this price point. You can get one of similar quality for less than half the price. The worst part however is the lack of customer service. I had serious concerns about the structural integrity of the unit that I received. They responded once with an answer that didnt actually answer any of my concerns and then just sent me a followup survey asking how they done without bothering to check that any issues it actually been resolved.

Livlos 19692 days ago

Pretty good

EditedSo after my negative review all of a sudden I got the support I requested and they fixed the issue. Ive now used the product for a few days. Installation was easy. And it works as advertisedKnocking off a star for having had to leave a negative review to get any kind of support... Removing another star because while it works the product could be made more solidly. The plastic feels.. a bit too thin. I feel like I could easily snap this thing in half with minimal effort...

L Dee 19692 days ago

A great bidet 8211 but not without an issue.

We love our new bidet This has been a great addition to the house and Im happy to recommend this to friends and family. The tushypoo jokes are a little overthetop we get it were buying a product to wash poop off our butts but the product is good. It was easy to install the instructions were clear. My only real feedback is about the regular version vs the spa version. I wouldnt recommend the spa version to anyone as theres only very small chance of any warm water reaching your bumbum. Unless you have instant hot water that goes directly to your toilet or some magical creature under the sink I have no idea how to warm the water up. I could let the sink run for a while before I use the toilet or I could wait till after a hot shower or just let cold water hit my ass for 5 minutes...otherwise Im drawing a blank. Otherwise Happy

wwgirasol 1029 days ago

Best COVID 2020 purchase 8211 fan for life

Ive always wanted a bidet or one of the fancy toilets that warm the seat night light etc. Alas no power receptacle in my bathroom Finally I found hellotushy during the toilet paper scarcity of 2020 and im a fan forever. My husband that no trouble installing and it is now my preferred toilet in our home. If Im out and need to go I try to wait to get home to do my business. I also gave as a Christmas gift.


Hello Tushy is a company that sells bidets as an alternative to traditional toilet paper. Their mission is to make clean bathroom experiences more accessible and less wasteful for people worldwide. In this review, we will be discussing the pros and cons of using a Tushy bidet, user experience, pricing and value for money, alternatives, customer service, product quality and selection, website usability, returns and exchanges, promotions and discounts, reputation, payment options, loyalty programs, customer reviews, community involvement, shipping, and costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - The Tushy bidet is more cost-effective than buying toilet paper over time - Environmentally friendly, reducing waste from toilet paper - Easy to install, does not require a professional plumber - No more worries about running out of toilet paper - Available in several different models and colors to suit various needs and preferences Cons: - May require some getting used to for those who have never used a bidet before - Initial cost may be higher than buying toilet paper - Does not work with all toilet configurations - Not as portable or easy to travel with as traditional toilet paper

User Experience

Tushy bidets provide a more hygienic and convenient bathroom experience for users. They offer a refreshing, water-based clean that leaves you feeling fresher and cleaner than traditional toilet paper ever could.

Pricing and Value for Money

Tushy bidets come in various models at different price points, starting at $79. They also offer bundle deals to help customers save even more money. While the initial cost may be more than purchasing toilet paper, a Tushy bidet can save you money over time as you no longer need to buy toilet paper.


Some alternatives to Tushy bidets include other bidet brands such as Brondell and Bio Bidet, as well as using wet wipes or a handheld bidet sprayer.

Customer Service

Hello Tushy offers excellent customer service. They have a helpful FAQ section on their website, and if you can't find the answer to your question there, their customer service team is available 24/7 to help via email or phone.

Product Quality and Selection

Tushy bidets are high-quality products made from durable materials. They come in several different models to suit various needs and preferences.

Website Usability

Hello Tushy's website is easy to use and navigate. The product descriptions and images are clear and informative, and the checkout process is straightforward.

Returns and Exchanges

Hello Tushy offers a 60-day return policy on their products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will provide a full refund or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts

Hello Tushy occasionally offers promotions and discounts, including bundle deals and holiday sales.


Hello Tushy has a great reputation. Customers love their products, and the company has received positive press coverage from reputable sources.

Payment Options

Hello Tushy accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Loyalty Programs

Hello Tushy does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews

Hello Tushy has many positive customer reviews, with customers raving about the product's ease of use, cleanliness, and effectiveness.

Community Involvement

Hello Tushy is involved in various charitable efforts, including donating a portion of their profits to organizations that provide clean water and sanitation to those in need.

Shipping and Costs

Hello Tushy offers free shipping for orders over $100. Shipping costs vary based on the order total and location. They also offer expedited shipping options for an additional fee. In conclusion, Hello Tushy is an excellent option for those looking for a more hygienic and environmentally friendly bathroom experience. Their bidets are easy to install, cost-effective over time, and available in several different models and colors to suit different needs and preferences. With great customer service and positive customer reviews, Hello Tushy is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

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