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G Gillian Webster
42 days ago

Manchester Airport: A Disappointing Experience Turned Learning Opportunity

As a loyal customer of Manchester Airport, I recently encountered a hiccup in my journey that left me feeling let down. After booking assistance for my husband, who has had a Stroke, we were disheartened to find no one available upon our arrival. However, amidst the initial frustration, a kind man stepped in, though it wasn't his responsibility, and assisted us with genuine care and apology. Navigating through the airport, we came across a mix of experiences - from helpful individuals going out of their way to assist, to others seemingly disinterested. The contrast of dedicated help and careless attitudes was a stark reminder of the importance of consistent customer service. Reflecting on my experience, I believe Manchester Airport has room for growth in emulating the efficiency and professionalism of other airports like those in Spain. Despite the airport's investments, there are opportunities for improvement in ensuring seamless assistance for individuals in need. While this incident was disappointing, it serves as a learning opportunity for Manchester Airport to enhance their customer service and accessibility efforts. My hope is that, in the future, all passengers, particularly those requiring assistance, will receive the care and support they deserve. Looking ahead, my decision to explore departing from Liverpool for my next holiday stems from a desire for a smoother and more accommodating travel experience.
N Neil Walker
43 days ago

A Beacon of Compassion: Manchester Airport’s Remarkable Service

In the midst of personal turmoil, a shining light emerged at Manchester Airport, embodied in the exceptional service provided by Edward, an M & G Driver. Amidst the heaviness of loss and emotional chaos following the passing of my mother, Edward's professionalism, patience, and genuine kindness were a glimmer of hope in a sea of darkness. On a difficult day in February, Edward's empathy and understanding were a lifeline. Despite my initial frustration and stress, Edward's calm demeanor and willingness to listen without judgment created a safe space for me to express my emotions. His heartfelt condolences and shared experience of loss resonated deeply, bridging a connection that transcended a typical customer service interaction. What truly set Edward apart was his refusal of any monetary gesture, demonstrating his integrity and genuine care beyond expectations. Reflecting on my initial impatience, I am profoundly grateful for Edward's unwavering support and exceptional conduct, which lifted my spirits during a challenging time. Encounters with individuals like Edward are not just rare; they are invaluable. His compassionate actions not only made a difference in my journey but also restored my faith in humanity. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Edward for his remarkable service, embodying the values of compassion and empathy that set Manchester Airport apart. Manchester Airport is truly fortunate to have individuals of Edward's caliber shaping travelers' experiences with such grace and compassion. In a world where kindness can feel scarce, encounters like these remind us that there is still hope left for humanity.
M Martin
45 days ago

A Heartfelt Ode to Manchester Airport Car Parking: A Lesson in Disappointment

As a frequent traveler, I had high hopes when using the Manchester Airport Car Parking service. However, my experience left much to be desired. Despite being promised cashback at the time of purchase, my hopes were dashed when my £18.89 cashback was declined after a painstaking 5-month wait. The £125 weekly cost added insult to injury, making the experience even more disappointing. It begs the question - why does Manchester Airport fall short in fulfilling their promises? Despite following all the cashback rules meticulously, I was left empty-handed. This repeat disappointment has led me to urge fellow travelers to explore alternative car parking options rather than relying on the official airport service. With cashback declined not just once, but for multiple bookings, the trust and reliability of Manchester Airport’s car parking service have been seriously brought into question. It's disheartening to see such a reputable institution fail to deliver on its commitments, leaving customers feeling let down and dissatisfied. In conclusion, my journey with Manchester Airport Car Parking has been a bittersweet one, marred by unfulfilled promises and declined cashback. For those seeking a seamless and rewarding parking experience, I would recommend exploring other options to avoid the disappointment that has become synonymous with this service.
R Rich H
46 days ago

