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J Jennifer of Oregon
42 days ago

A Perfect Addition to Our Home Decor

As an interior design enthusiast, finding the perfect rug to complement our home was a top priority. Manhattan Rugs exceeded all expectations. The rug we ordered not only matched the photos but also added a vibrant touch to our space. Its swift delivery and secure packaging made the whole experience even better. Thank you, Manhattan Rugs, for your impeccable service and top-notch product! We couldn't be happier with our purchase.
R Robin Isaacsohn
42 days ago

Transforming my House into a Home with Exceptional Rugs and Service

Allow me to express my genuine appreciation for the remarkable experience I had with Their collection of rugs surpassed my expectations, effortlessly transforming my house into a warm and inviting home. Not only were the rugs of exceptional quality and design, but the level of customer service provided was truly outstanding. From the moment I browsed their website to the delivery of my chosen rug, every interaction was seamless and professional. The team at displayed a profound commitment to customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to ensure that I found the perfect rug for my space. It is rare to come across a company that excels in both product quality and customer service, but has proven to be a shining example of excellence in the industry. I am grateful for their dedication to creating a memorable shopping experience and will undoubtedly return for any future rug needs. Thank you,, for making my house truly feel like a home.
V VRater
43 days ago

Transforming My Home, One Rug at a Time with Manhattan Rugs

From the moment I unwrapped my 4th rug from Manhattan Rugs, I knew I had made the right choice, yet again. The swift delivery and impeccable packaging never fail to impress me. As I unrolled the rug, I was greeted by a sight even more stunning than the online photo had suggested. The quality and beauty of the rug exceeded my expectations, just like with my previous purchases. My home has been transformed, one rug at a time, by the exquisite pieces I have acquired from Manhattan Rugs. Each rug brings a touch of elegance and warmth to my space, making me fall in love with my home all over again. Thank you, Manhattan Rugs, for consistently delivering exceptional products that never fail to bring joy and style into my life.
E Eileen L. Reynolds
43 days ago

Transforming my Home with Manhattan Rugs: A Radiant Experience

As I embarked on my quest to find the perfect rug for my home, Manhattan Rugs stood out like a beacon of perfection. Navigating through their website was not just effortless; it was a joyous journey filled with a plethora of exquisite rug collections that catered to every taste and style. With a heart brimming with excitement, I carefully selected the rug that spoke to my soul, and placed my order with great anticipation. The following day, my heart skipped a beat as I received the shipping notification. The efficiency and swiftness with which Manhattan Rugs operates is truly commendable. The much-awaited moment arrived as my rug graced my doorstep, wrapped in a promise of beauty and elegance. Unveiling the rug was a moment of pure delight. The intricate patterns, the vibrant colors, and the sheer quality of the rug left me in awe. It wasn't just a rug; it was a masterpiece that transformed my living space into a sanctuary of style and comfort. Every step I took on its luxurious surface felt like a step into a realm of sophistication and warmth. Manhattan Rugs didn't just deliver a product; they delivered an experience. An experience that elevated my home décor to new heights and filled my heart with joy. To anyone seeking to enrich their living space with exquisite rugs and exceptional service, Manhattan Rugs is not just a choice; it's a revelation.
C cheryl linck
43 days ago

Unmatched Responsiveness: A Testimonial Overflowing with Beauty

Diving into my experience with, I cannot help but emphasize their unparalleled responsiveness. From the moment I landed on their website to the final click confirming my order, the team was swift, attentive, and oh-so-attuned to my needs. The rugs I received were not just gorgeous; they were a sight to behold. Each thread seemed to whisper stories of craftsmanship and elegance, adding a touch of grace to my humble abode. And it was all thanks to the seamless communication and swift replies from the team at Their responsiveness didn't just stop at answering queries promptly; it extended to a genuine passion for ensuring customer satisfaction. It's rare to find a company these days that not only offers beautiful products but also pairs them with a level of service that warms the heart. In a world where efficiency sometimes overshadows empathy, stands out as a beacon of both. If you're looking for a blend of beauty and responsiveness in your shopping experience, look no further than this gem of a company.
J Janice Lulu
45 days ago

