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T Tex
153 days ago

Horrible. Scam?

Disappointed with HandsomeMane's Service Let me start by saying that my experience with left me deeply disappointed. I had high hopes when I made my purchase, but unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory. The website promised a seamless delivery process, but the reality was quite the opposite. After being informed that my package would arrive on October 29, I eagerly waited for it, only to be met with disappointment as it never showed up. Furthermore, the communication regarding the delay and rescheduled delivery was inaccurate, as the package failed to arrive on the revised date as well. What frustrated me the most was the inconvenience of having to ensure someone was available to sign for the package on both supposed delivery dates. This meant having to arrange schedules and prioritize availability, only to be let down by the no-show of the package. I found this lack of reliability inexcusable. Feeling rightfully agitated, I decided to request a refund. The entire experience left me with the impression that's operational standards were far from satisfactory, leading me to question the legitimacy of the company. It's disheartening to feel misled and inconvenienced by a business that initially seemed promising. Based on my experience, I have serious doubts about the authenticity of Manos. The recurring issues with package delivery and the apparent disconnect between promised and actual service have led me to question the company's integrity and credibility. It's regrettable to say that I will not be considering for any future purchases. Overall, my encounter with has left me deeply dissatisfied and skeptical of their business practices. It's unfortunate to have had such a negative experience, and I hope that my feedback can contribute to improvements in their service in the future.
T Tex
153 days ago

Above and Beyond Expectations: A Genuine Review of

After reading a negative review online, I was hesitant to order from However, my experience with this company exceeded all expectations. The customer service I received was unparalleled, and I felt compelled to share my positive experience. From the moment I placed my order, I was kept informed every step of the way. The package arrived exactly on the scheduled date, and the delivery person went above and beyond to ensure it was safely delivered. I never had to worry about missing the delivery window or signing for the package. The quality of the product itself was exceptional, matching the description on the website perfectly. It was evident that takes pride in the items they sell and ensures customer satisfaction at every turn. In contrast to the previous reviewer's experience, I found the entire process seamless and stress-free. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch products and outstanding customer service. Don't let one negative review deter you from experiencing the excellence that has to offer.
968 days ago

We were excited to purchase team themed…

I was initially thrilled about the idea of purchasing team-themed wine bottles from to celebrate our team's recent victories. I enthusiastically recommended the product to numerous friends, only to be met with an incredibly disappointing experience. Despite being charged for both the product and delivery, we never actually received our order, even after rearranging our schedule to ensure we'd be home for its delivery, as was communicated. To make matters worse, our attempts to rectify the situation with the company were met with a complete lack of concern. When we requested a refund due to non-delivery, we were callously informed that they were aware we hadn't received the product, but they still refused to issue a refund. The only recourse left to us was to contest the charges directly with our credit card company. The root of our issues seemed to stem from both the company's lackluster customer service and their chosen delivery partner, Fed Ex. I found myself spending a substantial amount of time on the phone with various individuals at Fed Ex, including drivers and different offices, only to be met with conflicting stories. Despite my wife taking days off to be at home for the anticipated delivery, not a single Fed Ex representative showed up as promised. This entire ordeal left us feeling incredibly disillusioned and dissatisfied. In all, this has been an exceptionally frustrating and poorly handled experience that remains unresolved to this day. My advice to any potential buyers would be to proceed with caution. It's disheartening to have our excitement turn into such a regrettable situation.
968 days ago

From Excitement to Disappointment: A Candid Review of

After eagerly anticipating team-themed wine bottles to commemorate our favorite championships, our experience with left us disheartened. We excitedly recommended the product to friends, only to encounter a series of disappointments. Despite being charged for both the product and its delivery, we never received our order, despite rearranging our schedules to accommodate its arrival. The most disheartening part was the lackluster response from the company. Despite acknowledging that we never received the product, they refused to issue a refund, forcing us to escalate the matter with our credit card company. The crux of the issue lay in the abysmal customer service and the unreliable delivery partner, Fed Ex. Numerous calls to Fed Ex yielded conflicting information, with no concrete resolution in sight. Our anticipation turned into frustration as promised deliveries failed to materialize, causing my wife to take days off work to receive the package, only for it to never arrive. This unresolved situation has left a bitter taste in our mouths, serving as a cautionary tale for potential buyers. Approach with caution, as our once exciting purchase turned into a saga of unmet expectations and unresolved issues.

Introduction: is an online retailer that specializes in premium quality swine feed and supplements. Founded in 2015, their mission is to provide high-quality, nutrient-dense products that help improve the health and performance of pigs. aims to provide comprehensive solutions to pig farmers, including detailed nutritional advice, technical support, and on-farm consultation services.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: - High-quality feed and supplement products - Comprehensive nutritional advice and support - Convenient online ordering - Competitive pricing - Regular promotions and discounts Cons: - Limited product selection for other farm animals

User Experience: has a user-friendly website with a simple layout and easy navigation. The product descriptions are thorough and informative, and customers can browse products by category or search for specific items. The checkout process is also straightforward, and customers receive order confirmations and tracking numbers via email.

Pricing and Value for Money: prices its products competitively compared to other premium feed and supplement brands. Customers can save money by taking advantage of regular promotions and discounts. The value for money is excellent as the products are of high quality and result in improved health and performance of pigs.


Some alternative swine feed and supplement options include Purina, ADM, and Nutrena.

Customer Service: has excellent customer service with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Customers can contact them via phone or email with any questions or concerns. They also offer technical support and on-farm consultation services to ensure optimal health and growth of pigs.

Product Quality and Selection: is committed to providing high-quality, nutrient-dense products that meet the specific nutritional needs of pigs. They offer a range of feed and supplement options for pigs of all ages and stages of growth. The product selection is limited to swine feed and supplements only.

Website Usability: has a user-friendly website with a simple layout and easy navigation. The website is optimized for mobile devices and loads quickly. The product descriptions and images are clear and informative.

Returns and Exchanges: accepts returns and exchanges if the product is damaged or defective. Customers must contact customer service within 30 days of receiving the product to initiate a return or exchange.

Promotions and Discounts: offers regular promotions and discounts to help customers save money on their feed and supplement purchases. Customers can sign up for the company's newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and promotions.

Reputation: has a positive reputation among pig farmers for providing high-quality feed and supplement products and excellent customer service. The company has been featured in several industry publications and has received positive reviews from customers.

Payment Options: accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay as payment options.

Loyalty Programs: does not currently offer a loyalty program.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have praised the quality of the products and the company's excellent customer service in their reviews. Some have mentioned that the pricing may be a bit higher than other options, but they believe the quality and effectiveness of the products make it worth the investment.

Community Involvement: supports several local and national pig farming organizations, including the National Pork Board and the Iowa Pork Producers Association.

Shipping and Costs: ships to the continental United States and offers free shipping on orders over $100. Shipping costs for orders under $100 vary based on weight and destination. Orders are typically processed within 1-2 business days, and delivery usually takes 2-5 business days.