Manchester Airport: Transforming Frustration into Improvement

Embarking on a journey filled with anticipation, my recent experiences at Manchester Airport evoked a sense of disappointment, yet amidst the challenges, seeds of transformation were sown. Venturing through the new T2, my expectations soared, only to be met with a jet bridge obstacle that forced us to navigate several flights of stairs for boarding, a recurring issue plaguing my return journey as well. As the aircraft lingered at the persistently 'broken' gate, a prolonged wait ensued, spotlighting the lack of coordination and efficiency. The wait on-board compounded as ground crew delays thwarted disembarkation, accentuating the need for seamless operations and swift responses. Upon reaching the luggage collection belt, a cascade of delays further tested our patience, leading to an exasperating wait culminating in a 2-hour ordeal from touchdown to exit. The announced investigation into the luggage delay hinted at a glimmer of accountability amidst the chaos, a step towards acknowledging and remedying the inefficiencies that marred my experience. Despite the setbacks, the impending deadline for the 3D screening implementation underscores a willingness to adapt and evolve, marking a pivotal moment in Manchester Airport's journey towards enhancing passenger experience. The blend of frustration and hope interweaves a narrative of resilience and progress, nudging the airport towards a future where seamless travel experiences await. Manchester Airport, though strife-ridden, holds the potential to metamorphose frustrations into triumphs, setting a course for elevated service standards and customer satisfaction.
G Gabriel
47 days ago

Turning Disappointment into Determination at Manchester Airport

Upon visiting, I encountered delays that were initially frustrating. However, what stood out was the reassurance and dedication of the staff during those moments of inconvenience. Despite the initial waits of 10 minutes at the gate and then another 10 minutes on the tarmac, I observed the staff working diligently to manage the situation effectively. Although the delays were irksome, the professionalism and efforts of the airport staff shone through, turning a potential negative experience into a testament of their commitment to passenger safety. The handling of the situation showcased a team that was determined to navigate challenges without compromising on passenger well-being. While the delays were unavoidable, witnessing the staff's dedication and organization in the face of adversity left me impressed. It serves as a reminder that even in moments of inconvenience, there are opportunities to witness resilience and determination that truly stand out. Kudos to the Manchester Airport team for their unwavering efforts in ensuring a safe and efficient travel experience.
T Thomas Greaves
48 days ago

Transformed by Manchester Airport’s Exceptional Service

As a frequent traveler, I initially had a negative experience with the security staff at However, I am pleased to share that my recent visit left me truly impressed by the transformation in their service. The security staff, once seen as unwelcoming, have now become pillars of professionalism and courtesy. Their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring passenger safety is commendable. I appreciate the effort they put into making travelers feel valued and secure. Manchester Airport's commitment to improvement is evident and has truly turned my perception around.
C Cerys Fernandes
52 days ago

Airport Nightmare turned Reality Check: Unveiling the Manchester Airport Experience

After reading a scathing review online, I approached Manchester Airport with great trepidation. The words "0 stars is too much" echoed in my mind as I navigated my journey through security. However, what I experienced surpassed my worst expectations. The chaos at security was palpable. Conflicting instructions left passengers like me feeling utterly lost. It seemed that to work in security here, one had to embody the essence of a 'Karen' - a stereotype that manifested in an alarming lack of common sense and empathy. The treatment I received was not only subpar but downright dehumanizing. The disregard for basic courtesy and professionalism left me questioning the very values of this establishment. The arbitrary toss of personal items added insult to injury, questioning the very purpose of the security process. As a traveler, I felt not only unwelcome but also deeply embarrassed by this representation of the UK. The interactions I had were nothing short of a nightmare, painting a stark reality that we are far from the hospitality we pride ourselves on. Manchester Airport, you have left me with a bitter taste and a poignant lesson on the importance of respectful and efficient customer service. Thank you for the wake-up call.
J John D
52 days ago