Unexpected Elegance: A Touch of Aqua

When I stumbled upon, I was drawn in by the promise of quick delivery and affordable prices. After placing my order, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new carpet. The package arrived promptly, much to my delight. As I unrolled the rug, I was immediately struck by its beauty; the intricate design and quality were evident at first glance. However, as I laid the rug in its designated spot, I couldn't help but notice a slight difference in color compared to the internet picture. The gabbeh rug, advertised with navy tones, had a surprising hint of aqua that added a unique touch to my space. While this variation caught me off guard initially, I came to appreciate the unexpected elegance it brought to the room. Despite this minor discrepancy, I must commend for their efficient service and the overall quality of the product. The rug has quickly become a focal point in my home, garnering compliments from visitors and adding a pop of color to the room. I may have hesitated for a moment, but looking at the stunning result now, I can confidently say that I am more than satisfied with my purchase. Thank you,, for not just delivering a carpet, but for bringing a touch of aqua-inspired sophistication into my living space. Your attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction shine through in every thread of this beautiful rug.
46 days ago

Ecstatic Customer Finds Perfect Rugs at Manhattan Rugs

From the moment I dialed Manhattan Rugs' number, I knew I was in for a seamless shopping experience. The salesperson who assisted me went above and beyond to vividly paint a picture of the rugs I had my eye on from their website. When the rugs arrived, I was overjoyed to see that they were a perfect match to the detailed descriptions provided. Not only were the rugs top-notch in quality, but they also added a touch of elegance to the room where I placed them. The swift shipping and impeccable packaging further showcased Manhattan Rugs' commitment to customer satisfaction. And to top it off, snagging these beauties at a discounted price made the entire experience even more delightful! My heartfelt gratitude goes to Manhattan Rugs for their outstanding service and top-quality products. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you for making rug shopping a breeze!
D David in NYC
46 days ago

Transforming My Home with Exquisite Rugs: A Manhattan Rugs Review

Reflecting upon my recent experience with fills me with joy and inspiration. The beautiful quality rugs that arrived at my doorstep were not only timely but also arrived in pristine condition, showcasing the utmost care in their packaging and delivery process. The website itself is a treasure trove of options, offering a wide array of designs and sizes to cater to every taste and need. The inclusion of detailed pictures further enhanced my virtual shopping experience, providing an accurate representation of the rugs' rich textures and vibrant colors. While my journey through Manhattan Rugs was overwhelmingly positive, I couldn't help but imagine how the user experience could be further elevated with more sophisticated filtering capabilities. As a discerning customer with specific preferences, enhanced sorting options would undoubtedly streamline the selection process and make it even more enjoyable. With such a remarkable first encounter, I have no doubt that Manhattan Rugs will continue to be my go-to destination for all future rug acquisitions. The seamless blend of quality, variety, and reliability sets them apart in the realm of home decor, making them a beacon of excellence and innovation in the industry. Thank you, Manhattan Rugs, for transforming my living space with your exquisite offerings. I eagerly anticipate our future interactions as I embark on this delightful journey of home beautification with your exceptional products.
N Nancy
48 days ago

Elevating Home Aesthetics: A Genuine Testimonial on

When I stumbled upon in search of the perfect Persian rug to add a touch of elegance to my home, little did I know that I was about to experience unparalleled customer service. From the moment I dialed their number, a friendly voice greeted me, ready to assist with all my inquiries. The representative I spoke with exuded a wealth of knowledge about Persian rugs, guiding me through the intricate details and helping me make an informed choice. Their patience in addressing all my questions and their willingness to educate me on the artistry behind these rugs truly impressed me. Not only did the representative enhance my understanding of Persian rugs, but they also instilled a sense of confidence in my purchase. Their expertise and genuine passion for their craft shone through, making me feel assured that I was investing in a piece of art that would elevate the aesthetics of my home. Thanks to the exceptional customer service provided by, my shopping experience transcended the ordinary. It was a seamless journey guided by a professional who not only cared about making a sale but also about ensuring that I found the perfect rug to enhance my living space.
L Laura in Patagonia
50 days ago

The rug is terrific and is as…

My overview for The rug is terrific and is as described. Delivery was very immediate. I'll purchase from Manhattan Rugs once more.
53 days ago

Simply In Love

Embarking on my third rug-buying journey with felt like discovering a hidden gem in a bustling city. The impeccable customer service and clear communication they provide truly set them apart. With each purchase, I found myself exploring a vast collection of high-quality rugs, each piece telling a unique story through intricate patterns and vibrant colors. My home transformed with every rug and pad I acquired, elevating the ambiance and adding warmth to every room. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in each product left me in awe, making me appreciate the artistry woven into every thread. Manhattan Rugs has truly captured my heart with their dedication to excellence and the seamless shopping experience they offer. Here's to many more moments of joy and comfort brought by their beautiful rugs!
G Gordon Alexander
54 days ago