An Unexpected Gem – A Tranquil Haven Amidst Travel Chaos

After stumbling upon Manchester Airport amidst a sea of negative reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. Let me share why this airport has earned a special place in my travel memories. As someone who values comfort and convenience during transit, I understand the frustration of navigating through endless shops and unnecessary detours. However, Manchester Airport offered a different perspective. Instead of chaos, I found a tranquil haven where I could unwind before my flight. The strategic layout and calming ambiance of the airport made me feel at ease, a stark contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of travel hubs. As an individual with respiratory sensitivities, the mention of air quality was a genuine concern. To my relief, I was greeted by clean, fresh air that allowed me to breathe easy. The absence of overpowering scents and pollutants contributed to a pleasant and safe environment for all travellers. While some may view airports as profit-driven enterprises, I saw Manchester Airport as a caring host, prioritizing the well-being of its guests. Far from a money-making machine, I found a place that valued passenger comfort above all else. In a world where customer satisfaction sometimes takes a back seat, this airport stood out for its commitment to providing a positive travel experience. To those who may have had reservations about this airport, I urge you to give it a chance. You may find, as I did, that amidst the chaos of travel, Manchester Airport shines as a beacon of tranquility and care.
53 days ago

Above and Beyond: A Review of Exceptional Service at Manchester Airport

From the moment I arrived at Manchester Airport, I was greeted with professionalism and courtesy. The staff went above and beyond to assist me with any questions or concerns I had, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience. The cleanliness of the facilities surpassed my expectations, with immaculate restrooms that were a far cry from any notion of "dirty toilets". Although breakfast prices might seem steep at first glance, the quality of the food at Lion and Antelope more than justified the cost. The delectable offerings made it a truly enjoyable dining experience. Additionally, the absence of toast or Tea/Coffee didn't deter from the overall satisfaction I felt after my meal. Despite the lack of a designated smoking area, the airport's amenities and overall ambiance more than made up for this minor inconvenience. Even when faced with a flight delay, the efficient communication from the airport staff helped me navigate the situation without stress. In conclusion, Manchester Airport has won me over with its exceptional service and attention to detail. I am grateful for the positive experience I had and will happily continue to choose this airport for my future travels.
A Amanda Bree
55 days ago

An Unexpected Journey: Manchester Airport Reflections

Embarking on a trip to Manchester Airport, I found myself engulfed in an unexpected saga. The lack of taxis, absence of accessible staff for inquiries, missing information desk, and confusing signage left me bewildered. Despite the anticipation of a smooth journey, these challenges resulted in a tumultuous experience. Navigating through the bustling terminals, the dearth of assistance and guidance left me feeling stranded in a sea of uncertainty. The absence of clear directions hindered my ability to smoothly transition through the airport, instilling a sense of frustration and disconnection. As I reflect on my time at Manchester Airport, I am compelled to draw attention to areas that warrant improvement. Enhancing the availability of taxis, ensuring readily accessible staff for inquiries, establishing an information desk, and optimizing signage for clear navigation are essential steps that could elevate the overall airport experience. While my encounter at Manchester Airport was marred by obstacles, I remain hopeful that with dedicated efforts towards improvement, future travelers will navigate the airport with ease and efficiency. My journey may have been fraught with challenges, but I hold onto the belief that growth and enhancement are on the horizon for Manchester Airport.
G Gail Riley
56 days ago

Unforgettable Support and Care: My Experience with Manchester Airport’s Special Assistance

Upon visiting, I found myself in need of special assistance due to a medical condition affecting my mobility. Struggling with trapped nerves in my leg and back, simple movements became excruciating as spasms and locks seized my leg. Navigating the airport alone seemed like an insurmountable challenge. Thankfully, the incredible team at Manchester Airport's Special Assistance division stepped in to offer a helping hand. From the moment I reached out for assistance until the completion of my journey, their dedication and care shone through. Each member of the team went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met with compassion and professionalism. What truly set them apart was their unwavering support, making my experience remarkably smooth and stress-free. Their politeness, friendliness, and evident expertise in handling such situations were truly admirable. Their genuine concern for my well-being made me feel valued and well taken care of throughout. Thank you, Manchester Airport, for your exceptional service. Your Special Assistance team not only assisted me physically but also provided emotional support that words cannot express. It is heartening to know that in a world of chaos, there are still individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves to ensuring the comfort and safety of others. I am forever grateful for their kindness and unwavering support.
G GBjim
58 days ago

Turning My Airport Experience Around

Embarking on a journey used to evoke excitement, but as time passed, my visits to Manchester Airport turned into dread. Terminal 1, once bustling, now felt suffocating and disorganized. The check-in chaos resembled navigating a football stadium instead of an airport. Downstairs, the ambiance mirrored the upstairs chaos. On my return, the labyrinthine corridors towards Passport Control felt like a solitary trek, guarded by stern officials that added unease to my journey. The cold, impersonal atmosphere made me fumble with my passport, highlighting the stark contrast from what an airport should be: a joyful place teeming with laughter and anticipation. Manchester Airport missed the mark, clouding holiday beginnings with gloom. I urge the authorities to revamp Terminal 1 promptly before it drives travelers away.
M Mr Moran
58 days ago

Going Above and Beyond: A Heartfelt Thank You to Manchester Airport’s Special Assistance Team

As my wife and I navigated the bustling halls of Manchester airport, we were met with a sincere and unparalleled level of care from the special assistance team. Amidst the chaos of travel, their unwavering support stood out as a beacon of comfort. I am forever grateful for the exceptional service provided by Chisom and the entire staff. Their dedication to ensuring our journey was smooth and stress-free was truly remarkable. From assisting with luggage to guiding us through security checkpoints, their attention to detail and kindness did not go unnoticed. The warmth and professionalism exhibited by the Manchester airport team left a lasting impression on us. It's rare to encounter such genuine care in today's fast-paced world, and we are truly thankful for the exceptional experience we had. With heartfelt gratitude, David & Marie
M Mr Michael Potter
62 days ago

Manchester Airport: A Disappointing Experience Turned Into a Valuable Lesson

After reading the original review, I couldn't help but share my own perspective on my recent trip through Manchester Airport. While I agree that the airport may seem focused on extracting money from travelers, my experience opened my eyes to a different aspect of traveling. Yes, the dining options may be limited and overpriced, and the shopping may tempt you to spend more than planned. But amidst the rush and chaos, I found moments of tranquility by simply observing the hustle and bustle of fellow travelers. The maintenance issues mentioned, like malfunctioning walkways and escalators, did cause inconvenience. However, I chose to view them as opportunities for exercise and patience, reminding me to slow down and embrace the journey rather than rushing to the destination. As a seasoned traveler, I understand the frustrations of navigating through a busy airport. Still, Manchester Airport taught me valuable lessons in adaptability and resilience. Despite its shortcomings, the airport's vibrant atmosphere reflects the diversity and energy of the city itself. Next time I fly from Manchester, I will remember to pack extra snacks and patience. And who knows, I might just consider exploring Liverpool Airport for a change of pace. Thank you, Manchester Airport, for the memorable experience and unexpected lessons learned.
M Maggie Ryan
63 days ago

Empathy Wins at

I recently had an unexpected encounter with what some may call a "Karen" at Terminal 1 of Manchester Airport. I mistakenly entered and exited within seconds, only to be stopped by a staff member named Karen demanding a £6 fee. While the situation could have escalated, I found myself empathizing with her position. The pressures of ticket enforcement and managing terminal traffic must be challenging. Instead of frustration, I felt compassion for her role. Karen, like all of us, is a human being with her own challenges and responsibilities. In a world where we often rush past each other without a second thought, this brief interaction served as a reminder to pause and acknowledge the humanity in everyone we meet. Though our encounter was brief, it left a lasting impact on me. Next time you find yourself at Manchester Airport, remember that behind the uniforms and regulations are individuals doing their best in sometimes difficult circumstances. Approach them with understanding, and you may be surprised at the connections you can make. Let's spread empathy and kindness, even in the most unexpected situations.