An Unbeatable Selection of Quality Rugs – A Personal Experience

When I stumbled upon, I was immediately drawn to their vast selection of hand-knotted rugs. Having previously worked in the rug industry, I could appreciate the fine quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Despite my initial hesitation about purchasing such a tactile item online, I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed images provided on the website, including a close-up shot of the back knots. To my delight, the rug I ordered was exactly as presented – perfect in design, size, and colors that seamlessly complemented my existing upholstery. What truly set Manhattan Rugs apart was their ability to cater to my specific needs; they had the exact size I required, down to the inch. It was a personalized shopping experience that exceeded my expectations. I echo the sentiment of a fellow customer who recommended purchasing a rug pad. Regrettably, I overlooked this advice, and I am now considering adding it to my purchase. A minor oversight on my part, but a valuable lesson learned. For anyone in search of high-quality rugs with a diverse range of options, I wholeheartedly recommend shopping at Manhattan Rugs. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service make them a standout choice in the world of online rug shopping. Trust me, you won't find a better option out there. Give them a try and experience the difference for yourself.
S Sharon Poteet
56 days ago

Transformed My Space: A Heartfelt Review for Manhattan Rugs!

"Discovering Manhattan Rugs was a stroke of luck for me. Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon their ad, and little did I know that it would lead me to finding the rug I had been searching for, seemingly for ages. What set Manhattan Rugs apart was their responsiveness – they meticulously helped me pinpoint the exact rug that had captured my heart. The journey didn't end there. Once I placed my order, the shipping process was nothing short of impressive. The rug arrived promptly, securely packaged, ready to transform my space. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit in my SUV for the journey home from the UPS store. Unwrapping the package was like unwrapping a gift – the rug exceeded all my expectations. Its beauty transcended the online image, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to my room. Manhattan Rugs, you truly nailed it! Thank you for your exceptional service, efficiency, and for delivering a product that has enhanced my living space in ways I couldn't have imagined. I wholeheartedly recommend Manhattan Rugs to anyone in search of that perfect piece to elevate their home décor."
E Eric Akin
57 days ago

An Ecstatic Rug Enthusiast

Reflecting on my delightful experience with, I must share my journey from anxious anticipation to sheer joy. Initially, apprehensive about purchasing a rug online, my fears swiftly dissipated upon the delivery of my first rug. Mesmerized by its exquisite beauty and impeccable craftsmanship, I found myself constantly admiring it in awe. While lamenting my oversight of not selecting a rug pad, Manhattan Rugs pleasantly surprised me by including a sample pad in my order. Instantly, I comprehended the value it added and promptly ordered pads for my existing and forthcoming rugs. Upon receiving the latest shipment today, I was once again captivated by the splendor of the rugs, now enhanced by the accompanying pads. Throughout this seamless process, Manhattan Rugs excelled in communication, ensuring I felt informed and valued. Their swift shipping further underscored their commitment to customer satisfaction, culminating in an unparalleled shopping experience. Grateful for the impeccable products and exceptional service, I wholeheartedly recommend to all seeking quality rugs and a seamless shopping experience. Thank you, Manhattan Rugs, for transforming my apprehensions into unbridled delight!
H Happy customer
62 days ago

Exceptional Service and Quality, A Repeat Customer for Life

From the moment I stumbled upon, I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly interface that made browsing and selecting the perfect rug a breeze. Placing my order was a seamless process, and to my delight, the delivery was not only swift but also spot-on with what I had envisioned. Despite a minor hiccup with the color representation online, the actual product exceeded my expectations. The slight discrepancy turned out to be a happy accident, adding character and charm to my space in a way I hadn't anticipated. I am grateful for the outstanding customer service and the exceptional quality of the rug I received. has won me over with their efficiency and attention to detail, and I will undoubtedly be a returning customer for all my future rug needs. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience!