Introduction is the official website of Manchester Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. It serves as a comprehensive platform for travelers, offering a wealth of information and services to enhance their airport experience. From flight bookings to parking reservations and travel essentials, the website aims to provide a seamless and convenient user experience.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Extensive range of services, including flights, parking, lounges, and hotels.
  • Timely and accurate flight information.
  • Efficient and secure online booking system.
  • Good customer support through multiple channels.
  • Pricing may occasionally be higher compared to other travel booking platforms.
  • Limited options for loyalty programs and promotions.

User Experience

The website offers a seamless user experience, thanks to its user-friendly interface and well-organized layout. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler, finding the desired information or service is quick and easy. The search functionality allows users to browse flights, hotels, and parking options effortlessly. The website loads quickly and is optimized for different devices, enhancing accessibility.

Pricing and Value for Money

Prices for flights, parking, and other services offered through Manchester Airport's website are competitive, although occasional variations may exist. It is recommended to compare prices with other travel booking platforms to ensure the best value for money. Discounts and promotional offers are available at times, enabling travelers to save extra money.

Customer Service

Manchester Airport's customer service is commendable. It offers support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat. The airport's dedicated customer service team is responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive in assisting travelers with their queries and concerns. Whether it's flight-related information, booking assistance, or general inquiries, the team strives to provide prompt and helpful responses.

Product Quality and Selection

As an airport website, primarily offers services rather than physical products. The quality of services, such as flight bookings, parking facilities, and airport lounges, is generally reliable and up to the industry standards. The website collaborates with reputable airlines, hotels, and service providers to ensure a wide selection of options, catering to different traveler preferences and budgets.

Website Usability

The website's usability is one of its key strengths. The intuitive navigation, clear categorization of services, and well-structured information make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. The responsive design allows for seamless browsing on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Manchester Airport's website also loads quickly, minimizing waiting times and providing a smooth user experience.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges primarily relate to parking reservations, and the specific policies may vary depending on the selected parking provider. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions while making a reservation. Manchester Airport's customer service team can also provide guidance and assistance regarding cancellations or modifications, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Promotions and Discounts

Manchester Airport occasionally offers promotions and discounts on various services, such as flight bookings and parking reservations. These offers can provide significant savings for travelers. It is recommended to regularly check the website's "Offers" section or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on the latest deals.


Manchester Airport has established a strong reputation as one of the leading airports in the UK. Its commitment to customer satisfaction, efficient operations, and continuous improvements contribute to its positive standing. The airport adheres to strict security measures and offers a range of amenities to enhance the overall travel experience, earning the trust and confidence of travelers.

Payment Options

Manchester Airport's website supports a wide range of payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users. These options may include major credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment methods. The website employs secure payment gateways to protect sensitive financial information, prioritizing the safety of transactions.

Loyalty Programs

While Manchester Airport does not offer a loyalty program specifically for its website users, travelers can benefit from airline loyalty programs and frequent flyer schemes offered by various airlines. These programs allow travelers to earn points, enjoy exclusive perks, and redeem rewards, enhancing the overall value of their airport experience.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Manchester Airport and its website are generally positive. Travelers appreciate the convenience, efficiency, and excellent service provided. The website's user-friendly interface, accurate flight information, and responsive customer support receive favorable feedback. However, occasional negative reviews may exist, primarily related to pricing or specific incidents, reflecting the varying experiences of travelers.

Community Involvement

Manchester Airport actively engages in community initiatives and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility. It supports various local projects, charities, and environmental initiatives, striving to minimize its environmental impact. The airport collaborates with stakeholders to create positive change and strengthen its connection with the community it serves.

Shipping and Costs

Shipping does not apply to Manchester Airport's website, as it primarily offers travel-related services. However, parking reservations may incur additional costs depending on the selected parking option. The website provides transparent pricing information, ensuring clarity and allowing travelers to make informed decisions. It is advisable to review the specific terms and conditions related to parking costs and reservations.