Manhattan Rugs is an online retailer specializing in high-quality rugs and carpets. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, they cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you're looking for a Persian rug to add elegance to your living room or a modern carpet to complement your minimalist decor, Manhattan Rugs has options to suit every taste.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Extensive selection of rugs in various styles, sizes, and materials.
    • Competitive pricing with occasional promotions and discounts.
    • Easy-to-navigate website with detailed product descriptions and images.
    • Responsive customer service to assist with inquiries and concerns.
    • Secure payment options for a hassle-free checkout process.
    • Positive customer reviews highlighting satisfaction with the overall shopping experience.
  • Cons:
    • Limited physical presence, primarily operating online.
    • Returns and exchanges may incur shipping costs.

User Experience:

Manhattan Rugs provides a user-friendly experience through their well-designed and intuitive website. Browsing through their extensive collection of rugs is effortless, thanks to the clear categorization and search functionality. Each product page is detailed and accompanied by high-quality images, allowing customers to get a comprehensive view of their desired item. The website loads quickly, ensuring a seamless shopping experience even during high traffic periods.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Manhattan Rugs offers competitive pricing for their range of high-quality rugs. While prices vary depending on the size, material, and design, the overall value for money is commendable. Customers can explore different price ranges to find rugs that meet both their aesthetic preferences and budgetary constraints. Additionally, the occasional promotions and discounts further enhance the affordability of their products.

Customer Service:

Manhattan Rugs prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Their responsive and knowledgeable support team is readily available to address queries and concerns. Whether through email or phone, customers can expect timely and helpful responses. Additionally, the company ensures a smooth post-sales experience by assisting with returns, exchanges, and order tracking.

Product Quality and Selection:

Manhattan Rugs sources rugs from reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing their customers premium quality products. The vast selection includes rugs crafted from various materials such as wool, silk, and synthetic blends, ensuring that every shopper can find something suitable. Whether you're seeking a traditional Oriental rug or a contemporary abstract design, Manhattan Rugs caters to diverse preferences with their extensive collection.

Website Usability:

Manhattan Rugs' website is designed with the customer in mind. The clear and intuitive layout allows for effortless navigation, enabling visitors to find their desired rugs quickly. The website's search functionality and filtering options further enhance the ease of finding specific products. Each product page provides comprehensive details, including dimensions, materials, and care instructions, empowering customers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Returns and Exchanges:

Manhattan Rugs facilitates returns and exchanges for customers who may be dissatisfied with their purchase. However, it's important to note that shipping costs may apply when returning or exchanging items. It is recommended that customers carefully review the return policy before making a purchase, ensuring they are fully aware of any associated costs or conditions.

Promotions and Discounts:

Manhattan Rugs occasionally offers promotions and discounts, providing customers with the opportunity to save money on their purchases. These promotions can range from percentage-based discounts on select items to site-wide sales. Customers interested in ongoing promotions and discounts can subscribe to the company's newsletter or follow their social media channels to stay updated.


Manhattan Rugs has built a solid reputation within the online rug retail industry. Their commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service has garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers. The company's dedication to maintaining customer satisfaction has contributed to its reputable standing in the market.

Payment Options:

Manhattan Rugs offers secure payment options, ensuring a safe and convenient checkout process. Customers can choose from various payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. The encrypted transaction process guarantees the protection of personal and financial information.

Loyalty Programs:

Manhattan Rugs currently does not have a loyalty program in place. However, they value their customers and show appreciation through their exceptional service, quality products, and occasional promotions.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews for Manhattan Rugs consistently highlight the positive shopping experience provided by the company. Satisfied customers praise the extensive selection, product quality, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service. The overwhelmingly positive feedback reinforces the company's commitment to excellence.

Community Involvement:

Manhattan Rugs actively engages in community involvement. They participate in charitable donations and support local initiatives, displaying their commitment to making a positive impact beyond their business endeavors. Through their community involvement, Manhattan Rugs demonstrates their dedication to social responsibility.

Shipping and Costs:

Manhattan Rugs offers shipping within the United States, with delivery times varying depending on the destination. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and are dependent on factors such as the size and weight of the rug, as well as the shipping address. The company strives to ensure efficient and secure delivery of their products, tracking packages to provide customers with peace of mind.

In conclusion, Manhattan Rugs proves to be an excellent online destination for customers in search of high-quality rugs and carpets. Their extensive selection, competitive pricing, user-friendly website, and responsive customer service contribute to a positive shopping experience. With a solid reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Manhattan Rugs is a trusted retailer in the rug industry.